Super Gene - Chapter 3427 - I Can Go Up, and It Is Fine

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Chapter 3427: I Can Go Up, and It Is Fine

Han Sen could not hear what everyone was saying, but he did not care.

After Wang Yuhang conceded, Han Sen thought his fight in the top eight to reach the top four would not start for a while. That was because his first two fights had ended blisteringly quickly. The real fights between others probably wouldn’t be ending any time soon.

Wang Yuhang had only just left, yet an invisible wall came falling down. Clearly, the fights on the other side already had a victor determined.

“Is that Qin Xiu?” Han Sen was shocked. To be able to enter a fight faster than him, the only one he could think of being able to do that was Qin Xiu.

When Han Sen saw the person enter the arena, he was disappointed. He was more disappointed than when he was when he saw Wang Yuhang.

His opponent for deciding the victor moving from the top eight to the top four was Ning Yue, another friend of his from Space Garden.

Ning Yue was the sort of person who always maintained a low profile, but he had already beaten two powerful sky leaders. He had already reached the top eight, which suggested he was a supremely scary opponent. But not many people knew about him. Not many creatures paid attention to the way he leveled up and advanced.

“It is another human. Where did that human come from? To be able to reach the top eight suggests he is quite a scary fellow.”

“Is he going to concede as well?”

“No way. Han Sen’s luck cannot be that great.”

In the universe of kingdoms, people ravenously discussed this new character. They had no clue who Ning Yue was. Without the geno tablet fights, they would never have known who Ning Yue was.

Han Sen looked at Ning Yue and asked, “Ning Yue, are you interested in a spar?”

Han Sen was actually curious about how strong Ning Yue was at this point.

Ning Yue shook his head. “You and I will fight, but not right now. After you beat Qin Xiu, you and I will fight.”

When they heard Qin Xiu say that, the people of the universe of kingdoms felt their hearts turn cold. Clearly, Ning Yue was going to concede too.

Some of the human elites were so jealous that they went crazy. “Who is this Han Sen? He has won three whole fights without fighting! These are the sort of geno tablet fights even I could take part in. I bet you I would win too!”

“It is all because of the fact he is famous. He is an Annihilation-class main god. He is the God of Wealth. Anyone in their right mind would treat him with respect and cut him some slack. Otherwise, why else would Wang Yuhang and Ning Yue happily concede before him?”

“You are right. Who would not want something better for their heirs? Being friends with the God of Wealth can give you the chance of inheriting the God of Wealth blood. I would do a favor like that for sure.”

In the universe of kingdoms, there were lots of jealous people. In the geno universe, different elites of different races had lots of different opinions. They thought Ning Yue was right to concede.

Han Sen knew Ning Yue. Despite seeming like a soft person, he was in fact a very proud man. He did not want to fight Han Sen this time.

Ning Yue, who often wore green clothes, left the 33 skies. He conceded, but he still left with a proud look as if he had been a winner.

Han Sen successfully reached the top four. He was one of the top four.

Although many nobles in the universe of kingdoms thought Han Sen had been playing too many tricks, they could only watch Han Sen win, rank up, and be unable to do anything about it.

Surprisingly, Qin Xiu did not reach the top four yet. He had two more matches he had to get through. So, Han Sen stayed in his arena and waited for the top four fighters to be decided on.

On the battleground, many race elites watched Qin Xiu keenly.

They thought Qin Xiu would be the first person to reach the top four. Now, Qin Xiu had not reached the top four, which made them all feel strange.

As they looked in his direction, what they saw gave them all a shock.

A Break World elite could not help but cry aloud, “Another human! There are so many humans in the geno tablet fights!”

In his top eight to get to the top-four battle, Qin Xiu’s opponent was a human too. That person’s geno tablet name was Human King. It was those two words.

When Qin Xiu looked at Human King, he had a strange expression. He did not strike immediately. He stared at Human King and tried to look at something within him.

“Qin Xiu, we meet again.” Human King said hello to Qin Xiu as if he was meeting an old friend after a long period of time.

“World King God.” Qin Xiu frowned and looked at Human King as he spoke.

Human King shook his head. “You should be able to discern that I am not World King God.”

Qin Xiu looked into Human King’s eyes and asked, “In that case, do you mind telling me who you are?”

Human King remained stoic. He did not seem antagonized by this, so he continued to speak coldly. “I am Human King. I am the alpha of the humans of the sanctuaries.”

“I see. World King God used my body to create many interesting things.” Qin Xiu squinted his eyes as he peered at Human King.

“It is interesting, but I am human,” Human King said with a smile.

“Not really,” Qin Xiu said.

“You being human or not does not depend on the genes you have, but whether or not you are here.” Human King pointed at his own heart.

Qin Xiu looked at Human King coldly. “Do you not know where it comes from?”

“Yes, but you gave it up, so now it is mine,” Human King said.

“I let it belong to you,” Qin Xiu said. “That is why it is yours.”

“What if you were to not allow that?” Human King looked at Qin Xiu with interest.

“Taking it back will not be difficult,” Qin Xiu said.

“You can certainly try.” What Human King said declared Qin Xiu as a definitive enemy. He did not fall back.

“I was going to let you live because of World King God, but it is a shame,” Qin Xiu said. He then raised his hands. He tried to grab Human King.

That hand was like Bury Path God’s hand. It sucked everything in the world. The whole world was in his hands.

Human King’s body could not block the scary force of suction. He was drawn into Qin Xiu’s hands.

Qin Xiu was going to do to Human King what he had done to Bury Path God. Just as Human King was going to get sucked into Qin Xiu’s hand, his body, which had been minimized, suddenly expanded. It went back to looking like normal. His hand went against Qin Xiu’s hand. The 10 fingers on his hands completely stuck to the opposing hand.

Next, an even more shocking thing happened. No one thought Human King possessed the power necessary to fight Qin Xiu. When their two hands touched each other, the one who shouted was actually Qin Xiu.

Qin Xiu’s black crystal armor had some white light coming out of it. It was like a lot of silk was coming out of Human King.

“What is going on?” In the geno hall, God Hall Leader stood up with shock. He looked at Human King with confusion.

Anyone could tell that Qin Xiu’s power was being absorbed by Human King. Normal people could not tell the power contained spirit power.

God Hall Leader knew that to be sucked by Human King like this, Qin Xiu’s body and soul were going to be consumed.

Qin Xiu tried to escape Human King’s hand. He was strong, but the more power he cast, the more his power was absorbed. It was like Qin Xiu’s power now belonged to his opponent. Human King took Qin Xiu’s power and became even stronger.

“I see now.” God Hall Leader watched this for a while. He then noticed something that surprised him.