Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home - Chapter 598 The Initial Battle of Jinshen

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Chapter 598 The Initial Battle of Jinshen

Hearing Deng Jiao\'s words, Zhang Liufang was so surprised that she couldn\'t close her mouth. She was stunned and said, "Wha...what? Li Yundong is your classmate? You, you used to..."

Deng Yu said straightforwardly, "Yep, I used to be a freshman at Tiannan University. Li Yundong was my senior."

Zhang Liufang\'s face was full of shock. She thought to herself, "The two Sword Souls that Uncle Master Zhang Ling chose still have the memories of their previous lives? No way! By rights, the Sword Souls of the great Sanjue Formation should have removed their memories of the previous life! How could this be?"

Although Deng Jiao was introverted, she was sensitive. She soon noticed Zhang Liufang\'s strange behavior and could not help becoming a little alert.

Deng Yu didn\'t notice anything at all. She looked at Li Yundong in a daze and said with emotion, "I didn\'t expect... he is a cultivator, and he is so powerful!" As she said this, Deng Jiao was about to rush up to Li Yundong and shout.

However, as soon as Deng Yu moved, she felt someone pulling at him gently. Deng Yu turned her head and saw her sister looking at him, Deng Jiao, who shook her head slightly.

Although Deng Yu was confused, she still shut her mouth automatically because she knew and trusted her sister.

She quickly rolled her eyes and said to Zhang Liufang, "Senior Sister Liufang, what should we do now?"

Although Zhang Liufang was filled with doubt, she still temporarily suppressed her thoughts. She shook her head and said honestly, "I don\'t know. Let\'s wait and see. It\'\'ll be okay with Master here."

At this time, Zhang Kongyun also walked onto the field. When the surrounding Taoist priests saw him coming, they immediately breathed a sigh of relief and whispered, "Well, Martial Uncle Zhang is here!"

Zhang Kongyun frowned and walked up to Zou Ping. He looked around and asked in a deep voice, "What\'s going on?"

Zou Ping gritted her teeth and looked at Li Yundong, saying indignantly, "How should I know? As soon as I got back here, I saw these two guys hanging on! Damn, Li Yundong is too arrogant!"

Zhang Kongyun usually behaved like a naughty overgrown child, but at this time, his face was full of anger, and he shouted in a low, dignified voice, "Nonsense! Why haven\'t you let them down yet? Don\'t you want to let others watch the fun? Have you no shame?"

Zou Ping said with an ugly face, "How can I help them? There are so many people watching already and they\'re several meters up! You want me to fly up in front of everyone?"

Zhang Kongyun said angrily, "How did Li Yundong even get them up there?"

Zou Ping\'s become more and more embarrassed under Zhang Kongyun\'s scolding. "How should I know? I saw those two guys like that when I got here!"

Zhang Kongyun snorted and said to Zou Ping, "Have two people go to the side and prepare to get them down."

Zou Ping didn\'t know what Zhang Kongyun was going to do, but she knew that her Youngest Uncle possessed amazing magic and great power, so he would naturally have a way to get rid of these two people. She quickly turned her head and whispered a few words into the ears of the two Taoist priests beside her.

The two Taoists nodded and ran quickly to either side, staring at the Taoist priests above who looked like corpses.

Zhang Kongyun didn\'t seem to be very lucky. He glared at Li Yundong and stamped his foot slightly. His stomp seemed inconspicuous, but with that one small motion, the mountain suddenly began shaking violently!

The tourists around them immediately shouted in a panic, "It\'s an earthquake! An earthquake!"

The two Taoists hanging on the cornice were shaken and fell down immediately. The other two Taoists waiting below caught them steadily.

They checked the pulses of these two people and immediately felt relieved, then nodded to Zou Ping.

Zou Ping also breathed a sigh of relief. She turned to Zhang Kongyun and said, "Younger Shishoo, you\'re amazing!"

Zhang Kongyun snorted noncommittally. "Are they all right?"

Zou Ping sneered and said, "Even if you gave Li Yundong ten times the courage, he wouldn\'t dare to do anything to the people of our sect!"

Zhang Kongyun smiled disdainfully and said, "Do you have a screw loose? How dare they hang out with the people of our sect in front of the world!"

