Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith - Chapter 2552 - Left without saying goodbye (3)

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Chapter 2552: Left without saying goodbye (3)

Li Moying was much calmer than she was. He patted her back and said, “Li’er, cool down. Haven’t you already expected your father to do such a thing long ago?”

Huang Yueli was still looking terrible as her anger had not been extinguished yet, “I’m just making preparations for the worse cast scenario! These few days, Father’s attitude had been very calm and I assumed that he had thought things through. I thought that he was prepared to have a discussion with us to save my mother. Whoever knew that… he actually chose to slip away on his own! Does he feel that his daughter can’t help him at all?”

Li Moying shook his head and said softly, “I can understand what Father-in-law is thinking. If I were him, I would probably make the same decision…”

“You….” Huang Yueli was stunned as she lifted her head to look at him.

“To your Father, your Mother is very important and that goes for you as well. He couldn’t possibly put you in danger just to save your mother. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have agreed to return to Sky Emperor City with us, and see you get married with his own eyes before he is assured. Isn’t that so? If we have an adorable princess in future, I wouldn’t agree to let her take any risks too….”

Li Moying’s pitch black pupils were filled with tenderness.

Huang Yueli gazed into his eyes and she pouted her lips after a while.

“Of course I know that Father is unwilling for me to take any risk… but has he ever considered the fact that I would be worried about him as well? Lord Zhan’s ability is so strong, and he has the backing of Sacred Phoenix Race, one of the God clan bearing ancient inheritances. No one knows just how many secluded top exponents is there in Sacred Phoenix Race and how many mechanisms and traps will there be… Father went there alone, it’s practically impossible for him to save mother at all!”

Li Moying sighed silently as well, “Father-in-law really hadn’t considered this carefully. But this also represented that he was actually lying to us when we were in Northern Ice Fields.”

Huang Yueli nodded, “That’s right. Looks like when Snow Phoenix Palace suddenly rose to the top, it shouldn’t be as simple as what Father said, but a kind of extremely urgent sign. Because of this, when Father saw the situation back then, he immediately consented to our marriage. All this was because he wanted me to settle down so that he could take the risk alone to save Mother!”

Li Moying nodded slightly, “It should be so. Father-in-law… he’s really given a lot of thought into this!”

Although Bai Liufeng kept picking on him on every single thing, but Li Moying didn’t disliked this Father-in-law at all.

Because he knew clearly that Bai Liufeng really loved Huang Yueli dearly, hence he thought over everything for her in all aspects.

Having a father like him, who pampered Li’er as much, was a good thing.

Huang Yueli gave a low sigh, “Father is indeed very good to me, but… sigh, are all men with such powerful abilities all so full of themselves?”

Li Moying couldn’t comprehend what she was trying to say at first but after a short blank, he quickly understood her meaning.

Huang Yueli’s words was not just referring to Bai Liufeng only, but him as well!

Powerful abilities, but also full of himself…

Alright, he admitted that he was indeed like that. His protective instincts were too over, but this really was a basic instinct.

Seeing such an adorable little fox, who wouldn’t want to pamper her?

Li Moying rubbed his nose, not daring to answer her.

Huang Yueli thought over this deeply for a while and turned her head to ask, “We had already arranged someone to secretly follow father some days ago…. Will there be any problems?”

“You’re not assured on how I handle things?” Li Moying’s eyebrows rose.