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Chapter 564 Incest (1)

Gong Yimo’s face turned pale, this day has finally come!

She knew very well in her heart that what is done by night appears by day, Gong Jue……and her, it’ll eventually be exposed one day, but she didn’t expect it to be now!

And Gong Jue, was even more prepared to defy the emperor’s orders and kill him! He clenched his fist tightly! Not now!

Unless he kills all the people here, otherwise, he has to resolve this matter in front of them. Or else, how will his sister live on with her life in the future?

He has to think of a perfect solution!

Gong Cheng laughed out loud, and his face suddenly sank!

“Absurd! My daughter, and my son? Do you really think that just because you’re on the alta, I won’t dare to kill you, to punish you for defamation!”

The man in green wasn’t frightened because of this, “Since I’ve decided to stand up today, I’m not prepared to walk out of here alive! I just can’t bear that this woman is being praised by the world while doing such a disgusting deed, even if I have to die, I have to expose her true colors!”

“Any evidence?”

Gong Yimo raised her brows, she then retracted her feet that were on the wooden altar, looked at him, and asked coldly.


A light flashed through the man’s eyes, and he smiled as he saw the people all listening to him tentatively.

“When you were still in the cold palace, you and Prince Qi were often left alone and slept together. Men and women shouldn’t sleep together after the age of seven, are you telling me that you two are innocent?”

Gong Yimo frowned fiercely.

Without waiting for Gong Yimo to speak, the man continued, “After you got out of the cold palace, your younger brother often came to your bedroom, and stayed for a long time, every time you dismissed all the servants in the back palace, right?”

Every time he said something, everyone’s face turned a darker shade of green, because what he said was the truth! She didn’t think much of it before, but now that he pointed it out, it did seem really suspicious!

“Later, to save your lover, you didn’t even hesitate to head to Xizhou to save him, and was seriously injured. Who here doesn’t know that your brother, Prince Qi, was the one who took care of you, and he even cut his own flesh to rescue you, is this simply just love towards a family member?

After that, when Prince Qi returned to the capital, he even locked you in the manor. Even if there was nothing going on between the two of you, god knows what the both of you are up to in the manor? Prince Qi hasn’t gotten married yet, it’s because of you! “

“Shut up!”

Gong Yimo didn’t expect that he would be so disgusting and distorted all of it to this extent, but what he said was the truth, and everyone there couldn’t help but start to think!

Even the Emperor had nothing to say. Back then, Gong Yimo desperately went to save Gong Jue, could it be because they had something going on between themselves?!

“Why can’t I?”

The man in green sneered, “You’re allowed to do these things, but no one is allowed to talk about it? Such a filthy person is worthy to be on this alta?”

Seeing Gong Yimo’s gloomy expression, Gong Jue just wanted to cut this person into eight pieces! He couldn’t hold back any more, and signalled at the Forbidden Army below, to surround him. Killing him now is the best way!


At this moment, Jin Yun suddenly stood up!

He looked at everyone below and sneered, “I am the second prince of Yuheng. When Mo’er left the country for three years, she was with me. I know her best! She’s definitely not this kind of a person!”

The man in green snorted, “So, she slept in your bed too? Are you expecting me to believe that in the past three years, when you two were left alone in a room, nothing happened between the both of you?”