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Chapter 2479: Not in the mood


Ji Ziming felt a little helpless. These things should not be Gu Heng’s concern, yet she was constantly worrying about them.

Ji Ziming felt especially sad when he saw the White hair on Gu Yu’s head.

“Son, you must save Ge Ge, okay? I don’t know what that bastard Shen Feng wants to do, you must not let him off. ”

Gu Mo’s sudden words made the man feel a little helpless, and his father’s expression turned a little odd at his words.

Immersed in the atmosphere of missing PEI GE and his grandson, Gu Yao did not notice the man’s father’s strange behavior.


“Mom, I know what I’m doing. Don’t worry about this, understand?”

He sighed. No matter what, his family must not fall into chaos. If it did, perhaps some people would be secretly happy.

Probably because Ji Ziming’s words were effective, Gu mo immediately nodded.””Son, I know. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have said that to Liu Lina.”

“It’s just that PEI GE has suffered, you know? If she comes out this time, we must treat her even better and not let her be unhappy in the slightest, understand?”

Gu Yao felt like she owed PEI GE a lot, especially when she thought about how she was being used by others while she was pregnant.

If she could change it, she would have really wished that she could replace PEI GE.

‘Mom, I won’t let her suffer. Trust your son, okay? She’s safe now, and Shen Feng still has a conscience and didn’t do anything to her. ”

“As long as we speed up, it won’t take long. Trust me.”

Ji Ziming kept saying this, but he did not feel confident at all.

Shen Feng was an unfathomable person. Who knew what he would do? moreover, she couldn’t just go over rashly.

If he angered Shen Feng, something might happen to PEI GE as well. This was not something he wanted to see, so he could only wait quietly.

He believed that, one day, when he brought her back, he would settle this matter.

“Let’s eat. The food is cold. It’s useless to talk about this. ”

Father Ji could not help but blurt out. He looked at the two with a hint of guilt and embarrassment on his face.

His actions only deepened the man’s suspicions because his father was never like this.

If not for the fact that he knew it would not happen, he would really think that the man had been replaced.

Hearing his father’s words, he could not help but think in that direction. He had to answer the questions in his heart.

Gu mo looked at father Ji and could not help but frown for some reason.

The atmosphere between the three of them suddenly became extremely strange.

Ji Ziming, in particular, had a helpless look on his face. He believed that Gu Heng must have thought that his father was talking too much and was disturbing him.

However, father Ji was probably thinking about Shen Feng right now.

“Mom, don’t blame dad. He’s probably worried about PEI GE, so he’s acting like this. Let’s eat.”

He could not help but say this. He did not want to help his father and did not want the family to remain silent.

The mood of the three people at the meal was particularly depressed, and each of them had their own thoughts.

After the meal, Ji Ziming got up to leave. Gu mo was reluctant to leave and scolded Liu Lina several times.

She blamed her for causing her family to be separated and even blamed father Ji for being useless. Otherwise, things would not have turned out this way.

The two of them did not express their opinions and only comforted Gu Yu.

When Ji Ziming returned home, he was surprised to find that Liu Lina was still not back. She had always been waiting for him at home.

No matter what happened, she would hand it over to others to handle. She had almost nothing to do.

Now that Liu Lina was not back yet, he was naturally very worried. He was not worried about her safety but about what she was up to.

This woman’s ability to stir up trouble was too great. If he was not careful, he might be tricked by her.

Feeling a little uneasy that she was not home yet, he quickly took out his phone to call Liu Lina.

However, no one picked up. Ji Ziming called a few times, but Liu Lina did not pick up. In the end, he could only give up on the call.

She started to worry that Liu Lina might not be able to hold herself back and do something to PEI GE. She might have other thoughts about the contract that she did not agree to earlier in the day.

As he sat on the sofa, countless thoughts flashed through his mind, but he eventually snuffed them out.

After some time, he finally heard the door open. Liu Lina had duplicated a set of keys for him after she arrived.

Hence, the person who had returned must be Liu Lina. Ji Ziming’s face darkened as he looked over and saw the woman who had just entered.

She seemed to be drunk as she walked unsteadily. She came in, took off her shoes, and threw them out. Then, she walked towards the sofa.

Although she looked like she was walking, she was actually staggering. Ji Ziming frowned. She actually went out for drinks?

Although he was annoyed, he did not show it on his face. Who knew if Liu Lina was pretending? he had to be fully equipped to deal with this kind of woman.

“Liu Lina, where have you been?”

Ji Ziming stood up and looked at Liu Lina, who was walking toward him. His face was solemn and unhappy, just like a man who could not wait for his wife to come home.

Liu Lina laughed at his reaction and pointed at him.””I … Drank, so I’m back now, Ziming.”

Her voice was gentle, and even when she was drunk, she was still mumbling. However, Ji Ziming did not feel anything at all. His patience was all for her.

If PEI GE was drunk today, Ji Ziming’s heart would definitely ache for her, but he found Liu Lina annoying.

“Women shouldn’t drink so much. Go to sleep.”

He could not be bothered to say anything else and could only send her to bed.

However, how could Liu Lina allow that? she immediately fell toward the man, and he reached out to catch her with a face full of anger.

He really wanted to push this woman away, but Liu Lina seemed to have lost her strength in her drunkenness as she wrapped herself around him like an octopus.

Her breathing was a little uneven as she wrapped her arms around his neck and grinned.””Ziming, I’m not sleepy. I just want to talk to you; can I?”