Spirit Realm - Chapter 1391: Shrew

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Chapter 1391: Shrew

While Qin Lie and Mia were talking, the eight dazzling light balls continued to rotate while extracting some sort of mysterious energy.

The space that had exploded and collapsed around him slowly transformed into a gigantic spatial whirlpool thanks to the eight light balls.

The balls finally returned to Qin Lie’s bloodline after the spatial whirlpool was fully formed.

Qin Lie blinked his eyes once before sensing inside his body for a bit. The only thing he discovered was that the eight light balls had become part of his Eight-eyed Demon Spirit bloodline.

“Star Abyss…”

It was at this moment various complicated marks suddenly imprinted themselves into his soul and bloodline.

Qin Lie had achieved enlightenment right in front of Mia.

He didn’t know that a strange, fast spinning black hole was taking form inside the mysterious abyss passageway bit by bit.

The strange energy residing inside the abyss passageway was pulled into that black hole for some reason.

Somehow, the energy that flowed into that black hole had appeared on the other side of the spatial whirlpool where Shattered Ice Realm was and assisted it in completing its formation.

The spatial laws that the Profound Ice Family had forcefully altered using a spatial artifact were completely restored at this point. Moreover, Qin Lie created a strange spatial whirlpool at Shattered Ice Realm due to the awakening of his new bloodline ability, Star Abyss.

Qin Lie was slowly figuring out the workings of the Star Abyss thanks to the knowledge that was just imprinted in his soul and his understanding of his own bloodline.

Star Abyss was a bloodline ability that enabled him to construct a spatial whirlpool in any realm or space using the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit’s bloodline.

Every time a spatial whirlpool took form, a corresponding black hole would appear inside the abyss passageway.

Qin Lie suddenly recalled his conversation with Lieyang Yang back at the abyss passageway. According to older man, the black holes could potentially be connected to any location within the galaxy.

They could be connected to the God Race, the Spirit Race or the Soul Race’s realms. They could also be connected to a forbidden place in the outer realm or the chaotic streams of space itself…

A black hole that no one had ever explored before was immeasurably dangerous even to an expert of the God Race or the Spirit Race. It was because they might lead straight to a place of death that no one had ever explored.

It might even lead them straight to Dark Shadow World!

There were countless unknown black holes inside the abyss passageways. Even the members of the four transcendent bloodline races dared not venture into an unknown black hole carelessly.

It was rumored that the only creatures that could operate freely inside those unknown black holes were the ones that were born inside the abyss passageway in the first place, the Eight-eyed Demon Spirits.

It was because not all of the black holes had come to existence naturally. A large majority had been created artificially by the Eight-eyed Demon Spirits themselves.

“I see.”

Qin Lie was absorbed in thought for a moment when he suddenly discovered that his bloodline had calmed down over time. He had also gained a new understanding regarding the Star Abyss.

Star Abyss was basically the creation of a spatial whirlpool using the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit’s bloodline power. Every time a spatial whirlpool was formed, a corresponding black hole would appear inside the abyss passageway as well.

This meant that an Eight-Eyed Demon Spirit could always return to the abyss passageway through the use of Star Abyss.

An Eight-eyed Demon Spirit that had mastered Star Abyss could also create a spatial whirlpool that was connected to the abyss passageway in any realm and indirectly open a secret passage to the Abyss.

“Eh! This means I can help the Ancient Beast Race construct a secret passage to the Abyss right away!” He thought to himself happily.

Not long ago, he had promised the Ancient Beast Race to build a teleportation formation through which the Ancient Beast Race clansmen could freely travel to and fro the Abyss.

However, the construction method was a Soul Race secret art. A lot of precious spirit materials was required during the process.

For example, the main material that was used to construct the white bone altar that connected Abyss to Boluo Realm was a heart of a Lord of the Abyss. A lot of supplementary materials was required during the construction process as well.

But now that he had awakened the bloodline ability Star Abyss, this matter was suddenly no problem at all.

All he needed to do was to create another spatial whirlpool at the Ancient Beast Realm.

After a link between his bloodline and the abyss passageway was formed, the spatial whirlpool would automatically complete itself by drawing the strange energy from the abyss passageway.

“The spatial whirlpool itself is also called Star Abyss. It is a portal to the abyss passageway…”

Qin Lie didn’t activate Star Door immediately. Instead, he stared at the spatial whirlpool called Star Abyss in front of him and fell into deep thought.

“Your name is Qin Lie… right?” Mia asked quietly.

Qin Lie finally snapped out of his reverie and recalled that the beauty from Profound Ice Family was still present.

“Mn.” He finally set his gaze onto Mia and narrowed his eyes, asking, “The Profound Ice Family has come to Spirit Realm. Does that mean that all five families have come to an agreement and would be showing up in Spirit Realm very soon?”

“Do you even need me to answer that question?” Mia pursed her lips into a smile. “It was thanks to you that we were able to enter Spirit Realm two years in advance. This merit alone is enough to earn you at least tens of millions of contribution points. That was what the Blaze Family had promised you, wasn’t it?”

Qin Lie was caught off guard by her statement.

“It seems that your bloodline has returned to normal. Say, do you know how much Xuan Luo has been talking about you as of late? Also, do you still remember that you’d awakened one of my family’s core bloodline abilities right in front of us?”

She was still smiling at him just a moment ago, but she suddenly turned on him with an icy look and yelled, “Why don’t you show me how great your bloodline abilities really are!?”

“Absolute Frost Ice Flame!”

A couple of chilly, gem-white flames suddenly flew out of Mia’s body.

The cold flames that looked like blooming lotuses instantly surrounded Qin Lie at the center.

“Ice Soul Frost Realm!”

A gigantic dome of ice instantly froze into existence around Mia. The frost aura of Shattered Ice Realm gushed into the dome and turned the tiny world into a frigid land.

“Ka ka ka!”

The ice that were crushed by the spatial whirlpool suddenly gathered together and transformed into giant ice sculptures.

The ice sculptures were supposed to be inanimate objects, but a single breath from Mia sent the gem-white flames flying into them. Then, the ice sculptures suddenly started moving as if they had come to life.

“Have a taste of my Frost Puppets!” Mia declared with raised eyebrows.

“Are you crazy!?” Qin Lie frowned.

“If I hadn’t accidentally ascended to rank eight bloodline, I would’ve been the one to lead the team into the Origin World!” Mia let out a cold snort before continuing, “That Origin Crystal should’ve been mine for the taking!”

“What kind of stupid logic is that?” It felt like he had suddenly ran into a shrew.

“Anyway, you took what was supposed to be mine!” Mia sent her Frost Puppets rushing towards him while declaring unreasonably. “If you can’t beat me here, then you will surrender that Origin Crystal back to me!”

“She really is crazy,” Qin Lie thought to himself.

By now, he had figured out that this woman just wanted to fight him. The logic behind the excuse didn’t matter, as long as she could fight him.