Power and Wealth - Chapter 572

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Chapter 572: 572

Chapter 572: Repaired!


The sun is setting, and the temperature is dropping.

Dong Xuebing passed by Ping An Subdistrict’s area on his way home and saw Cheng Yandong and his team members inspecting the neighborhoods. The inspection will last two days, and Chu Qinghua and his staff are following them around.

“Good evening, Sir. How do you feel about this place?”

“Not bad. The staffs here are quite friendly and helpful.”

“Did you face any problems during your stay here? Do you have any areas which you are unhappy about?”

“I have no problems here. This place is as comfortable as my home.”

“Oh, sorry to disturb your dinner. We will walk around.”

Every resident in the nursing home gave positive feedbacks when asked by the Inspection Team members.

Guang Ming Subdistrict Family Quarters.

Dong Xuebing returned home and knows this is his opportunity to snatch the nomination from Ping An Subdistrict, and it might be his only chance. He cooked a bowl of sesame sauce noodles for dinner and sat in his room with the clear plastic bag. He poured the jade pieces on his bed and slowly pieced them together.

Dong Xuebing pieced the seven jade fragments together to form the pendant.

Dong Xuebing took a deep breath. He had used REVERSE to repair a glass but had not tried it on jade. He doesn’t know if his power will work on jade. He rubbed his palms and covered the jade pieces with his hands. He focused and stared at the back of his hands.

Let’s start!

I hope it will work!

Dong Xuebing membered REVERSE under his breath!

The time starts to countdown. REVERSE is in effect!

Dong Xuebing can hear a few broken pieces joining back in an instant!

The first piece and the second piece merged!

The third and fourth pieces almost merged!

Dong Xuebing is excited. The pendant is 50% repaired!

Creak… creak… creak….

Finally, the pieces of jade stopped moving.

Dong Xuebing used two seconds of REVERSE because every second can return the status of an object to one day before. He wanted to be safe and waited for a few more seconds before deactivating REVERSE.

But the result is not what Dong Xuebing imagined.

When Dong Xuebing lifted his hands, he saw the pendant was not fully repaired. There are two cracks, and some parts are chipped!


Why is this happening?

Why is the pendant not fully repaired?

Dong Xuebing did not expect this to happen. If REVERSE cannot work, the rest of the pieces will not be joined together. But REVERSE had worked, and all the pieces had joined together now. Why is there more than one crack? What’s the difference between REVERSE and those antique repair shops?! He can just use super glue to glue all the pieces back!

What’s wrong?

This should not be happening with REVERSE!

This was a severe blow to Dong Xuebing, and he thought hard about it. Suddenly, he thought of a possibility. He kept the pendant in his pocket and grabbed his keys and wallet. He ran downstairs to his car and drove to Mei Zhuang Nursing Home.

The entrance of the nursing home.

A few elderly are at the entrance. Some are taking a walk, and some are practicing Taichi.

Dong Xuebing looked around and saw the area where the pendant was shattered. It is around ten to twenty meters from the pavement.

This is the place!

Two old men, who were practicing swords, looked at Dong Xuebing. “What are you doing, young man?”

“Oh, I dropped something when I passed here earlier.” Dong Xuebing replied. “I am here to look for it.”

The two old men continued with their sword practice and ignored Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing walks over and kneels. He fell around with his hands, and something caught his eyes. He saw tiny greenish crystals among the dirt. Cheng Yandong must have missed these tiny bits, and that’s why there are cracks. There should be more microscopic bits among the dust which cannot be picked up.

Dong Xuebing confirmed his guess. The cracks are the results of missing tiny jade pieces!

Dong Xuebing looked around and noticed no one was looking at him. He took the pendant from his pocket and placed it on the ground before covering it with the jade dust particles. REVERSE!

One second….

Two seconds….

The dust particles are too small to be seen, and Dong Xuebing used REVERSE for a few seconds before stopping!

REVERSE deactivated!

After that, Dong Xuebing picks up the pendant from the ground. He noticed some people looking in his direction, and he quickly returned to his car. Before taking out the pendant, he got into his car and looked around to ensure no one was looking at him.

Dong Xuebing checked and felt the pendant thoroughly.

All the cracks and chips had been filled, and it felt smooth. There’s not a single scratch on it, and it is perfect!

Dong Xuebing is overjoyed!

Hahaha! REVERSE is effective, after all!

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