Supreme Crazy Wife - Chapter 1423 - A bet (4)

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Chapter 1423: A bet (4)

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“Brother-in-law! You’ve finally come. ” As soon as Yin ping entered Xiao Lan’s room, Ru Ping cried with snot and tears.

Yin ping saw this and frowned slightly, then said indifferently: “”What happened to you?”

“Brother-in-law! You have to help our LAN ‘er! Was there any justice left in this world? They bullied my LAN ‘er and now they want us to compensate for their mental loss! They were really bullying him! Do you think our Xiao family is easy to bully?” Just as Yin ping asked this, Ru Ping began to speak in rapid succession.

If he had not heard his wife and daughter’s conditions beforehand, he would have thought that they had gone too far. However, he knew very well that Xiao Hua could afford the conditions. All these years, with his protection, Xiao Hua had taken a lot of money from his family. Now, they were crying and quarreling with him only because they wanted him to pay the compensation to save Xiao LAN. However, he had promised his wife and daughter that he would not interfere in this matter. Therefore, no matter how much they cried and quarreled, no matter how hard they tried, he would not care. It was all useless.

After crying for a while, Ru Ping’s heart sank when she saw that Yin ping didn’t say a word. Then, she cried again. “Brother-in-law! Xiao LAN is your most beloved niece, so her business is your business. You can’t just stand by and do nothing!”

“Are you done? ” Yin ping, who was annoyed by the noise, roared. His roar scared Ru Ping so much that she didn’t dare to cry anymore.

“Brother-in-law! You have to help LAN ‘er. ” Ru Ping sobbed and said softly.

“I’ve heard about this from sister Lin and discussed it with the elders of the family. The elders think that this matter was caused by LAN ‘er, so you should deal with it yourself. Our Yin family will not interfere in this matter.” Yin ping brought out the elders and said.

“Brother-in-law! How could this be! LAN ‘er got into trouble in your Yin family. You also promised to give us an explanation. ” Ru Ping and Xiao Hua quickly said.

“I said I’ll give you an explanation because you told me this had nothing to do with LAN ‘er. However, as far as I know, this was caused by LAN’ er. Shouldn’t you tell me the truth?” Yin ping asked indifferently.

“Brother-in-law! You’ve watched LAN ‘er grow up. Don’t you know what kind of child she is? How could she do such a thing?” Ru Ping quibbled guiltily.

“You know better than me whether she can do it or not. Let’s not talk about this now. You’d better quickly prepare the compensation that the other party wants. Saving LAN ‘er is more important. As for the other things, wait until LAN’ er is better. You must gather all the items within three days. Otherwise, you will be responsible for the consequences. ” Yin ping coldly reminded.

“Brother-in-law! They were the ones who injured LAN ‘er, and now LAN’ er has fainted from the pain. Why should we compensate them? This was simply too unreasonable! This kind of thing couldn’t be explained anywhere, right? Besides, even if there’s a need for compensation, they should be the ones paying us!” Ru Ping reminded him with dissatisfaction.

“The thing that can save LAN ‘er is in his hands now. He wants you to compensate him. Can you refuse?” Yin ping said unhappily. He really didn’t want to ask if they were close, but he had to remind them.

“Brother-in-law! Your Yin clan is one of the eight great divine domains and has a transcendent status in the divine realm. No matter what identity that woman has, since she’s currently living in the yin clan, she’ll have to obediently hand over the snake’s saliva with just a word from you! We don’t need to waste our time!” Ru Ping said with a fawning smile.

“That woman won’t listen to me. You’d better do as she says. I can’t help you with this.” Yin ping didn’t even think and rejected.

“Brother-in-law, what’s the identity of that woman? Even you can’t do anything to her?” Ru Ping asked curiously. She wouldn’t say that the girl had an ambiguous relationship with Yin ping now, in case they annoyed him again. Then they wouldn’t be able to come to the yin family in the future. Yin ping was their big backer, so they couldn’t offend him.

“It’s none of your business who she is. In short, don’t mess with her. Prepare the compensation she asked for in three days. The most important thing is to save LAN ‘er. ” Yin ping once again reminded him. Before knowing his father’s intentions, he didn’t dare to touch that girl. He had already said what he needed to say. As for whether Xiao Hua’s family would do as he said, that wasn’t something he could control.

Three days later.

Leng ruoxue didn’t receive compensation from the other party as she had hoped. However, she didn’t seem to be in a hurry. She continued to lie on the deck chair leisurely and bask in the sun. Seeing this, grape chuckled and teased,”Miss! You’ve lost our bet!”