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Chapter 1551: Absolute Submission

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This time, the teacher didn’t raise any objections. “That’s true. She has a strong commanding ability and trustworthiness. However, we can’t just let this pass. We still have to abide by the rules. Ye Jian can handle it well, but I’m still observing the other students.”

What he meant was that he believed that Ye Jian would always be good. The rest of the students were still confused.

“I agree. Although this matter was handled appropriately, we will never encourage it.” The commander agreed.

Although the seven people who fought didn’t get punished or expelled, the teachers said that there were too many fallen leaves in the school recently.. The cleaning lady was too busy. The seven of them could help her sweep until winter vacation this year.

The seven of them helped the cleaning lady to clean up the place. The students in the class were puzzled, but they couldn’t find out the reason. After a week, no one asked.

He Jing knew about that day and said indignantly, “If I was there, I would have crippled a few!”

When she thought about how she didn’t help out, He Jing took the initiative to join in the cleaning. They couldn’t persuade her no matter how hard they tried. In her words, “We will share blessings and suffer together!”

The pure and simple relationship between comrades would be built day after day, and year after year. Every day, they would crawl, touch, and roll around together. They would eat, drink, and sleep together. Even after they separated, they would still remember each other and miss each other.

After this matter, Song Zhiqiu, Xu Wen, and the other five people had already reached the point of absolute obedience to Ye Jian. As long as Ye Jian said anything, they would listen to her and believe that what she said was correct.

They weren’t the only ones who believed in Ye Jian. As time went by, the students in their class would be affected too. They wouldn’t hate anyone because they were implicated and punished because of him anymore. They wouldn’t specially warn anyone afterward and stop making mistakes.

During training, whoever was slow would immediately be pulled along. There were no private conflicts. They would settle it together.

This change surprised the teachers. According to their experience, it would take at least a semester for a class to integrate into helping, supervising, and caring for each other.

Unexpectedly, their class didn’t wait for a semester. The atmosphere in the class was so harmonious that the teachers felt refreshed when they entered the classroom.

Once again, it was confirmed that Ye Jian had a certain level of leadership, cohesion, control, and command.

In addition, her stamina was outstanding and her studies never fell behind. All the instructors felt that this year’s ‘outstanding student’ award definitely belonged to Ye Jian.

After entering December, Ye Jian got busier. There was still half a month before she left school for training. She learned everything on her own. If she didn’t understand anything, she would ask the instructors immediately. At the same time, the number of times she entered and left the laboratory increased. Sometimes, she would still be in the laboratory at midnight.

That was because she had to complete all the experiments before the training.

Other than a few kilometers of cross-country running and participating in group activities, she didn’t go for other personal training.

During the military training, her fourth senior brother said that as long as you were outstanding, you could watch your classmates train.

Ye Jian belonged to this category now.

However, she really didn’t have the time to watch her classmates train. She needed to devote all her time to studying. She needed to compress what other people learned in 45 days until she left school on December 12.