Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss - Chapter 662 - : You Are Still Worth Quite a Bit of Money

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Chapter 662: You Are Still Worth Quite a Bit of Money

After giving some silver notes to Zhou Zhidong and explaining which medicinal items he should take note of, Ling Chuxi, Jiang Wuhen and Li Shaoqiu immediately rushed over to Gu Yang City.

“Ah, that’s right. Just throw out this banner. Don’t bring anymore shame onto yourself. Also, stop swindling and cheating people,” said Ling Chuxi as she looked at Jiang Wuhen’s banner before they departed. Even after looking at it from the left to the right, she still simply found it unpleasing to the eye.

“What do you mean swindling and cheating?” shouted Jiang Wuhen angrily like a rooster whose neck was being strangled. “I am also a disciple from Great Godly Doctor Su’s Resurrection Hall. Although those pills weren’t as amazing as I made them out to be, they still had the effects of lengthening one’s life and strengthening one’s body. It is absolutely not comparable to the actions of those other pugilist cheats. Furthermore, the heart of a medical practitioner is like the heart of a parent. I, Jiang Wuhen, no matter how bad my insides are, would also not dare to joke around with a patient’s body. Those pills only have benefits to them and there are no detrimental side effects to them.”

Again! Hearing him compare the heart of a medical practitioner to the heart of a parent, Ling Chuxi was about to barf. Since he was still a human being, could he not be so shameless?

Zhou Zhidong turned his face away, truly not wanting to hear Jiang Wuhen’s nonsense and boasting any longer. Even he felt ashamed by it. It was also good that after this he did not have to travel with them anymore. Otherwise, even if he did not die of injuries, he would become disgusted to death by Jiang Wuhen’s antics.

“It’s true! It’s true though. Big Brother Jiang is actually very good-natured. I have taken the medicinal pills he made too. Ever since I took them, my waist doesn’t feel sore anymore, and my thighs aren’t painful anymore. I don’t need to gasp for breath after I walk eight or ten li anymore. See, isn’t the color of my face healthier than before?” said Li Shaoqiu as he happily brought his face closer. Since whatever money they had made over these past few months was all used to treat Zhou Zhidong’s injuries, Li Shaoqiu was a little malnourished, so his face was greenish in color, like that of a vegetable.

“Yes, it looks much healthier. There is quite some color to it,” said Ling Chuxi, truly not wanting to give Li Shaoqiu a blow. His face was already so greenish to such an extent, she really didn’t know how he could tell that his complexion had gotten much better? Could it be that the healthier complexion Li Shaoqiu was talking about was actually of this color?

To be able to brainwash someone like this, Great Godly Doctor Jiang, Great Divine Fortune Teller Jiang could also be considered a talent.

Enough nonsense for now, as the few of them immediately rushed on their way.

Once they reached Gu Yang City, Ling Chuxi saw the wanted posters pasted on the city walls from a distance. They featured precisely the faces and names of Jiang Wuhen, Li Shaoqiu and Zhou Zhidong.

“Say, were those posted by people from Wu Feng Hall? Why is Nan Xia Country listing you three as wanted people?” Ling Chuxi asked, finding it weird.

“Who knows? I am not even a person of Nan Xia Country and they even pin on me the crime of betraying my country. I don’t even know which country I betrayed,” Jiang Wuhen replied with a bitter smile.

“My guess is, it is more likely than not that one of the Nan Xia royals have privately defected to Ding Lin Country, and now that person clearly wants to chase us down and kill us. However, I don’t know which royal the loyalty of the city lord of Gu Yang City belongs to,” said Li Shaoqiu, wagering a guess. Born in the world of officials, Li Shaoqiu could be considered to be familiar with these kinds of conspiracies.

“Forget it. There’s no need to think anymore. They are but jumping clowns,” said Ling Chuxi, too lazy to use her brain for such a subject matter. She then walked over in the direction of the city gates.

“Halt! Where are you all from?” a loud shout commanded. During these times of war, the soldiers guarding the city were a lot more alert than usual. Only then did the guard take a clear look at Jiang Wuhen and Li Shaoqiu. Looking back and forth closely between their wanted posters and them, the guard was overjoyed as he roared, “Men! We have Li Shaoqiu! We have Li Shaoqiu and Jiang Wuhen! Oh, I am going to be conferred to a high position for this!”

“I didn’t know that the two of you were worth so much money. For someone to actually even be promoted to becoming a high official just for catching you? Why don’t the two of you suffer a bit here for a couple of days whilst I mingle with a few high officials and we’ll see how it goes from there,” Ling Chuxi said jokingly.