Spirit Vessel - Chapter 946: Astonishing Wealth

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Chapter 946: Astonishing Wealth

Liu Suzi and Ninth Lord Gu had a high status in their clan and could muster a handsome sum. However, they couldn’t come up with something that was worth one billion for auction.

“That’s the eighth lord for you, easily finding such a valuable treasure after strolling around in the grave, how enviable.” Feng Feiyun smiled.

The geniuses on Eighth’s side let out a gloating look after hearing this.

Feiyun also found a few treasures himself. He took out a large tile around one meter long, weighing more than eight thousand pounds. It had a golden luster and dense spirit energy, looking like a large piece of jade.

“A tile?” One genius behind Eighth snorted.

An old appraiser nearby took a look. His eyes lit up and said: “This tile is incredible, the material is gilded water god jade.”

This was a material for making tenth-ranked spirit treasures or even higher. It was extremely rare, having money alone wasn’t enough to buy it.

He happily smiled: “It has been a while since our auction house has such a large piece. A few days ago, several elders from medial clans actually asked for it. I’m sure this one will fetch a high price.”

They weighed it and it turned out to be 8,657 pounds. Normally, there was a fixed price depending on the weight. Due to the rarity, these jade pieces usually sold for a higher amount.

He gave a conservative price for it - 120 million spirit jades.

“I have a few more, can I sell it at the same time?” Feiyun asked.

Eighth and Liu Suzi became anxious after hearing this. The guy still had more?

There was a chance of him being able to outdo Eighth then.

“Haha, of course, I’m sure they’ll sell quickly.” Thirteenth laughed complacently and couldn’t wait for Feiyun to take the tiles out and throw them at the other group.

Liu Suzi, on the other hand, remained cautious. She smiled and said: “This is classified information. Too many people knowing will affect the auctions. Feng Feiyun, let’s go inside.”

“Young Noble Zi is right, it’s best to not brag about wealth.” Ninth laughed.

The group entered a private room while Eighth glared at them.

Feiyun then took out fifteen tiles, bright enough to make others close their eyes.

“Damn! Sixteen tiles?! How many spirit stones is this, Eighth Brother’s entourage would go mad after seeing this.” Thirteenth laughed.

Even Ninth and his friend were frightened. This represented a monstrous sum, enough to make the old men from the medial clans salivate.

Feiyun actually had qualms against auctioning these tiles since it could incite greed. For example, he didn’t trust these youths at all.

Nonetheless, this was Crimson Leaf, the center of Crimson Territory. It was rather small and news traveled fast.

Even the older generation had a hard time keeping an assassination a secret forever. If the half-demon alliance were to find out and given Feiyun’s current status there, it would cause quite a stir. Experts from the main branch might come and that’s something no one wanted to see.

Thus, the old generation most likely would refrain from doing so. As for the young generation? He wasn’t afraid of anyone.

He thought about this quite a bit before making this decision. The tiles weighed relatively the same, the same as their price.

They would eventually go for a hundred million spirit stones or so. Alas, this wasn’t enough for him to buy the desired number of beast souls.

“I still have other things.” He took out a red pillar that was three meters tall. Its crimson light was painful to look at.

The room became hotter as if it was engulfed with flames. One could sense a demonic energy permeating the air.

The appraiser rubbed his eyes and stuttered: “This… this is… the bone of a firebird?”

He had never seen one before, only knowing the unique characteristics of these bones from texts.

“Indeed.” Feiyun confirmed with a nod.

The jaws of everyone in the room almost dropped to the ground.

A firebird was one of the thirty-six sacred demon races of the immemorial era. Humans have risen recently but they have only fought against the weaker demons.

The sacred demons never gave a damn about humans. They were innately powerful and have been around for a long time. Humans didn’t dare to challenge them either.

Because of this, few remains from these races were found on humans’ territories. Any would fetch a sky-high price.

The bones of a firebird were useful as well. They could be refined into top pills - enough to drive alchemists crazy.

Remember, alchemy is a lucrative profession. Rich alchemy masters would come running to bid on this auction.

“This bone weighs three million pounds, its original owner was at the seventh level of Heaven’s Emergence, what a true monster. Hmm, the appraisal starts at thirty billion spirit stones.” The oldest appraiser in the room concluded.

This time, even Liu Suzi was shocked. She stared at Feiyun in a different manner.

“Young Noble, are you in a hurry for spirit stones?” The appraiser pondered for a bit before asking.

“Obviously, that’s why I’m selling the treasures. I want to buy fourth-level beast souls.”

The appraiser slightly frowned then asked: “Could you delay this auction for another three days?”

“For what reason?”

“The bone is a supreme treasure for alchemists. If we can have three days for advertisements, many alchemists will come with enough spirit stones. The resulting price will be far higher.”

“I see.” A higher price would benefit both parties since the auction house also takes a cut.

Thus, he didn’t mind waiting another three days.

In order to have a higher bid, the sixteen pieces of jades were divided and sold across three days.

Meanwhile, Feiyun returned to the half-demon alliance. He didn’t trust the auction house completely and wanted to ask the alliance for guards.

He needed to be careful since he still lacked power.