Rise of the Great Emperor - Chapter 246: Deep in the Mountain (2)

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Chapter 246: Deep in the Mountain (2)

"Shall we explore the mountain?" Lin Xiao asked while looking at Princess Lan Yi Hua.

The princess looked around then nodded. She didn\'t really like narrow place like this, but if they got out and those people were still around, they would risk themselves in danger once more. One way or another, they have to figure out the method to get stronger.

\'Shall I have spar with her?\'

While Lin Xiao was thinking, they made their way deep into the mountain. There were several pathway and the flow of Qi was quite disturbed in this place, making it hard for them to trace the way they were going correctly.

Princess Lan Yi Hua stopped after a while. "There\'s something at the front."

"It feels like a beast. Maybe we shouldn\'t get too close." Lin Xiao furrowed his brows. He had also sensed that the Qi was rich in front of them, but there was also faint pressure that was hidden very well. If not because of his rich experience in the forest, he might not be able to sense it.

"We can make a detour."

"That sounds good."

The two of them have just planned to move when they felt the ground quake. Sound of something slithering on the rock could be heard before hissing sound came near them.

"It\'s a snake!"


The two of them quickly turned around and ran as fast as possible. There was no reason for them to stand and wait anymore because of the danger.


A large black snake appeared not far behind them. The aura around it clearly told them that the snake was at least beast rank 5, which was above what they could deal with their current power. Thinking of the bear they faced not long ago, the best they could do was to scratch and annoy it.

And this snake… it shouldn\'t be that much different with the way it looked like.


The snake rushed forward aiming towards Princess Lan Yi Hua with its mouth wide open.

Lin Xiao immediately brandished his sword and then swing it towards the snake that was coming at them. The snake was faster than what they could possibly run, so they would be trapped if they tried to run away from it.

Chilling Lake Sword, Fifth Stance.

The temperature dropped considerably the moment Lin Xiao used the technique. Princess Lan Yi Hua turned her head around only to see the sword Qi flew towards the snake mouth behind her. The mouth was one of the weak point of a snake, so the attack immediately hurt the snake badly.



The pain caused the snake to recoil its body and trashed everywhere. Earthquake was inevitable with the way things were going on. The two of them used this chance to try expending their distance from the snake again.

"What the hell is that?" Lin Xiao asked the question he had always wanted to ask. Never he thought that he would be able to see a beast in this kind of remote place.

Princess Lan Yi Hua\'s face was grim. "It\'s a Molten Black Snake and its only living in Hua Lan Kingdom. Based on what I know, there\'s no other place in this land that\'s suitable for the snake."


Lin Xiao felt that his luck was extremely bad. To think that he would encounter a beast that was only present in Hua Lan Kingdom. What was the chance?

"Any weakness?"

"The mouth is relatively weak. Also, the snake is afraid of fire."

Hearing that, Lin Xiao nearly cursed. Because his technique was that of lake, its attribute was closer to water than fire. If only Fan Ling was here, he would be able to ask her to help him here.


The snake was close to them once more and this time, Princess Lan Yi Hua used her twin swords to launch an attack from a distance away. The sword Qi landed on the snake\'s head but it barely gave any damage.

"The skin is so hard."

"Molten Black Snake is known for its hard skin and strong defense. We\'re not going to be that successful if we didn\'t manage to defeat it as soon as possible," Princess Lan Yi Hua explained. However, her face was still very grim when she looked at the beast in front of her. If only it was possible, she also didn\'t want to stay here.

Lin Xiao brandished his sword once more.

Chilling Lake Sword, Fifth stance!

Ice formed to the place and penetrated into the rocks. At the same time, Lin Xiao shouted, "RUN!"


The two of them immediately used their movement technique and when the Molten Black Snake crushed the ice, the rocks above him tumbled and came crashing down.

Hiss! (damn you humans!)

The snake was hissing loudly that the two of them could sense it. Their Qi was depleting rapidly with their movement skill along with their attacking skills.

\'Lin Hu, can\'t you just appear here?\' Lin Xiao scolded in his mind. He couldn\'t hold on any longer fighting against this snake that was strong in defense and speed. Even though the attack might not be that strong, just their difference in power could mean their death.

\'Turn right.\'


\'Just follow my instruction, Idiot!\'

Lin Xiao rolled his eyes and then pulled Princess Lan Yi Hua along with him. "Over here."


The tunnel they passed was a bit smaller than the others, so the large Molten Black Snake might find it difficult to pass through this place. However, they didn\'t want to take a risk considering how the snake could easily destroy a passage.


They arrived in a large field and Lin Xiao could hear water ticking from the side. He nearly shouted in joy when he saw the small lake.

"I need to get there!"

"Wha?" Princess Lan Yi Hua was confused, but she could see that Lin Xiao was dead serious.


Before they could do anything, the snake had appeared and hissed. It\'s large body suddenly slammed towards them and Princess Lan Yi Hua quickly pushed Lin Xiao away by punching his back.



"Yi Hua!"