Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home - Chapter 597 He Is My Classmate!

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Chapter 597 He Is My Classmate!

Deng Yu and Deng Jiao flew all the way to a Taoist temple on the side peak. They saw that the temple in front of them was much more shabby than the Taoist master\'s mansion. Even compared with the Linggong Sect Taoist temple in the Zi Yuan, it was much worse.

Deng Yu stood in front of the stumpy, shabby Taoist temple cob wall and patted the rusty iron ring on the wooden door. She called out in a clear voice, "Shibo Zhang, Shibo Zhang, are you there?"

Before long, a girl\'s voice rang from inside, and a few moments later, the wooden door was opened with a squeak. A young, lovely girl came out and curiously looked at Deng Yu and Deng Jiao.

This girl was none other than Zhang Liufang. She asked curiously, "Who are you? Why are you looking for my master?"

Deng Yu craned her neck and peered through the crack of the door. She smiled and said, "I\'m Deng Yu, and this is my sister, Deng Jiao. We came here under Shijie Zou Ping\'s orders to find Shibo Zhang Kongyun."

Zhang Liufang\'s eyes lit up, and she opened the door, which let out another squeak. She said happily, "Are you the sword souls of the San Jue Zhen? You are so beautiful. And... are you twins?"

Deng Jiao\'s cheeks turned a little red upon hearing this praise, but Deng Yu smiled and accepted the compliments. Deng Yu smiled and said, "Yes, we are twins! Is Shibo Zhang here? We want to ask him for help."

Zhang Liufang stepped out of their way and enthusiastically went forward to hold Deng Yu and Deng Jiao. While curiously observing their differences, she pulled them inside and said with a smile, "My master is inside. What do you need him for?"

Deng Yu smiled and said, "It\'s not us who are looking for him, but rather Shijie Zou Ping."

Zhang Liufang asked with a smile, "Shijie Zou Ping? Isn\'t she on duty today? Why does she want to find my master? Haha, isn\'t she afraid that master will be too stinky and make her feel sick?"

Both Deng Yu and Deng Jiao asked curiously, "Is your master stinky?"

Smiling, Zhang Liufang pointed to a small red wall not far away and said, "Yes, my master is planting vegetables and he\'s using dung as fertilizer. It\'s so smelly. If you don\'t mind, you can go and find him. After all, I don\'t especially want to go there myself." As she said this, she seemed to recall the bad smell and quickly covered her nose with her hands.

Deng Yu and Deng Jiao looked at each other. As girls who liked the cleanliness, they seemed to suddenly feel that a foul scent had permeated the air when they heard this kind of thing. They were hesitant for a moment.

But at this time, a loud shout came from behind the wall of the Taoist temple. "Hey, you, big nose! Let me go! Let me go!"

Zhang Liufang suddenly burst into laughter, then she covered her mouth and said. "Haha, that foreigner is troubling my master again!"

Just as Deng Yu and Deng Jiao were feeling puzzled, they saw Zhang Kongyun fly out of a corner of the wall angrily. He was holding a wooden dipper in his hand, and a tall man with blond hair and blue eyes was gripping his thigh tightly. He kept shouting, "Master, master, let me be your disciple!"

This foreigner was John. Zhang Kongyun had the power of jinshen, but he didn\'t dare to use it on John. He was afraid that if his Zhenqi surged, it would stimulate John\'s injury and cause it to worsen.

Zhang Kongyun dragged John a few steps, only to see that John was like a hemp bag, clutching at his thigh tightly with both hands. He was being dragged all the way, but he was still not willing to let Zhang Kongyun go.

Zhang Kongyun was so angry that he couldn\'t help laughing. He raised the wooden dipper in his hand and threatened loudly, "Hey, if you don\'t let me go, I\'ll pour dung on you!"

However, on John\'s face was a deep smirk. He cocked his head and opened his mouth, looking like he was waiting to be fed!

Zhang Liufang, who was standing to one side, was so disgusted that she almost retched. She looked at John incredulously and said loudly, "Hey, you can\'t eat that! Why are you opening your mouth? Aren\'t you afraid that master will really pour it in? He\'ll do it, you know!"

However, John seemed to be turning a deaf ear to her. He opened his mouth wildly and shouted, as if what Zhang Kongyun was holding in his hand was the most delicious food in the world, and he was full of expectation!

Zhang Kongyun\'s eyes were so wide that his eyeballs were about to fall out of their sockets. He stared at John angrily for a long time before he put down the wooden dipper in his hand and said, "Well, I\'ve lost to you. I wouldn\'t dare to pour dung on you. Is that okay? Let go of me! Let me go!"

Deng Yu and Deng Jiao had been in Mount Longhu for a long time, so they well knew that Zhang Kongyun was a low-key but extremely powerful cultivator of the Zhengyi School. When they saw that a powerful cultivator like Zhang Kongyun was being so thoroughly embarrassed by a blond-haired, blue-eyed foreigner, they burst into laughter.

Zhang Liufang also guffawed. She giggled and said to Deng Yu and Deng Jiao, "This foreigner is a little out of his mind. I brought him here. He\'s really fun and has troubled master a lot these days!"

