Spirit Realm - Chapter 1392: Devil Kings of the Abyss

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Chapter 1392: Devil Kings of the Abyss

Mia’s bloodline had transformed the very space Qin Lie was at into a cold, frigid world. The giant ice sculptures she had injected with gem-white flames had also started moving as if they had a soul of their own.

The oddly-shaped ice puppets walked mechanically towards Qin Lie before pouncing.

“Absolutely unreasonable!” Qin Lie swore and started concentrating in the battle.

He was just about to summon fire from his God Race bloodline and melt the ice sculptures when an idea suddenly passed through his mind.

“Absolute Zero…”

He suddenly recalled the changes in his bloodline and the new bloodline ability he had awakened after reaching rank eight.

He immediately started trying to switch attributes.

The God Race bloodline crystals in his heart suddenly glowed dazzlingly with divine light.

An instant later, his bloodline abruptly turned bone chilling cold!

Many mysterious ice dots splashed out of the bloodline crystals and spread throughout his body. His new bloodline ability Absolute Zero came to life an instant later.

The annoyance he had felt due to Mia’s irrationality and his own impatience for still being at Shattered Ice Realm suddenly vanished into nothingness after Absolute Zero was triggered.

His eyes abruptly turned cold, and not a single expression could be found his face. It was as if his very emotions had been detached from his body.

He had suddenly transformed into a cool, cold and cruel person that even he himself wasn’t familiar with.

At the same time, his soul perception suddenly improved by leaps and bounds. Every pore on his body seemed to be perceiving the minute changes of the world around him.

When he looked at Mia, he discovered that he could capture the movement of her profound ice bloodline. He could guess what kind of bloodline secret art she was about to execute.

In fact, he felt like he had a vague idea what the woman was thinking and how she was going to attack.

His mind held neither sorrow nor joy, and everything in the world fell within his grasp. When he stared at the charging ice puppets, his vision penetrated ice and revealed to him the frost flames hiding inside their heads.

Running purely on instinct, he made a stabbing motion towards one of the ice puppets that looked like a Frost Hell Stone Devil.

His arm suddenly turned into an irresistible magnet for frost power when he made the action.

Boundless blue light entered his arm, like a moth drawn to a flame.

Ice suddenly formed around the arm he was extending towards the puppet and transformed into a sharp icicle.


His entire arm penetrated the ice puppet’s head and pierced the frost flame with unbelievable accuracy.

The frost flame instantly extinguished under the attack.

The ice puppet turned lifeless again after the soul flame that powered its movements was destroyed.

Qin Lie continued to wear an emotionless look as he walked in between the ice puppets firing ice spears again and again from his arms.

“Kacha! Kacha!”

Not a single ice puppet that got close to him managed to get off an attack before their heads were penetrated by his ice spears.

A dozen or so seconds later, all that was left inside the room was broken ice. Not a single one of Mia’s ice puppets was left intact.

Mia gritted her teeth coldly and activated her bloodline secret art. The extinguished frost flames suddenly flew back towards their owner after sensing her bloodline.

But Qin Lie’s eyes suddenly flashed with icy light. He felt like he could see the changes in her bloodline.

He casually pointed a finger in the air, and a couple of flashes later he had sealed every one of Mia’s frost flames in ice. As a result, the elements refused to answer Mia’s call.

No matter how hard she tried to call out with her bloodline power, her frost flames refused to budge an inch.

Qin Lie stared at her calmly and indifferently. “I know exactly how your bloodline is circulating and what bloodline secret arts you’re going to execute. How do you plan on defeating me?”

He suddenly let go of his control, and the frost flames abruptly reentered Mia’s body like freed birds.


At the same time, Qin Lie turned around and punched at a nearby ice. The ice instantly shattered upon impact.


The Ice Soul Frost Realm Mia had created with her bloodline power started falling apart at a rapid pace after the attack. It was like cracks spreading across the frozen ice of a lake.

The frost world she spent a lot of bloodline power to create crumbled away.

At the same time, Qin Lie sneezed as a bit of the light a sentient being should possess finally reentered his eyes.

He turned off Absolute Zero, and he finally felt like he was a man and not a cold-blooded and emotionless killing machine.

Having defeated Mia soundly, Qin Lie decided that he couldn’t be bothered by her any longer. He was just about to create a star door and leave.

He knew that the spatial laws of Shattered Ice Realm had returned to normal after the Star Abyss had been formed. He also knew that Han Che, the patriarch of the Profound Ice Family, probably couldn’t stop him even if he wished to take leave.

But just as he was about to do just that, he suddenly sensed an unusual activity coming from the Star Abyss behind him.

A terrifying aura that suffocated him had suddenly leaked out of the Star Abyss!

Qin Lie’s expression changed drastically.

Mia had been planning to tango with Qin Lie some more after withdrawing her frost flames, but the sudden turn of events also caused her expression to change drastically. “Abyss Devil!”


A furious, ear piercing howl came out of Star Abyss, and in the next instant a sinister-looking, blood drenched Abyss Devil burst out of the giant portal.

The gigantic Abyss Devil wasn’t the only one that was coming out. There was a second terrifying roar coming from the Star Abyss after its emergence.

In fact, this aura was scarier and felt like to a tidal wave of blood. It was almost as if the sea itself was about to gush out of the Star Abyss.

The first Abyss Devil who had emerged first had curved horns and wide black wings. His eyes flashed with the light of cruelty and bloodlust.

He licked his lips immediately labeled both Qin Lie and Mia as delicious food the second he saw them.

He flapped his black wings, roared and charged towards them abruptly.

“A Great Lord of the Abyss!”

Turning pale with shock, Qin Lie created a star door using the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit’s bloodline in an instant.

He passed through the star door the instant it was formed.

Beside him, Mia had turned pale with shock as well. Since the Great Lord of the Abyss hadn’t given her any time to think, she too had transformed into a ray of icy light and passed through the star door Qin Lie had created at top speed.

She managed to slip through the portal just before it could fully close.

After both Qin Lie and Mia and escaped through the star door, a second Great Lord of the Abyss with a giant tail also burst out of the Star Abyss with a roar.

This Great Lord of the Abyss was covered in wounds and holding a huge, bloody axe. The Abyss Devil raised his head and roared angrily.

Suddenly, Han Che and Bing Hui appeared at the same time.

“The God Race!”

“Terror Devil King!”

“Despair Devil King!”

Han Che and Bing Hui were absolutely shocked to find the two Abyss Devils.