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Chapter 808: An Existence That Transcends Genius

Ling Chuxi brought Duan Xiaomo to the sea of flowers, feeling slightly troubled. This boy had the Celestial Core and could cultivate the Celestial Cultivation Method even in his sleep…. What should she teach him?

The things that Ling Chuxi had learned were very mixed. Besides the Thundercloud Battle Qi, she had also secretly learned the Turning Cloud Gesture from the Xiao family, the Spiral Battle Qi from the vassal country great assessment competition, the Golden Pill Sect’s Seven Strings Finger Method and Needle Method, Mo Kongyuan’s Great Fist Skills, and now she had just learned the Cang Yuan Seven Swords.

Which was suitable to teach him? Even after half a day of thinking about it, Ling Chuxi still didn’t know.

“I’ve branded his mind with the Celestial Cultivation Method, so you don’t have to teach him about cultivation. As for the martial art techniques, the Cang Yuan Seven Swords suit him best, but his foundation is too weak now, so don’t teach him that first. The Turning Cloud Gesture and Golden Pill Sect’s Finger Method and Needle Method are too exquisite; he is too naïve and not suitable for these ingenious martial arts. The Great Fist Skills are magnificent and suit his nature of cultivation.” Suddenly, Ling Chuxi heard Cang Yuan’s voice in her mind.

“You can hear my thoughts?” Ling Chuxi was startled. In the past, she had to enter her mind to communicate with Cang Yuan, but this time, he had actually heard her when she was thinking.

It wasn’t a good thing. If everything she thought about could be heard by him, then what would happen to her privacy?

“Not really, I can only hear them when you are really focused on a problem. After all, we have signed the Divine Sword contract, so it’s also a kind of spiritual connection.” Cang Yuan didn’t expect that he would frighten Ling Chuxi like this, and explained quickly.

“Ah, that’s a relief.” Ling Chuxi patted her chest and exhaled deeply. “I should teach him the Great Fist Skills then?”

“Yes, teach him the Great Fist Skills first. Once his cultivation has reached the realm of True Essence, teach him the Cang Yuan Seven Swords. Though he was born with the Celestial Core, he’s still young. It’s better not to teach him too many different things,” Cang Yuan advised.

“Alright, I got it. Why don’t you take a rest first? Also, without my agreement, don’t eavesdrop on what I am thinking,” Ling Chuxi added sulkily. Her own thoughts being heard felt extremely unpleasant.

Cang Yuan laughed in amusement and without saying much, disappeared.

“Xiaomo, I’ll teach you a set of martial arts called the Great Fist Skill. Observe,” Ling Chuxi said to Duan Xiaomo, and began the first set of Great Fist Skills. Since Duan Xiaomo had no foundation, she made her actions very slow.

Duan Xiaomo looked at her movements carefully without blinking.

“Alright, do you remember? If you don’t remember, it’s okay. I’ll repeat it, and you watch carefully. Don’t think too much, just remembering the movements is enough,” Ling Chuxi said consolingly to Duan Xiaomo once she had finished.

Even though the 27-set Great Fist Skills weren’t as mysterious as the Cang Yuan Seven Swords, it was still a unique, rare skill. In fact, it had taken her a long time to cultivate them privately before she could understand the trick to them. Based on Duan Xiaomo’s foundation, of course it wouldn’t be easy for him to understand. It was good enough if he could remember the movements for now.

“I’ve remembered it,” Duan Xiaomo said simply.

“Everything?” Ling Chuxi looked at him in surprise.

“Everything.” Duan Xiaomo’s tone was calm and certain.

“Xiaomo, in the path of cultivation, one must be humble and prudent, and must not pretend to understand something they do not. Got it?” Ling Chuxi was trying to teach character for the first time, and was afraid of misleading her student, so she tried to be solemn when speaking. She didn’t believe that Duan Xiaomo could remember the first set of Great Fist Skills so quickly.