John saw Zhang Kongyun talking to him, so he suddenly grinned and said, "Master, let me be your disciple!"

Ever since Zhang Kongyun had brought John back, his life had been a mess. This big-nosed man seemed to be full of energy and pestered him day and night, constantly asking him to be his master. However, at this time, John\'s Qi was in a mess, so he didn\'t dare to do anything to him for fear that his injury would be aggravated.

Zhang Kongyun looked at John, feeling a headache coming on. He couldn\'t help complaining to Zhang Liufang, "Hey, damn girl, are you just watching the fun? This big-nosed man was normal just now, why is he crazy again now? Come over and help me get rid of him!"

Zhang Liufang laughed and pulled a face at Zhang Kongyun, saying, "Master, I can\'t help you either! He\'s hugging your thigh so tightly that I can\'t pull him away. He is very tough!"

Zhang Kongyun said angrily, "I don\'t care. You can use any means at your disposal! Just help me get rid of him as soon as possible. This is not proper!"

Zhang Liufang giggled and said, "Master, since he wants to be your disciple so much, you ought to just accept him!"

Zhang Kongyun\'s eyes widened. "Nonsense, how could I possibly accept a foreigner as my disciple?"

Zhang Liufang said with a smile, "It doesn\'t matter. Anyway, it\'d be a good method for you to deal with him. Maybe if you accept him as your disciple, he won\'t bother you anymore."

Zhang Kongyun thought for a moment but still shook his head. "No, no. How could I mess around with accepting someone as a disciple? It\'s not a joke!"

Zhang Liufang shrugged at him and said, "Then I can\'t help you." As she said this, she turned to Deng Yu and Deng Jiao and said, "You see? Master can\'t go out now. Otherwise, as a jinshen master of Zhengyi School, he\'ll be laughed at as his thigh is being hugged by a foreigner who refuses to let go."

At this time, Deng Yu and Deng Jiao looked like they wanted to laugh but didn\'t dare to. They held back their amusement and their shoulders trembled a little. Deng Yu said, "Shibo Zhang, Shijie Zou Ping is really in a hurry. Why don\'t you go and have a look first?"

Zhang Kongyun rolled his eyes. "How could I do that? Can you show me a way?"

Deng Yu immediately bit her lip in embarrassment, and Deng Jiao beside her suddenly said softly, "Shibo Zhang, Zou Ping said that you promised Shibo Zhang Ling that if that person really came to Mount Longhu, you would take action."

Zhang Kongyun was stunned for a moment. "I promised Shijie Zhang Ling? What did I promise her?" As he said this, he turned his face and looked at Zhang Liufang in confusion. "What did I promise her? What do you mean?"

Zhang Liufang thought for a moment before asking tentatively, "Was she talking about Super Li?"

Zhang Kongyun suddenly thought of something, and his eyes lit up. "Super Li? That guy is so bold that he would dare to come to Mount Longhu? Hey, girl, is Zou Ping talking about that guy?"

Deng Yu said in a clear voice, "I\'ve no idea. Could it be him? Shijie Zou Ping seems to be very afraid of him."

Zhang Kongyun chuckled and said, "Zou Ping is a girl who has always thought highly of herself, but she only thinks highly of Zhang Tianhe. No other guy is taken seriously by her. It must be this guy who had got her so afraid! Well, I\'d like to meet him. Since he dares to deliver himself to my home, I\'ll go and have a look!"

He had just begun to move when he felt his feet sink. He saw John raising his head and looking at him with a silly smile on his face, shouting, "Master, Master!"

Oh yeah, there was such a burden by his side. He had almost forgotten!

Zhang Kongyun was disturbed, and he spat angrily, "I\'m not your master! Let me go!"

Hearing these words, John\'s face was full of horror, he put even more strength into his arms and shouted, "Master, don\'t leave me behind!"

Zhang Liufang couldn\'t help laughing and said, "Master, just accept him. It\'d be a laugh for me to have a foreigner as a Shidee!"

Zhang Kongyun\'s expression was contorted in pain. He tentatively said to John, "Hey, how about I temporarily accept you as my disciple for a month? After a month... you won\'t be my disciple anymore. Is that okay?"

Zhang Liufang was so angry that she laughed aloud. "Master, you\'re lying to yourself! How could he understand your words? How can you bully a fool?"

But John\'s expression was suddenly full of joy. He quickly nodded and said, "Okay, okay, Master, Master!" After that, he immediately released Zhang Kongyun\'s thigh and kowtowed on the ground before him.

Seeing that he had finally let go, Zhang Kongyun suddenly breathed a sigh of relief. He pointed at John and said, "In the future, you are not allowed to stand behind me and then suddenly latch onto my thigh! That\'s the first rule, understand?"

John nodded, his head bobbing like that of a chicken pecking at the rice. "Yes, yes, I understand, Master!"

Zhang Kongyun nodded with satisfaction and said, "In that case, I\'m going out now. Stay here and guard the house, understand?"

