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Chapter 1823: Won’t Reject

“Great, let’s go straight to the food street! We’ll be there in 40 minutes,” said Song Miaoge.

Baili Zongxue wasn’t familiar with the capital, but Song Miaoge was born in this city. Song Miaoge might not be very familiar with the capital, but she knew a lot about it.

Both Gu Ning and Baili Zongxue agreed. They weren’t ordinary people, so they didn’t easily get hungry.

Gu Ning drove fast, but steadily. At the beginning, Song Miaoge and Baili Zongxue were slightly scared, but they soon got used to it.

“Wow, Gu Ning, you’re quite good at driving. I’ve never seen anyone else who’s better at driving than you,” said Song Miaoge.

“Of course, I’ve had a car race against a professional racer before. I won the race, so I’m definitely good at driving,” said Gu Ning with a grin. She was quite proud of herself.

“What? You’ve had a car race against a professional racer before?” Knowing that, Song Miaoge rounded her eyes in shock. She didn’t doubt Gu Ning’s words, and admired Gu Ning more than ever now. “Wow, that’s amazing.”

After they arrived at the food street, Song Miaoge wanted to eat everything in her sight. However, she wasn’t a big eater and couldn’t eat that much. In the end, they decided to eat spicy hot pot.

The three of them ate more than five people, which attracted a lot of attention from people around them.

“Jesus, look at those girls! They eat a lot, and they’ve finished a lot of food already.”

“It’s none of your business. You don’t need to pay for their bill anyway.”

“Well, I’m just envious of them. They eat a lot, but are still slim. I can’t do that. I easily gain weight.”

“I agree.”

These people weren’t unkind, they were simply envious of Gu Ning and her friends who didn’t easily gain weight.

Although the three of them ate a lot, they often exercised, so it wasn’t easy for them to gain weight.

After that, they went to shop.

All of a sudden, Song Miaoge said to Gu Ning, “Um, Gu Ning, can you give me a discount if I go to buy some skincare products in Kouzi and clothes in Gufan?”

Although normally skincare and makeup products were suitable for girls over 20, Kouzi was different because its products contained magical power, so it was suitable for all ages.

Song Miaoge was aware of it, so she wanted to try Kouzi.

Because Song Miaoge spent a lot of time in the military camps in the capital, her skin was comparatively darker than other people.

She wanted to buy clothes from Gufan, not because she was helping Gu Ning with her business, but because she had looked at the clothes on its official website. She liked them, and they suited her very well, so she always wanted to buy some.

“Sure, how about a 30% discount?” said Gu Ning.

“That’s great!” Song Miaoge nodded with excitement.

In fact, she didn’t lack money at all, but felt quite satisfied with the discount.

“Can I have that discount as well?” asked Baili Zongxue.

Even though she didn’t need skincare products, she might use makeup products, so she better learn how to wear makeup.

They came out today to shop for clothes, so she naturally would buy some too.

It actually wasn’t the first time that Baili Zongxue had been to the Gufan store. She had bought some before, and she liked them very much.

“Of course,” Gu Ning said, “You don’t need to hesitate to tell me whatever you want. Buy anything you like. Don’t force yourself to buy anything just for the sake of our friendship. I’ll be embarrassed if you buy the products merely to help my business.”

“Don’t worry, we won’t reject it when it’s unnecessary,” said Song Miaoge. Although she indeed had the idea of helping Gu Ning with her business, she really liked the products. She wouldn’t force herself to buy something she disliked.

“Right!” Baili Zongxue chimed in.

The commercial district was quite large with several high-end shopping malls. Fengshang Shopping Mall was one of them.

“Why don’t we go to Fengshang Shopping Mall first?” said Song Miaoge.

Song Miaoge proposed to go to Fengshang Shopping Mall, not because she knew Gu Ning’s relationship with it, but because the first store of Kouzi and Gufan in the capital were located in Fengshang.

Now, Kouzi had a counter in every big shopping mall, but Gufan only had a few. Song Miaoge didn’t know where to find them except for Fengshang Shopping Mall.

Since she only knew they were in Fengshang Shopping Mall, she decided to go straight there without wasting much time.

There were stores of Kouzi, Colaine, and Gufan in most of the Fengshang Shopping Malls, and they were direct-sale stores, but some weren’t open yet, waiting for renovation or new shops.

Because these brands were newly established, there weren’t many of their stores. It happened at a slow pace.

During these days, Fengshang Shopping Mall became quite popular with a lot more customers than before because of the three brands.

Even though the Tang family owned many companies and Fengshang Shopping Mall was a high-end big mall, there were many more high-end shopping malls. Just in their country, there were dozens of high-end shopping malls, so the competition was quite cruel.

Along this commercial district, there were over a dozen big shopping malls. Fengshang Shopping Mall was one of the top three given its sales and customer volume.

They were going to Gufan store, but it didn’t mean that they wouldn’t shop in other stores. When they saw familiar brands, they would also walk inside. However, they didn’t see any clothes they liked.

The capital was quite large. It was difficult to find a person sometimes, but Gu Ning was able to run into acquaintances once in a while.

Right after Gu Ning and her two friends stepped into a woman’s clothing store, she saw familiar faces. In fact, they had a grudge against each other.

Gu Ning saw Shen Zhilin and Chen Qiuyin!

Because of Gu Ning, Shen Zhilin and Chen Qiuyin had a car accident last time. It wasn’t serious, but they blamed Gu Ning for it. Therefore, once they noticed Gu Ning, they stared at her with great hatred.

Most importantly, Gu Ning was Leng Shaoting’s girlfriend.

They always believed that Shen Zhilin could have been together with Leng Shaoting if it hadn’t been for Gu Ning.

In their eyes, it was Gu Ning who ruined the chance for Shen Zhilin to be together with Leng Shaoting.

It was their idea, but it was quite unreasonable. Actually, both of them thought too highly of themselves.