Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith - Chapter 2596 - Split Soul! (4)

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Chapter 2596: Split Soul! (4)

“Mu Chengying slowly ascended the stairs of the tall tower used for offering sacrifices. You, Guardian Jun, and the others were chasing behind him, trying to stop him but all of you were sent flying out of there.”

“Later on, Mu Chengying stood on the altar with a peaceful-looking face. His hand was holding on to the Veracious Warrior Sword and pointed the tip to the sky as he chanted a mantra…”

“I wanted to hear badly what he was chanting but those mantras were too lengthy and he was chanting way too fast. My consciousness was still blurred so not to mention memorizing it, I found it hard to even hear him clearly. Until the end, a bolt of heavenly lightning came crashing down from the sky and landed on the huge array above Levitation Sword Palace’s Thousand Sword Array, then it struck directly onto Veracious Warrior Sword’s tip!”

“That heavenly thunder was menacing and the power was astounding. It was like a divine power that only Heavens could possess, had landed into our mortal world.”

“I was scared stiff and tried my best to open my mouth to speak. I wanted to ask Chengying to escape quickly… but, later on, I couldn’t do anything about it. The lightning flashed past my eyes and I instantly lost consciousness. When I regained my consciousness again, I had already absorbed a great amount of Profound Energy and my advancement had already entered the last stage…”

Huang Yueli showed a sad face and she stopped for a moment, seemingly trying to control her breathing.

After a short moment later, she continued, “Anyway, back then my conscious still wasn’t fully awake. Although I could still faintly recall the images in my mind after my advancement, somehow it didn’t feel genuine. It was like I had a nightmare. Later on, whoever knows that from that day onwards, I started dreaming of the same thing every single night! There was one night when I woke Li Moying up, and he kept asking me what happened!”

Liu Buyan was suddenly enlightened when he heard that, “No wonder after your advancement, you didn’t shift back to stay with Li Moying. Instead, you had been in closed door cultivation in Marquis Bai’s courtyard. I thought that you were really trying to lift your ability and you couldn’t even bother about your husband. So… you were afraid of him discovering your secret!”

Huang Yueli nodded, “That’s right. After I had the nightmare, I tried probing Moying several times. I was hoping to find out what he did after my self-explosion back then. But every single time, he would divert this topic away… But my dream kept repeating itself. Even the fine details like the clothes that you guys were wearing could be seen clearly. But every single time when I dreamt of the instance when the heavenly thunder struck, I would be awoken from shock!”

Saying that she lifted her head and looked at Liu Buyan with a determined and resolute tone.

“Senior Brother, I know something must have happened since I’ve dreamt of this! Am I right? Moreover, the dream revealed your existence so you must be present back then! What happened exactly? Please tell me!”

Liu Buyan wasn’t like Li Moying. His character had been relatively gentle and when he faced Huang Yueli, he was always on the weaker end.

Basically, as long as it was something that Huang Yueli wanted, he wouldn’t be able to reject her at all.

Huang Yueli was rather confident this time. She thought that she had already come over to ask in person, so Liu Buyan definitely would tell her the truth.

However, Liu Buyan stayed silent for a moment. Then he resolutely shook his head, “No way, I cannot tell you!”

Huang Yueli’s brows creased as she asked in disbelief, “Why?”

It wasn’t that he didn’t know, but he couldn’t tell!

The difference between these two words seemed the same, but the content that was conveyed made a great deal of difference.