Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane! - Chapter 781 - I Dreamed of the End of the World!

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Chapter 781: I Dreamed of the End of the World!

Meng Chao was dumbfounded when he heard it.

He really did not expect there to be such a shameless person in the world. No, it was a shameless monster mastermind.

It actually said that it had committed countless unspeakable crimes, but it could flip it around 180 degrees like it was alright!

“In other words, all of your hostility has only been directed at the rulers of Dragon City, the nine mega corporations?”

Meng Chao said with a scowl, “Then, those ordinary prospecting team members who were killed by the White Spirit; those ordinary soldiers and university students who were almost killed by the Red Radiance Jade craze; those ordinary citizens who took the subway to work but died tragically upon being devoured by Giant Sandworms; those ordinary guests who died tragically during the attack on Noble Descent Hotel; those who were controlled by the Demonic Abyss Eye; those innocent people who were transformed into deformed monsters by the Blood Flower spores and the new zombie virus; those who died amid the chaos in the Lair; those who were killed by the robbers who took the Deification Capsule; those soldiers and basic officers who died during the beast horde’s attack, as well as those mid-to low-level superhumans who died tragically in the Hidden Mist Domain in the past 10 days to half a month, how do you explain their deaths?”

The Tree of Wisdom was silent for a long time before it finally spoke slowly. “In the jungle, every small ecosystem is often made up of thousands of species. From fungi, moss, grass, shrubs, towering trees, herbivores, carnivores, to all kinds of monsters, their mutual engulfment, restriction, and transformation together maintain the balance of the entire ecosystem.

“However, sometimes, due to abnormal weather conditions or genetic mutations, a species will stand out. It will expand and multiply crazily, overfilling its niche.

“It may be the crazy growth of some kind of moss that covers the entire jungle and takes away the nutrients of all the other creatures.

“It may also be some kind of monster that has gone crazy and killed all the animals in its hunting range. On its own, it won’t live long in the jungle that has been completely wiped out.

“It could also be some kind of plant that has suddenly evolved a highly toxic characteristic, continuously shooting poisonous spores in all directions and killing all the plants except itself. Without plants, animals wouldn’t be able to survive.

“No matter what, a dominant situation would lead to the imbalance, collapse, and destruction of the entire ecosystem. Thousands or even millions of species wouldn’t be able to survive.

“If we want to avoid the end of destruction, we can only destroy the dominant species before the critical point arrives.

“Usually, the best method adopted by nature is to release a Skyfire and use its raging flames to purify the jungle that has lost its balance and is heading toward destruction.

“I don’t deny that many innocent plants and animals will die from the Skyfire.

“Despite that, after being reborn in the jungle, all species will be pulled back to the same starting line to compete. It won’t be long before the jungle will recover its vitality and become lush again. Hundreds of flowers will bloom and be full of vitality.

“With the colorful flowers and branches around, birds and animals will reappear, flourishing much more than in the past.

“However, if you are soft-hearted in the beginning and refuse to release this Skyfire, you can only watch as the dominant species expand endlessly, slowly squeezing the living space of other species. In the end, most species will die miserably as if they were suffocating.

“I have seen many similar tragedies in the jungle. Therefore, although I cherish the lives of all the living beings on this land, including the lives of all the citizens of Dragon City, as much as you do, I still threw the Skyfire at Dragon City without hesitation because no one knows better than me that there is a price to pay for being reborn from the fire!”

These words caused Meng Chao to burst into laughter.

He laughed so hard that he squeezed out tears that were as hot as lava.

“I often hear people say such words, ‘whatever it takes,’ but every time, the one who pays the price is not the one who says it. Don’t you think it’s strange?”

Meng Chao stared at the Tree of Wisdom and gripped the Golden Tooth Blood Soul Saber tightly.

“Meng Chao, it seems like you still don’t know anything about what’s going to happen…”

The young girl on the wisdom tree revealed a helpless expression as she smiled bitterly, “You must think that I’m a cruel, bloodthirsty, inhumane devil who treats human lives like grass. In order to realize my dream, I wouldn’t hesitate to sacrifice the lives of thousands of people as a ‘price,’ right?”

Meng Chao sneered, “Isn’t it?”

“On the surface, it seems to be.”

The wisdom tree said indifferently, “But what if these people were meant to die?

“What if I tell you that I can… see that Dragon City will be destroyed in the near future, and nearly 100 million citizens of Dragon City will die without a burial place? I only brought forward the death of a few million people, at most 10 million people, in order to prevent the destruction of Dragon City and save tens of millions of people, so that the fire of human civilization can continue to burn in the other world?”

Meng Chao’s pupils suddenly constricted.

This was the first time he had been caught off guard in the battle of thoughts with the Tree of Wisdom.

