Super Detective in the Fictional World - Chapter 992 - : A Woman’s Screams and a Little Bunny Shot

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Chapter 992: A Woman’s Screams and a Little Bunny Shot

Walking down the main avenue on the lawn at the back, Jameson cursed both that bunch of security guards who relied on their seniority and the cold night.

There were roughly two to three thousand people at Paland Academy, but it occupied a wide area.

With Christmas approaching, most of the students had left school for the holidays. The entire campus was quiet, and it felt like a ghost town.

Jameson subconsciously glanced at the darkness where the light couldn’t reach. He felt that there were shadows everywhere, as if something was hidden there, ready to strike.

Fine, it was a reflex for a horror movie fan.

The truth was that apart from the rubber baton issued by the school, he had also brought a taser to protect himself. It was a pity he couldn’t use it to keep himself warm.

Apart from the sound of the wind rustling through the trees, there was only the crunch of his feet on the snow.

Jameson sped up and swept the flashlight around.

He decided to finish this patrol quickly and hide in the security room, determined not to come out again.

At that moment, he reached the dormitory of an exchange student. He could vaguely hear faint sounds.

Stunned for a moment, his face suddenly turned pale. It sounded like a woman’s voice.

There were no words; instead, it sounded like the background music in a horror movie, like a female ghost wailing and struggling.

It was intermittent and indistinct, as if it was coming from some dark corner.

Jameson’s teeth chattered, his legs trembled, and he shivered.

Paland Academy was an art school, and didn’t lack its share of urban horror stories.

After all, artists were more prone to flights of imagination than normal people. Thus, horror stories, real or fake, were born on campus, and there was an astonishing number of them.

For example, the girl who sketched the portrait of a witch and died mysteriously after that.

Or a couple’s fight, which resulted in their death in the dorm.

Perhaps what was scarier was the story of the barefoot little girl in a white dress who bled from all her orifices.

Jameson shook all over, and his flashlight swung around wildly.

Suddenly, he was stunned again.

He slowly turned the flashlight back to a window on the third floor of the dorm, only to discover that it was completely dark and empty.

But when the flashlight swept past the window earlier, he had seen what looked like a pale woman with disheveled hair, waving at him from that window!

At that moment, Jameson’s brain seemed to freeze, and he was stupefied.

After standing there in a daze for a few seconds, he suddenly realized that the female voice was gone. A strong wind suddenly blew through the trees and the snow around him, like demons descending in a movie.

“Ahhhh! Ghost!” He turned around abruptly and ran off.

In the room on the third floor, Luke was bent over as he stuck his head out the window.

He saw the young security guard look up at the window for a moment before he suddenly ran away.

Luke was stunned. “What the hell?”

He hugged Elena tightly in front of him and whispered in her ear, “Is there something wrong with this security guard?”

Elena hit him weakly. “He must’ve seen us or heard me.”

Luke was confused. “He doesn’t have to run off screaming, right? We’re not ugly, and your voice isn’t unpleasant. Why is he running so fast?”

Elena was too lazy to think about it. She simply hugged him tightly. “Shouldn’t you think about how to deal with the bunny first?”

Luke chuckled. “The bunny didn’t call for help when it saw the security guard, so it’s doomed now.”

Elena snorted. “The bunny was shot and can’t run anymore. The outcome has already long been decided; it just hopes the process is a little more beautiful.”

Pondering for a moment, Luke put his chin on her shoulder and pulled her back to the window. “Let’s continue watching the snow.”

Elena nodded reluctantly in agreement.

Downstairs, Jameson, the young security guard, was nowhere to be seen. The two of them stood in each other’s arms and enjoyed the quiet snow scene.

The night was still long.

The next day, December 23rd.

Luke and Elena stayed in the dorm until past ten. They enjoyed the necessary coffee in front of the snow for a long time before they finally left.

As they went out the back entrance, Luke couldn’t help but ask a middle-aged security guard in the security room, “May I ask if the young security guard from yesterday is alright?”

The middle-aged security guard was stumped. “Jameson?”

Puzzled, he asked, “Why are you asking about him?”

Luke shrugged. “I saw him running while he was patrolling the campus yesterday. He seems very dedicated, but it’s been snowing these days, so…”

The middle-aged security guard nodded and said, “It’s nothing. It’s just that the guy likes to watch horror movies. He scared himself last night and called in sick today.”

He was also very depressed when he said that.

Without this newcomer, it would be his turn to keep watch tonight, which was a tough job.

Luke thanked him politely and left with Elena.

Elena was a little surprised. “You can scare yourself sick? I have some impression of him; he doesn’t strike me as a coward.”

Luke shrugged. “There are a lot of people in this world who like to scare themselves. They watch horror movies even when they don’t have the guts; they can only blame themselves if they fall sick.”

Elena didn’t think too much of it. She leaned closer to him and said, “Let’s watch a horror movie later.”

Luke was surprised. “You just ‘had coffee’ this morning, and you want to watch a horror movie now?”

Elena couldn’t help but give him a light slap. “Can’t we go in the afternoon?”

Luke smiled. “Sure, if that’s what you want. But are there any horror movies showing during Christmas?”

The question was answered soon enough after they had lunch.


They went to two cinemas, but there were no actual horror movies. There were just two low-budget thrillers.

Looking at the lousy posters and the audience comments which Luke found on a review site, it was clear that these were very mediocre works.

They decisively gave up and went in to suffer.

Elena was afraid that she would laugh out loud while watching the movie. If that happened, her expectations for thrillers would drop, and she wouldn’t have fun watching them anymore.

They looked at each other in amusement.

Elena said that she didn’t want to waste her time searching for horror films, so they were going to continue with their one-day tour of New York.

When they left the second cinema, Elena received a call. She picked up the phone and said a few words before she covered the mouthpiece and said to Luke, “Margaret invited me to an art exhibition. She said that it’s pretty good, but it’s going to end today, and I might never be able to catch it again after this.”