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Chapter 568 - Expose Her Ugliness

She gestured towards the thick layer of medicine on Fang Xinxin\'s skin. "My third sister\'s face has transformed so much. Even Sichuan\'s specialty performance cannot compare to it. Everyone has seen her face when it was covered with pimples and now when it\'s covered with medicine. Hence, she shall perform her third transformation and remove her medicine to reveal her true, ugly appearance."

Shen Jia, the male host, had been silent this whole time. He finally picked up his microphone to speak unhappily. "Fang Manxue, aren\'t you being too out of line? How can you criticise someone\'s appearance at such an event?"

Fang Manxue was gambling her everything. She was determined for Fang Xinxin to lose her face and be tossed off the position of \'Madam Bai\'.

As someone who had already lost everything, she was fearless about saying and doing these things!

"It\'s a bit too much to say that I\'m criticising her." Fang Manxue put on a helpless expression..

She wasn\'t sure why her face felt a little stiff. Was it because she had put on too much make-up? "Fang Xinxin is Bai Qinghao\'s fiancée. As the future noble Madam Bai, it\'s only right that she should have a deserving appearance. No matter if it\'s our Jing Hua University\'s students, the netizens, or our audiences, which of them would disagree that Fang Xinxin is too ugly for Bai Qinghao? Although I\'m the host, does that mean I should go back on my conscience to speak dishonestly?"

At the thought that an ugly whore had stolen the Bai Qinghao whom she had admired and loved since she was young, Fang Manxue was thoroughly enraged.

She did not hold back her words. "Fang Xinxin is ugly. Even if she has a thick layer of medicine on, it doesn\'t conceal the fact that she\'s ugly!"

When Bai Qinghao heard this, he immediately felt the urge to shoot Fang Manxue to death.

He was about to command someone to drag this crazy woman off the stage.

However, he received a message from Fang Xinxin: [Don\'t worry.]

"Wah!" The audience beneath the stage were overwhelmed.

"What kind of host is this? She\'s actually insulting someone on-stage. She must have lost her mind…"

"She might be a little insane, but Fang Manxue has already slept with Bai Chenxi. Her reputation is also thoroughly ruined. I bet she\'s just decided to throw her entire face away…"

"Although her words are harsh, Fang Manxue\'s performance is much more entertaining than the dance those old ladies were putting on!"

The commotion beneath the stage was relentless. Initially, there were very few people watching the live-broadcast of the event from home. With Fang Manxue\'s interference however, the audience number immediately spiked up.

A lot of netizens were even watching the performance online.

"Senior Zheng Jun, may I trouble you to help my third sister to wipe off her medicine." Fang Manxue\'s pleasant voice contained a hint of excitement. "I trust that our audience present with us today, as well as our dear friends watching our live-broadcast from home must be excited to see exactly how ugly Bai Qinghao\'s fiancée is. They must be full of anticipation to see just how frightening her ugliness is."

She then spoke mockingly to Fang Xinxin. "Third Sister, you definitely cannot try to escape. You\'ll let down thousands of our dear audience."

Fang Xinxin\'s expression was composed and she appeared especially serene and unfazed.

She did not have a microphone and could not speak up.

She couldn\'t possibly raise her voice to scream, could she?

Jiang Xingnan sat in the first row of the audience\'s seats. His gaze was complex as he watched Fang Xinxin.

He recalled the frightening acne that had covered her skin…

He truly could not bear for her to be humiliated by Fang Manxue in front of thousands of audience.

He wanted to go on-stage and to pull her away. However, he also felt that perhaps it was good for her to experience this matter once.

This way, she could finally understand that she truly wasn\'t suited to be Madam Bai.

At the same time, in an apartment in Hong Sheng District, Fang Shaohua sat in his living room and watched as Fang Manxue backed Fang Xinxin into a corner. He truly wished that he could stab Fang Manxue to death!