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Chapter 1506: Hateful and Disgusting

To retrieve all eight woven bags smoothly, Xia Jinyuan and the rest stayed in the forest for an entire day. When the woven bags were transferred to their hands, even the Special Forces soldiers, who were used to seeing life and death, had red eyes.

“All of them are sealed to prevent any smell from leaking out. Put on the combat uniforms in the backpack and bury the casual clothes on your body. Carry the bodies of the police brothers!” After Xia Jinyuan finished instructing, he started changing his clothes.

The military ordered that the first priority of the Snow Region Brigade was to bring all the police officers back so that their souls could rest in peace. They would carry their comrades who fought for justice on their backs. There was no fear in their hearts!

A few policemen died in the hot weather. Their limbs had turned into white bones. As a forensic expert, K7 couldn’t tell who the bones belonged to. He could only temporarily place them into their military backpacks.

“Have a good trip, brother.”

“Brother, let me bring you home.”

“Thank you for your hard work.”

The three of them took out the white bones one by one. Their expressions were the same as Ye Jian’s. They were extremely solemn and filled their backpacks with respect. K7 touched a piece of the broken bone with his fingers. His thin and handsome face was tense. “It was cut with a blunt ax and sawed with a steel saw. This is the skull. It was once hammered by a heavy object.”

Xia Jinyuan stood up. A cold light flashed in his eyes as he looked at the mountain village filled with smoke. “We can meet them tonight.”

The sun rose. The sunlight dispersed the mist in the forest. Xia Jinyuan and the rest hid their traces and returned to the tree. They waited for the police to arrive.

Ye Jian, who started her day’s activities, finished the most important thing and had no worries anymore. However, she still asked Fu Hui to bring her around the village. The villagers received Li E’s instructions and saw that Fu Hui was always following the unfamiliar girl, so they weren’t as vigilant as yesterday.

Fu Hui was very responsible. This quiet girl wouldn’t ask any questions. She would do everything silently.

Ye Jian liked her personality. She was opinionated, principled, and righteous.

After walking for a while, Ye Jian realized that two villagers had been following her for a long time. When she purposely mentioned that she wanted to go to the hundred-year-old maple land in the village, she saw the expressions of the two villagers who followed her from the corner of her eye. One of the villagers quickly turned around and walked towards the village entrance.

There was still a distance from the big maple tree. A few villagers blocked Fu Hui. They stopped Fu Hui from bringing strangers over to take a look.

“You can’t go any further. She hasn’t become your sister-in-law. Be careful of the Grand Commissioner getting angry.”

“You went out for a day yesterday. Why are you still going out today? Why aren’t your parents taking care of you?”

“Hurry up and bring her home. Don’t go near the door of the Grand Commissioner’s house.”

Chen Jiafu was their faith. They wouldn’t allow anyone to destroy their faith.

Ye Jian’s heart trembled as she looked at the weathered faces and thought about the dead policemen.

She couldn’t understand why they were willing to kill other people for their so-called ‘faith.’ In the end, they listened to their leader and dissected the limbs of the policemen.

On the other side, the villager who turned around and left brought two middle-aged men over. They looked extremely serious as they walked to Fu Hui’s side and spoke in a low voice.

Ye Jian looked at the two middle-aged men who just arrived. When her gaze landed on their waists, she felt sorrow in her heart.