For a moment, he suspected that the tree of Wisdom’s razor-sharp neural currents had penetrated through his memory palace, broke through all of his mental defenses, and peered into the deepest secrets of his brain.

However, from the brain cells to the memory layer to the depths of his soul, the alarm he had set did not budge.

The mysterious “flame seed” did not react to the invasion of the XENOGENEIC power at all.

This was enough to show that the wisdom tree’s prying into his brain was still at the lowest level. He deliberately let the other party see the invalid information.

However, how did the Tree of Wisdom know that dragon city was about to be destroyed? How could it “see”!

“You… What nonsense are you talking about?”

Meng Chao pretended to be angry to hide his shock, “Today, Dragon City’s soldiers are strong and strong, and they are thriving day by day. As long as we completely destroy the monster civilization, we will be able to completely occupy all the resources in Monster Mountain Range. Our civilization will advance rapidly, and we will reach another level. In the entire foreign world, there will be no power that can stop us. The torrent of steel from Earth will definitely plant the war flag in every corner of the New World!

“How can such a Dragon City be destroyed? How can you foresee the future and see its destruction?”


The girl who looked like a golden millennium laughed sorrowfully. Her green face showed an expression that said, “I’m the only one who’s awake.”.

Behind it, tentacles swayed, light and shadow changed, and the wisdom tree bore many fruits.

She gently picked an apple that was as red as blood and placed it on her open palm.

“Everyone can see the future.”

It patiently explained to Meng Chao, “If I let go now, you don’t have to look to see that the apple will fall to the ground.

“If I let go from a high place, the image of the apple falling to pieces will even appear in your mind.

“If it had not been an apple but a little sheep and a hungry, bloodthirsty beast, you would know that the little sheep would have turned into a pile of bloody bones in less than three to five minutes.

“Similarly, in Dragon City, there are various plans for the future development of the civilization. Many people can tell what Dragon City will look like in five, ten, or twenty years.

“Your family’s superstar resources have laid out a lot of inexplicable industries in advance. Meng Chao, wasn’t this also a decision made under the prescient guidance of you, Superman?

“From this perspective, the logical deduction ability of intelligent life is originally a kind of prediction ability for the future.

“The larger the amount of data currently input, the stronger the logical deduction ability, and the higher the accuracy of prediction.

“My main body has the ability to expand the neural network and connect with countless carbon-based intelligent beings to collect data through these ‘terminals’.

“And through the history of the Peach Blossom Town, I have constructed a model about the rise and fall of civilizations. Although the scale of the model is not large, it can be used to extrapolate the future of a larger-scale human society, such as Dragon City.

“As my ‘Scouts’collected more and more data from Dragon City, I continued to adjust, optimize, upgrade, and expand the model, adding a lot of algorithms and formulas.

“In my mind, the future of Dragon City became clearer and clearer.

“I kept calculating, thinking, and judging. For a few years, I completely stopped expanding to the outside world. Instead, I was wholeheartedly extrapolating the future of Dragon City and the surrounding areas, including the Peach Blossom Town.

“My computational ability kept expanding and gradually reached its limit.

“And I put all my resources into it. At the same time, I mobilized the brains of countless spiritual beasts and connected them to the neural network, doing the most crazy calculations together.”

The girl continued.

From the branches of the wisdom tree, countless shining lines that seemed to be virtual nerves extended out.

Thousands of lines crisscrossed, forming a neural network that blotted out the Sun.

The neural network gradually curled up and turned into a crystal clear brain that seemed to be trembling slightly.

The girl that looked like a golden millennium sat cross-legged in the virtual brain. Her expression was half solemn and half confused.

Under her closed eyelids, her eyeballs spun crazily. She was muttering something, but she could not hear clearly what she was saying.

Suddenly, the young girl opened her eyes, and a soul-stirring light burst out from the depths of her eyes.

“Finally, one day, something incredible happened. I seemed to have… ‘enlightened, enlightened’and saw the future!”

Meng Chao took a deep breath and swallowed hard. “What… What did you see?”

“In a trance, I had a dream.”

The girl and the Wisdom Tree said at the same time, “In the past, I never dreamed. At most, I saw mottled, fragmented dreams deep inside the brains of the spiritual beasts and human beings that I connected with. Even the city of light, which was perfect, was brought here by the Golden Millennium.

“This was the first dream that completely belonged to me.

“But it was a nightmare, the most terrifying nightmare.

“I see that the entire sky is burning.

“I see countless enormous balls of light falling from the Sea of fire.

“I see that all the jungles in the monster mountain range, whether they are natural primitive jungles or urban jungles built by humans with metal, glass, and cement, have all been flattened by the devastating shockwaves.

“All living beings, be it human beings or monsters, be it snakes, insects, rats, ants, fungi, or bacteria, were annihilated.

“Trust me, Meng Chao. In this nightmare, I saw the end of the world