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Chapter 597 - Dote On Her

Sun Jiamu was frightened by the way his expression suddenly turned scary. "Why are you being so fierce!"

Fang Xinxin tried to mediate between them. "My brother has been in a bad mood for the past few years. Don\'t mind him."

Jiamu recalled that he had been imprisoned for three years and her heart ached for him. "I won\'t be offended by this."

Fang Xinxin then gave Fang Shaohua a stern look. "I\'m warning you, if you show Jiamu an attitude without a good reason, I won\'t talk to you anymore!"

"Hey… that\'s too much." Sun Jiamu rushed to tug on her friend. She did not come to ruin their sibling relationship. "The two of you have been separated for three years. You should take care of each other."

Fang Shaohua took in his sister\'s gaze for several seconds and understood that she was being serious. He immediately gave in. "Xinxin, don\'t ignore me."

Since young, he had doted on her the most and always gave into her. The thing he feared most was making her unhappy.

Xinxin\'s heart instantly softened. "As long as you promise not to be fierce to Jiamu."

Fang Shaohua shot a frustrated glare at Sun Jiamu and then fell silent.

He did not wish to tell his third sister that this woman had bad intentions and was trying to seduce him.

Fang Xinxin saw that he did not protest and took it as a silent agreement.

"About Mom… Does Bai Qinghao have any evidence?" No matter how much Fang Shaohua hated Bai Qinghao, he had to admit that Bai Qinghao had the highest chance of locating Fang Lilan.

Xinxin shook her head. "Fang Liyin refuses to say anything. He said he\'ll try his best to find out about her as soon as possible."

A hint of worry flashed past Fang Shaohua\'s eyes. He said seriously, "Mom will definitely be alright."

His adopted mother had always treated them equally. Ever since they were young, he always had all the things that Xinxin had. At times, they even gave him things that they did not give Xinxin.

To him, his adopted parents, Long Yifan and Fang Lilan, were his birth parents.

"En." Fang Xinxin nodded her head seriously. However, she could not help but have a bad feeling about the whole matter.

Fang Shaohua asked her about several details. For example, aside from the DNA test, how did she learn that his adopted mother had a stillbirth that year? And that she adopted Fang Manxue right after?

Xinxin had obtained the medical records from the incident. She had also visited their old neighbours from back then.

After considering the things their parents previously said to them, she eventually figured out the truth.

In the evening, Shaohua, Xinxin and Jiamu had dinner together.

Xinxin then left as she had things to do. Fang Shaohua did not wish to be alone with Sun Jiamu at home. He also borrowed an excuse to leave.

The moment he left, Jiamu felt that there was no point in staying in the empty Fang villa and could only leave.


Fang Shaohua drove his BMW SUV to follow behind the extravagant Bugatti Veyron.

Fang Xinxin was seated in the car ahead of him. Her chauffeur was Bai Qinghao\'s employee, Tong Yu.

He did not wish to follow Xinxin. However, he had a lot of words he wished to say to her alone.

He was also worried that she would return to the Yu Ting Villa…

He did not want to see her with Bai Qinghao any longer. However, he did not know how to begin talking about this.

Thus, he could only quietly follow her.

He saw that the car was not headed in the direction of the Yu Ting Villa. It seemed like his third sister truly had other matters to settle.

Fang Shaohua could not help but feel ashamed for thinking that she was headed to the Yu Ting Villa.

Fang Xinxin\'s car stopped outside the prison facility.

He was too familiar with this place. He had once been locked up here for three years.

This place was like a shadow that he could not erase.

Fang Xinxin alighted from the car and stood, as though waiting for something.