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Chapter 598 - Repay The Debt

Fang Shaohua noticed that she was looking towards him and understood that she was waiting for him.

Thus, he could only thicken his skin and stop his car before hers. He alighted and rushed to explain. "Third Sister, I didn\'t mean to follow you…"

"Brother, you don\'t have to explain." She smiled. "You\'re just concerned about my safety. But don\'t worry, I will take good care of myself."

He hesitated to speak.

She was intentionally taking away the opportunity for them to have a frank conversation, and to avoid the matter from that day. However, he did not wish to shirk it the way she did.

She calmly continued. "Fang Liyin has already been interrogated. However, she was extremely stubborn and refused to talk about Mom\'s location. She said she wouldn\'t say it even if it costs her life and insists that when she arrived at the Fang home, Mom was already missing."

"So, you\'re here to…" Fang Shaohua took in her beautiful features. "Against someone like Fang Liyin, appealing to her logic and feelings is useless."

"I have a method to force her to speak the truth." She lifted the bag of clothes and the make-up kit in her hands.


In a dark, simple prison cell, Fang Liyin was covered in wounds and remained shrunk in the corner.

With Bai Qinghao\'s \'special care\', she had already been beaten up to the point where she was on her last breath. Furthermore, it had been days since she last had any food or water.

All of a sudden, a cold breeze swept through the cell and left her trembling.

There were no windows in this prison cell. How could there possibly be a breeze?

She glanced towards the steel bars in confusion.

With a creaking noise, the steel gate to the cell actually opened on its own.

Heavy footsteps could be heard entering her cell. She tried her best to scan the place but did not see anyone.

Could it be… a ghost?

Fang Liyin instantly turned pale.

"Hahaha… hahaha…" A stern and resentful female\'s voice could be heard. "My sister, I\'m here to see you!"

"You… who are you?" She asked carefully.

"Yinyin, how did you forget your own sister?" The resentful voice laughed. "Your sister has been so lonely in the underworld. Quick, come and accompany me!"

"Ah, you\'re Fang Lilan!" Fang Lilan was the only person who addressed her that way.

Fang Liyin suddenly shrieked in fear. "Someone, come! There\'s a ghost! There\'s a ghost!"

However, it was as though this eerie prison cell had been forgotten. No matter how much she raised her voice, no one came to her aid.

"Yinyin, don\'t be afraid…" A freezing cold hand suddenly touched Fang Liyin\'s face. "It\'s time. Your sister is only here to pick you up for our reunion…"

Fang Liyin clearly felt the freezing cold sensation against her skin. However, the space before her was completely empty. There wasn\'t anyone present. If this wasn\'t a ghost, what could it be!

She trembled and said, "Sister, I was wrong, I was wrong. I shouldn\'t have killed you. Please let me off!"

The air seemed to stop moving for a moment. Fang Lilan suddenly appeared out of thin air. She was dressed in a red dress which she often wore in the past.

Her hair covered half of her face messily. However, her pale white complexion could still be seen. "Why? I took such good care of you that year. I adopted your daughter and gave you so much money. Why did you kill me!"

Fang Liyin watched as the ghost appeared and nearly lost her voice. She shrunk backwards in fear and trembled against the wall. "Sister… I… I… that year, I owed too much money and was forced into a corner.. You helped me to repay several debts, but you refused to help me again. If I didn\'t kill you, I wouldn\'t have gotten the money to repay my debt…"