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Chapter 809: It Is What It Is

“But I really do remember it.” Without saying much, Duan Xiaomo just repeated the moves exactly as he had seen them. Not only were there no mistakes in his movements, but he even showed signs of being an expert. Obviously, he had grasped this first set of Great Fist Skills.

When Duan Xiaomo stopped, he found Ling Chuxi squatting nearby with her head down and her back to him.

“Ling Chuxi, what are you doing?” Duan Xiaomo asked expressionlessly.

“Leave me alone, I’m drawing circles,” Ling Chuxi replied gloomily. Yes, she was actually squatting on the floor and drawing circles in the soil. What kind of world was this? Initially, she thought that her potential was relatively good, and many people had praised her as a genius. However, look at Duan Xiaomo! His was an existence that transcended genius!

Ling Chuxi had taken a great blow. Back then, she had needed a few days to comprehend the first set of Great Fist Skills, but had been praised by Mo Kongyuan as a prodigy. Duan Xiaomo had only seen it once and had learned it so thoroughly. It could really anger one to death!

Ling Chuxi finally knew what Lan Xinyu and others had felt back then. It was really too much of a blow.

“Call me Elder Sister in the future, don’t use my name,” Ling Chuxi stood up and grumbled to Duan Xiaomo. This little fellow was really admirable, enviable, and hateful! Before his recovery, she hadn’t cared about it, but since he was much better now, she had to be firm about this. His unbelievable potential could drive people mad! This was, of course, the actual reason Ling Chuxi was upset, but she would never admit it.

“No. Ling Chuxi,” Duan Xiaomo countered monotonously, his expression blank.

“You brat! Call me Elder Sister!” Ling Chuxi barked fiercely.

“No, Ling Chuxi,” Duan Xiaomo repeated calmly.

“Call me Elder Sister!”


Duan Feiyu, who was standing nearby, was fighting back laughter as he watched the both of them, not knowing what to say. All this while, he had thought Ling Chuxi was a calm and steady person, her mature appearance making Duan Feiyu overlook her age. Now, seeing this scene, the corners of his mouth curved upwards in amusement. No matter what, Ling Chuxi was still a young maiden, and clearly wasn’t as mature as he had thought. However, this side of her wasn’t that bad either.

“Alright, let’s learn the next set.” Ling Chuxi and Duan Xiaomo continued bickering about how he should address her, and after the 45th time of going over it, she finally got tired and gave up. Silently grumbling, she continued to teach him the following Great Fist Skills. However, just because she had given up now, it didn’t mean she would give up in the future too. Hmph! One day, that brat would definitely call her Elder Sister!

A few hours later, other than the 27th set of the Great Fist Skills, Duan Xiaomo had fully memorized and practiced all of the Great Fist Skills without any mistakes. There was the risk of dying if they used the last set of the Great Fist Skills, so Ling Chuxi didn’t have the courage to teach him that yet.

When Duan Xiaomo finished his practice once again, Ling Chuxi couldn’t be more astonished. No wonder the Cang Yuan Sword Spirit had said that his future achievements could surpass the past Cang Yuan Sword Master—such talent practically defied the heavens!

“Xiaomo, your practice is good, but in the path of cultivation, you must be humble and patient. You must never be arrogant and complacent, understand?” Ling Chuxi actually had no idea what to say, but as a teacher, she had to say something.

“Okay.” Duan Xiaomo nodded.