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Chapter 64: Lei Luo Had Completed His Training

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The werewolves were very powerful, especially after Zhebe had unified the grassland. The combat strength of the werewolves had reached a terrifying level, and they could easily gather millions of werewolves.

“Your Majesty, if the werewolves want to invade the Faroe Kingdom, we must quickly make preparations and gather the army to head north. With the current forces stationed in the Northern Territory, it will be very difficult to withstand the assault of the werewolves.”

“That’s right, our Faroe Kingdom has formed a powerful new mage army. It’s time for the wolf clan to see how powerful we are!”

“They’re just a bunch of animals. They dare to have designs on our Faroe Kingdom. This time, we must kill them all!”

“Your Majesty, I’m willing to lead an army to support the Northern Territory.”

Many of the ministers spoke one after another.

The current Faroe Kingdom was no longer the Faroe Kingdom of the past. Other than having a huge ordinary army, there were four extremely powerful mage armies.

This mage army had not been formed by relying on powerful mages in the past. Instead, it had strict training. Every leader of the mage army was a pseudo-ultimate mage.

The battle of the mage army was no longer a one-man battle. Instead, they could cooperate with each other. The combat strength of such a mage army was many times stronger than before.

They had even developed countless magic books that the mages had cooperated with, gathering the strength of many mages, and casting extremely terrifying destruction spells together.

“General Vlad, for the time being, you will lead the Flying Dragon Mage Army to the Northern Territory to provide support. Your first task is to defend the defensive line.”

King Ling began to make arrangements.

“Brother, why didn’t you send me?” Wei stood out.

She was leading the Sunbird Mage Army.

Ling shook his head and said, “There will be missions in the future. There’s no need to rush. This war will not end too soon.”

How could he not know what his sister was thinking?

However, this kind of mission to support the Northern Territory was very dangerous. The slightest carelessness could cause them to be surrounded by the wolf clan.

Even if there was a mission, Wei’s Sunbird Mage Army would have to stay at the back.

Wei could only accept the arrangement.

The invasion of millions of werewolves could not be hidden. Soon, it spread throughout the capital.

However, there was no panic. Instead, there were countless civilian mages who wanted to join the army to resist the werewolves.

In the blink of an eye, a month had passed.

A shocking piece of news came.

A million werewolves had already conquered Waganda. The whole of Waganda had been taken over by the werewolves.

Not long after, an even more shocking piece of news came. The entire Flying Dragon Mage Army had been sacrificed in the city of Waganda. Eight pseudo-ultimate mages, including General Vlad, had all died in battle. Not a single one returned alive.

Everyone was stunned.

How powerful was the Flying Dragon Mage Army? There were more than five thousand mages. All of them were formed by elemental mages.

There were only four such armies in the Faroe Kingdom.

Moreover, the Flying Dragon Mage Army was the most powerful one. Yet, they had been lost just like that.

Up until now, they had not fought the Flying Dragon Mage Army. How did they all die?

They received sporadic news that the Flying Dragon Mage Army had been destroyed very quickly and had been trapped in Waganda city. It was said that the golden-furred werewolves of the Sky Wolf King clan had appeared nearby.

Generally speaking, the golden-furred werewolves would follow the Sky Wolf King wherever he went.

Such news was a great blow to the morale of the people of the Faroe Kingdom.

Other than Waganda’s complete fall, the other two important defensive fortresses were also being attacked by the werewolves.

Once these two fortresses were taken down, the Faroe Kingdom’s hinterland would be completely exposed to the werewolves, and the damage would be immeasurable.

Now, even the Rhinoceros Mage Army and the Giant Eagle Mage Army had been sent to defend these two fortresses.

There was no other way. The King would only use the Sunbird Mage Army as the last resort.

Unfortunately, the Sunbird Mage Army had set off not long ago, and the two key fortresses had already been conquered.

Even the Rhinoceros Mage Army and the Giant Eagle Mage Army seemed to have forgotten

This made everyone in the Faroe Kingdom feel a chill in their hearts.

They were about to roar. No matter how strong the werewolves were, it was impossible for them to be this strong.

In the end, the Sunbird Mage Army withdrew, and the Faroe Kingdom’s defense line completely contracted.

At the same time, the werewolf clan split into three groups. Like the autumn wind blowing through fallen leaves, they cleared the way and finally approached the capital of the Faroe Kingdom.

The Faroe Kingdom was in danger!

In the library.

Lei Luo was lying in the vampire’s coffin, practicing the Angel Holy Light Shield.

He had already comprehended the limit of the first level of this defensive spell. He could break through the second level of the Dao at any time.

As the spell vibrated, the structure of the Holy Light Shield changed and began to reassemble… In an instant, an even more powerful Holy Light Shield enveloped his entire body.

“Phew, is this the two-winged Angel? I didn’t expect that the Holy Light Shield would develop the projection characteristic.”

Lei Luo clicked his tongue in wonder.

The projection characteristic was very simple. It could project a powerful Holy Light Shield that was fixed in a certain place and could be maintained for a period of time.

A thought suddenly flashed through his mind. If this holy light shield was powerful enough to absorb the elemental energy between heaven and earth, wouldn’t it be able to exist forever?

Perhaps in the future. It would probably be very late.

“Phew, this period of seclusion has been long enough. I should go out and take a look. Perhaps my luck has turned for the better and I’ll be able to sign in something good.”

Lei Luo put away the Holy Light Shield and stretched his back.

He had been in seclusion for the past few years. In order not to be disturbed, he had specially sealed the entire room so that no sound from outside could enter.

Suddenly, Lei Luo’s brows furrowed.

Because he noticed that Ailo was anxiously walking outside.

What had happened?

Lei Luo removed the seal and walked out of the meditation room.

When Ailo saw his senior come out, he immediately said anxiously, “Senior, the wolf clan has mobilized a million werewolves to surround the king’s city. The Sky Wolf King has already become an ultimate mage. No one in the Faroe Kingdom has more powerful magic power than him. Even his mother has been seriously injured and has been in a coma. Moreover, in less than a day’s time, the Sky Wolf King will sacrifice seven million people in the king’s city.”

Lei Luo had already become a pseudo-ultimate mage, but he was almost about to cry.

“I’ve only cultivated for a few years, and the Faroe Kingdom is about to be destroyed?”

Lei Luo was somewhat speechless and could not help but ask the heavens. It was too difficult for him.

However, he was quite curious that the Sky Wolf King had actually become an ultimate mage.

Hence, he activated his spiritual will instantly and could faintly sense a terrifying aura hidden outside the capital.

Although this aura did not pose any danger to him, it was an irresistible force to the Faroe Kingdom.