John was shocked and immediately hugged Zhang Kongyun\'s thigh again, shouting, "Master, take me with you!"

But this time, Zhang Kongyun was prepared, so how could he let John catch him? He quickly moved and appeared outside the Taoist temple in an instant. He shouted to Deng Yu and Deng Jiao, "Why don\'t you go now?"

Deng Yu and Deng Jiao came to their senses as if they had just awoken from a dream. They followed Zhang Kongyun and ran out in a daze.

Zhang Liufang also ran out with a grin as she looked back at John. She saw him run a few steps after Zhang Kongyun, then fall to the ground and burst into tears like a child.

Zhang Liufang burst into laughter and shook her head. She waved to John and said with a smile, "Hey, big-nose, guard the temple carefully, we\'ll be back soon!"

Because there were a lot of tourists on Mount Longhu at this time, Zhang Kongyun and the others did not dare to risk flying, so they just shuttled along the mountain path.

Deng Yu ran while asking Zhang Liufang, "Shijie Zhang Liufang, who is Super Li? Is he very powerful?"

"Haha, finally someone calls me Shijie. I\'m so happy! Now you\'re here, I\'m no longer the youngest disciple of the Zhengyi School!" Zhang Liufang giggled, but when she thought of Li Yundong, her face suddenly showed admiration. She nodded and said, "Of course that guy is powerful! It\'s a pity that you didn\'t participate in the Taoist assembly! Super Li defeated the masters of all the sects of the Taoist assembly alone, and finally, he defeated Tachibana Wakako, who is the goddess of Zhenyan Tantrism. He saved face for our Chinese cultivation world through the easily-won battle without much effort. How could he not be powerful? Think about it. If he wasn\'t powerful, why would the cultivation world have given him the nickname of Super Li at that time!"

Deng Yu asked curiously, "I know that Shijie Zou Ping seems to hate that guy, but Shijie Zhang Liufang, why don\'t you hate him too?"

Zhang Liufang sighed and said, "Because Shijie Zou Ping loves Shishiong Zhang Tianhe. She has been secretly in love with him for a long time, but Shishiong Zhang Tianhe has secretly fallen in love with Zhenren Zi Yuan. However, Zhenren Zi Yuan has been hanging out with Super Li all day long, which makes it seem like they have a good relationship! Ah, what a complicated mess! It seems that Shijie Zou Ping is destined to be unable to be happy!"

Deng Yu asked again, "What about you, Shijie Liufang? Do you love him?"

Zhang Liufang said without hesitation, "Of course! It\'s enviable enough that Super Li is good at fighting, but the most rare thing is that he is a man of affection and righteousness. As the saying goes, it\'s easy to find priceless treasures, but it\'s hard to find a loving man! If I ever had such a boy who loved me, I would be very happy!"

Deng Yu and Deng Jiao looked at each other, and they became ever more curious about Super Li. Deng Yu tentatively said to Zhang Liufang, "Well... Shijie Zhang Liufang, could you take us to see him later?"

Zhang Liufang giggled and said, "Don\'t call me Shijie Zhang Liufang anymore. It\'s weird. Just call me Liufang. I was very happy to hear you call me Shijie just now."

Deng Yu also smiled and nodded. "Fine, Shijie... Liufang, I will come with you to have a look later, is that okay? I remember that Shibo Zhang Ling wouldn\'t allow us to wander around. If she finds out that we are going to the main courtyard of the mansion, I\'m afraid she will be angry."

Zhang Liufang was in a good mood. She giggled and said, "Don\'t be afraid. I\'m here. It\'s okay!"

The three girls chatted and followed Zhang Kongyun quickly all the way. Before long, they came to the front of Mount Longhu\'s Taoist master\'s mansion. At this time, the front of the mansion was full of tourists, and a group of people was pointing at the roof curiously.

Zhang Liufang looked over and immediately took a deep breath!

There was one Taoist each on both sides of the cornice of the building. These two Taoists were hanging in the air like clothes and not moving at all.

Zhang Liufang was struck dumb and asked, "What\'s going on?"

At this time, Deng Yu and Deng Jiao also exclaimed, "Who did this? It\'s an outrage!"

Zhang Liufang said in a daze, "Could it have been Super Li? I\'m afraid that he is the only one who would have the guts and ability to do such a thing."

Zhang Kongyun was also slightly angry at this time. He snorted and looked at a boy in the field.

Zhang Liufang saw a handsome boy standing with an extremely beautiful girl. They were surrounded by the Taoists of the Zhengyi School, but these two of them talked and laughed as if there was no one around them. Those Taoists glared at them, but didn\'t dare to make a move.

Zhang Liufang immediately pulled Deng Yu, pointing and exclaiming, "Look, that\'s Super Li!"

Deng Yu and Deng Jiao looked in the direction she was indicating and suddenly shivered. Deng Yu blurted out, "Isn\'t that Li Yundong? He, he is Super Li?"

Zhang Liufang said strangely, "Yes, Li Yundong is Super Li! Do you know him?"

Deng Jiao was also shocked. She said in a light tone, "He is my classmate!"