Rebirth: Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife - Chapter 634 - Strange Circumstances (2)

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Chapter 634: Strange Circumstances (2)

Old Madam’s heart ached as she looked at her daughter.

“Yuying! It happened so many years ago, please forget about it. Why should you continue to long for a swindler? Our Qiao family’s daughter can have any man she wants. Why must you set your heart on that bastard?”

Qiao Yuying was devastated. Her grief had not lessened even after so many years.

“Mother, it’s my child whom I grieve for the most. My child! Whom I bore for nine months before I gave birth to her. Do you know how much I looked forward to her birth?”

Qiao Yuying’s eyes reddened and grew moist. “I already did my best to protect her, so why did I end up losing her in the end? I can accept the fact that Gu Yunshen deceived me, but why wouldn’t he give me the child?”

A strange look flashed across Old Madam Qiao’s face. Up until now, her daughter had assumed that she had not managed to keep the child. She and her husband had always kept the truth from her.

At the time that they brought their daughter away, their daughter had woken up hazily once before they left the country. The child had already vanished, so she simply told her daughter that the child had died.

Her daughter had made a big fuss and wanted to look for Gu Yunshen. She and her husband could not bear to deny her, so they risked it and sent someone to make inquiries.

That was when they found out that Gu Yunshen was married and had children.

This strengthened her resolve to tell her daughter that the child had died, hoping that this would help her to leave this incident behind her.

A pity she had not foreseen that after so many years, her daughter still had not set the past aside.

Now, Old Madam Qiao sometimes regretted her decision. If she had known, she would have taken good care of the child. After all, their family could afford it. Forget about that bastard Gu Yunshen. At least the child had Qiao family blood in her veins.

And she was a young girl!

Among their grandchildren, they only had boys but not a single girl. If they had kept the child, their family would be much livelier now.

Old Madam Qiao deeply regretted it and felt very guilty.

Now, she did not know whether to tell her daughter that the child had survived but had… vanished!

Old Madam’s heart ached for her daughter. She hurried to console her. “Don’t be sad anymore, all right? Yuying! You’re still young! You might still have children in the future. Please cheer up!”

If she had a chance to go back, she would certainly look for the child. If someone had deliberately stolen the child, then… the person who had stolen the baby girl must be someone who liked girls?

Perhaps the child was still alive?

All these years, Old Madam had secretly prayed that the child was leading a good life.

This incident had emotionally crippled Qiao Yuying. Every time it came up, it could not be resolved. Besides grief, there was only more grief.

Qiao Yuying calmed herself down and suppressed her sorrow. Then she said, “Mother, it’s late. You should be resting!”

Old Madam Qiao pursed her lips, but she left.

When she got to her bedroom, Old Madam hung her head, clearly deeply distressed.

Old Master Qiao was sitting up in bed and he frowned when he saw her like that. “Ying Ying is still the same?”

Old Madam Qiao nodded.

The Old Master sighed. There was nothing he could do!

Old Madam walked over to him and said remorsefully, “It’s all our fault. If we were calmer and paid a little more attention to the child, she would not have been lost!

“If the child was not lost, and we raised her ourselves, she would be an obedient and mature young girl by now. Our family is full of smelly boys. I’ve been longing for a granddaughter for years.”

Old Master Qiao’s heart also ached at the thought.