After that, he ignored Zou Ping, whose face was turning a blotchy blue and white, and walked up to Li Yundong. He looked him up and down and asked, "Are you Li Yundong, also known as Super Li?"

Ever since Zhang Kongyun had appeared, Li Yundong\'s attention had been focused on him. With a smile on his face, he cupped his hands and said, "I wouldn\'t dare to call myself Super! I am Li Yundong. I haven\'t asked your name, senior."

Zhang Kongyun saw that Li Yunyang\'s smile was gentle and his tone was modest. He didn\'t look like the kind of ruthless person who could humiliate a major sect in front of so many people.

Zhang Kongyun frowned and asked, "Who am I? It doesn\'t matter. What\'s important is... how dare you be so presumptuous here? Do you know where you are?"

Li Yundong smiled and said, "Of course I do. This is the sacred place of Taoism. It is the Zut Ting of a sect. It is known as the center of the world\'s Taoism. It is equivalent to the Jerusalem of Christianity, Mecca of Islam, or the Mount Wutai of the central plains of Buddhism!"

Zhang Kongyun said with a face full of anger, "Since you know, how dare you be so arrogant? Insulting our sect in front of mortals? Do you really think that you are invincible in this world and can just bully us as you please?"

In the face of Zhang Kongyun\'s stern questioning, Li Yundong smiled and said, "Qianbei, if it were you who came to Mount Longhu sincerely and wanted to see the leader of the sect, but you were rejected maliciously and provoked by the Taoist priests, who would even go so far as to take the initiative to attack, what would you do?"

Zhang Kongyun was stunned. "Could that even happen?"

At this time, Su Chan, who had been snuggling up to Li Yundong, cut in, "Yes, I can testify that the tall Taoist guy is a baddie. He sneak-attacked my Yundong!"

Zhang Kongyun immediately pulled a long face when he saw her. He snorted in his heart, "Humph, seductive spirit, how can I trust your words? Wang Yuanshan was bewitched by a spirit like you, and that\'s how he ended up how he did!"

Zhang Kongyun\'s face was gloomy. He didn\'t even look at Su Chan and said in a low voice, "Zhenren Li, even if the people of our sect started the fight first, are you going to humiliate us like this? Don\'t you have a leader\'s temperament?"

Li Yundong said with a smile, "I wanted to talk to them, and I tried to give in again and again. In the end, they went too far. Therefore, I had no choice but to put them up high, so as to let them really see how high the sky is and how high the earth is. They forced my hand."

He suddenly changed the topic and continued, "Besides, I came here with sincerity to resolve the previous conflict with the Zhengyi School. I wanted to see the leader of the Zhengyi School, but I didn\'t expect that the Zhengyi School would treat their guest like this. Is it the way of this sect to treat guests so rudely? I saw a pair of hanging couplets at the foot of the mountain, which said, \'Pray thousands of times, and everything is sincere.\' May I ask, why did I come here so sincerely?"

Leader Zhang Kongyun could tell that although Li Yundong\'s words were superficially easy to deal with, there were needles hidden in them, and he was not good at arguing. Zhang Kongyun frowned and said, "Our Sect Leader is indeed meditating in seclusion. I can guarantee you this! Moreover, once our Sect Leader comes out of closed-door meditation, there will be Dragon-Tiger Qi coming out. It is impossible that no one in the whole sect would notice it!"

Li Yundong saw that Zhang Kongyun was serious, and he couldn\'t help but doubt in his heart. "Is the Leader of the Zhengyi School really in seclusion? Then last time, the master of Lightning Retribution phase...was it just a Yang Spirit body of the head of the Zhengyi Sect who was in seclusion? No way. If it was only the Yang Spirit but it had the power of the Lightning Retribution phase, then... wouldn\'t that be too horrible? What\'s worse, who was the other master of the Lightning Retribution phase of the Zhengyi Sect?"

Li Yundong thought for a moment, sighed slightly, and said, "In that case, I\'ll be rude. If the head of the Zhengyi School comes out of seclusion someday, I\'ll come to visit him again."

