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Chapter 807: Persistence

Lu Chengfeng’s cultivation was, at most, equal to Su Yizhi’s. He had lived a privileged life by using the reputation of his ancestors for many years without experiencing any life-threatening challenges. If he really triggered the mechanism, there would only be death waiting for him, but he didn’t realize that and went on complaining.

However, these mechanisms were related to the safety of the Golden Pill Sect. Of course, Ling Chuxi could not argue with him, so she just sighed and shook her head.

“Why haven’t they left yet?” Ling Chuxi sat opposite Duan Feiyu and grumbled.

“The three young disciples were asked to stay by Grandfather to protect Xiaomo. Don’t underestimate them—although they are young, they are the best among the younger generations of the Celestial Sect, and their cultivation is similar to mine,” Duan Feiyu knew who Ling Chuxi was asking about and explained.

Ling Chuxi nodded, grateful for Duan Qingchen’s arrangement. She knew that Duan Qingchen had left these three people here, not only to protect Duan Xiaomo, but also to strengthen the Golden Pill Sect’s reputation. The Golden Pill Sect’s surroundings were full of spiritual qi, which would inevitably be coveted by bad people like Yu Daoni and others. Duan Qingchen’s arrangement would help them deal with quite a bit of problematic situations. In the Sacred Realm of Sects, not many had the guts to provoke people from the Celestial Sect.

“As for Lu Chengfeng, he himself wanted to stay. He probably knew that despite his high status in the Celestial Sect, his cultivation wasn’t respected by the others. Thus, he intends to find a sense of achievement in the Golden Pill Sect. You don’t have to pay attention to him, just acting as if he doesn’t exist will do,” Duan Feiyu scoffed, obviously not thinking that highly of Lu Chengfeng.

Apparently, Lu Chengfeng was here to make his existence known. “Alright, I got it.” Ling Chuxi was actually glad that Lu Chengfeng was staying, because it was good for the Golden Pill Sect. With his arrogance and prideful character, if the Golden Pill Sect encountered any problems, he would certainly not stand by and watch. Regardless of his strength, Lu Jiantang’s reputation would be enough to scare many people off.

After breakfast, Ling Chuxi headed to the sea of flowers to practice as usual, but after a while, she realized that Duan Xiaomo had been following her.

“What’s wrong, Xiaomo?” Ling Chuxi stopped and asked.

“I want to cultivate,” Duan Xiaomo looked at Ling Chuxi and said bluntly.

“Cultivate?” Ling Chuxi blinked at Duan Xiaomo in surprise.

“I want revenge.” Duan Xiaomo’s tone was calm, making Ling Chuxi feel uneasy.

“Xiaomo, if you want to cultivate, Elder Brother will teach you,” Duan Feiyu obviously hadn’t adapted to Duan Xiaomo’s sudden change, and was surprised for a moment before speaking. Usually, Duan family members would learn martial arts from their Duan family if they wanted to learn.

Duan Xiaomo just stepped forward and tugged at Ling Chuxi’s clothes, looking up at her. That persistent gaze left Duan Feiyu speechless.

“Xiaomo, do you have to learn from me?” Ling Chuxi didn’t know why he so firmly believed in her, but she couldn’t say no to that pure gaze.

“Yes.” Duan Xiaomo nodded.

“Then let me teach him,” Ling Chuxi said to Duan Feiyu.

“Alright.” Duan Feiyu could only sigh and agree. Although it was a little strange that the second young master of the direct descendant of the Celestial Sect was learning cultivation from an outsider, the recovery of Duan Xiaomo’s consciousness had not been an easy process, so he didn’t want to make the little boy unhappy. Moreover, with his current position in the Celestial Sect, it made no difference whether he cultivated or not—was there anyone who would dare strike him again?