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Chapter 1550: Talent

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The bus swayed. Ye Jian’s voice was calm and steady. “It’s normal to be worried about us. However, Xu Wen, you’re our comrade. If you get bullied outside, we will definitely help you. We won’t sit and just watch.”

“We are comrades. Not only do we have to help each other in our studies and training, but we also have to help each other in our daily lives. Don’t the teachers always say that we are a team? No one can give up on each other.”

“Fighting together is like a group test in my eyes. No one is allowed to say that they dragged each other down.”

Ye Jian didn’t want Xu Wen to feel burdened.. As she spoke, she changed the topic intentionally. She didn’t talk about fighting anymore. Instead, she talked about her usual training. “If you know someone who is struggling, why don’t you help them? Everyone is indifferent.”

Ye Jian spoke very quickly and gently. However, her words had a deeper meaning. They could reach Xu Wen’s heart directly. She listened attentively, afraid that she would miss a word from Ye Jian.

“Life, training, hygiene, studies… You have to learn how to take care of everything. During training, everyone has to remember to pull the person who runs slow. We will meet many people in the future. When we learn to accept these things, we have to remember to help the students who dragged us down.”

“I know what you’re worried about. The military rules restrict your words and actions. Fighting is something that must never happen. However, we must help and care for each other. When you reach military school, no matter how independent you are, you must learn how to get along. No matter how arbitrary you are, you must learn to obey.”

“Don’t worry, nothing will happen. We will answer whatever the commander asks. Look, we didn’t cause any trouble. We didn’t cripple anyone.”

Xu Wen was sweating… Why did she feel that those people were beaten up badly?

Ye Jian seemed to have guessed what she was thinking. She blinked and said meaningfully, “I just dislocated their joints, dislocated them, and injured their subcutaneous tissue. It’s all small injuries.”

That was bad enough!

However, Xu Wen didn’t expect the commander to agree. He nodded and said, “This is a good solution. However, you are not allowed to go out anymore, including Ye Jian.”

He waved his hand and let the seven people off.

The instructor and teacher smiled and shook their heads when they heard the commander’s report.

“Ye Jian is brave and smart. She has the aura of a general. She has a strong sense of collective honor too. When her comrades were bullied outside, she didn’t just stand by and watch. She chose to attack directly and knew her limits. At that time, she even reminded the students to protect their faces. Hahaha, this child is interesting.”

The instructor was a soldier. He definitely didn’t like students who hid like turtles.

She was at the prime of her youth. As long as she knew her limits and taught the scum outside a lesson, it was not a big deal. “Also, don’t you think that Ye Jian has the ability to take command? I’m quite at ease with her handling matters.”