Seeing that Li Yundong and Su Chan wanted to leave, Zhang Kongyun took a step forward and blocked their way. He said in a low voice, "What? You want to leave?"

Li Yundong raised his eyebrows and said in a challenging tone, "Oh? You want to keep me here?"

Zhang Kongyun said in a deep voice, "Zhenren Li, you humiliated our sect in front of so many people. If I don\'t get back at you, how will the other cultivators of this world treat us?"

Su Chan couldn\'t hold her indignance in any longer and shouted, "It\'s you who provoked us first!"

Zhang Kongyun glared at Su Chan and shouted in a low voice, "You little fox demon, how dare you be so impudent on Mount Longhu! Shut up!"

Zhang Kongyun\'s angry roar contained the jinshen Yuanqi of the Xuanmen Sect. The thick, pure Yuanqi in his body rushed out and shook the air around him.

The Demonic Qi in Su Chan\'s body was shaken by Zhang Kongyun\'s Zhenqi of the Xuanmen Sect. She was so shocked that she almost revealed her true body in front of so many people.

Fortunately, when she had been cultivating with Li Yundong, she had already had a glimmer of Yuanyang Qi in her body. When the Yin Qi in her body almost came out, the Yuanyang Qi immediately grabbed the Yuanyin Qi steadily like a tree root, pulling it down little by little.

A few faint fox skin patterns appeared on Su Chan\'s body in an instant and the corners of her eyes flashed!

Su Chan hadn\'t expected that Zhang Kongyun would shout at her in a low voice and almost force her to reveal her true body. She was shocked and immediately hid behind Li Yundong in horror, saying in a trembling voice, "Yundong, this guy is so powerful!"

When Zhang Kongyun saw that Su Chan had only made a slight appearance, she immediately returned to her original state. He was secretly shocked and sneered, "So it\'s the Seven-tailed fox spirit! No wonder you dared to come to Mount Longhu! How courageous you are! Apart from the Mystical Silver Fox and Ao Wushuang, you are the third fox spirit who has dared to step onto Mount Longhu. Humph, you can\'t leave today!"

Zhang Kongyun had once had a close relationship with Wang Yuanshan, and they had been best friends, but because of the appearance of Ao Wushuang, the friendship between them had begun to fracture. Zhang Kongyun had tried very hard to persuade Wang Yuanshan to return, so that he would give up Ao Wushuang, the fox spirit, and come back to the Xuanmen Sect. However, Wang Yuanshan had resolutely betrayed the sect and left, so the friendship between them had come to an abrupt end.

When Wang Yuanshan had been lured back to Mount Longhu by Yan Fang, it was Zhang Kongyun who had used him as bait to trick Wang Yuanshan. Even Wang Yuanshan had been caught by Zhang Kongyun himself!

Zhang Kongyun still remembered clearly the scene when his best friend had cut off his robe with him, so he subconsciously had a strong hatred and rejected the fox spirit!

In Zhang Kongyun\'s eyes, if Ao Wushuang hadn\'t appeared, Wang Yuanshan would have become the best cultivator in the world! Wang Yuanshan\'s future could be said to have been buried at the hands of Ao Wushuang, the fox spirit!

Zhang Kongyun didn\'t know that Su Chan was Ao Wushuang\'s disciple, but he hated Su Chan as well and attacked Su Chan regardless of her identity.

However, just as Zhang Kongyun moved, Li Yundong stepped in front of Su Chan. He sneered and said, "Senior, it\'s not appropriate for you, a powerful cultivator, to attack a young girl, is it?"

When Zhang Kongyun saw Li Yundong blocking him, he suddenly sneered and said, "Well, I also want to see how strong you, Super Li, are! Since you just hanged a disciple from our sect, I\'ll let you have a taste of the feeling of being hanged too!"

As he said this, he took a deep breath, and suddenly there was a cracking sound of joints all over his body. He stamped his foot, and two clear footprints appeared on the black bricks under his feet like they were made of cheese. The footprints went straight to his ankles. Mount Longhu seemed to be being trampled by a giant. It shook violently, and the palaces and pavilions on it shook alarmingly.

A terrible force gushed out of Zhang Kongyun\'s skinny body and rushed toward Li Yundong. He sneered and said, "Get up!"