My Vampire System - Chapter 1895: Dad and daughter

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Chapter 1895: Dad and daughter

For once, Quinn felt like he was on a type of break. In a sense that he wasn\'t rushing off to be anywhere. Because no matter how quickly he completed his job, he would still be either waiting for Chris to come back with some information, or for Alex to be done with making something with the crystals.

Which was why right now, he was just enjoying the public transport that would be used to head from one place to the next.

Quinn wasn\'t traveling alone on this trip, he had taken Minny with him. She was practically attached to his hip ever since he came back, even more so after Jessica and Lucia left, because now the only person she had was her father.

The two of them were on what was known as a space train. There were these beams of energy tracks that could be turned on from Green city, that would take a large group of people to the planets in the same solar system, and currently they were heading off to Mars.

Everything was so different to what Quinn remembered, in his time, one couldn\'t even live on the planets, yet they had all been terraformed and regulated to try and create perfect conditions similar to that on earth, so life could be sustainable there.

Even a train going through space was strange. At the moment, he was sitting in his seat, and looking at Minny who was staring out of the window opposite her.

"It\'s so pretty outside, everything is so pretty." Minny said with a giant smile on her face. He was happy that she was happy.

After hearing her story, with how she had the shadow taken away from her Quinn felt partly guilty. She should have never gone through something like that. Yet she had done so, and it was because of him.

Even though Quinn had originally given her the shadow powers so she could protect him whenever possible, it had somewhat backfired on him.

\'I wonder, why did Bliss want me away from everything?\' Quinn thought. \'I thought I understood her point, but in the end I still came back. Doesn\'t she have the ability to see the future? So surely she should have known that I would come back.\'

Quinn was starting to imagine that maybe it was Bliss\'s plan. To face against other celestials in order for him to grow and gain more power, if she was really on the side of humans, then it would make sense.

It lined up with what Sil said as well. In how he had seen celestials attacking Earth. If that was the case then maybe everything Quinn experienced would be for the future.

"Dad, stop thinking about all that stuff, we are on holiday!" Minny said.

The small vampire was right, and for Quinn it should be a time for him to relax his mind. Just then down the alleyway, there was a train attendant pushing a trolly with a bunch of snacks and more.

"Would you like anything from the cart, little miss?" The woman smiled.

"Yes yes, I am on holiday so my dad will get me as much juice as I want." Minny replied.

Now Quinn knew why she was claiming that it was a holiday, it was an excuse for her to have as many juice boxes as she liked.

When bringing out the juices from out of the tray. There was a specific one that was wrapped in metal and had a picture of a blood droplet in the top corner. Minny recognized it well and pointed.

The reaction from the attendant wasn\'t the best, even though she was trying to keep her composure, Quinn could hear her heartbeat change as she grabbed the juice and placed it on the table quickly moving her hand.

"I hope you have a nice day." The woman said with a shaky voice as she continued going down the rest of the train.

\'This is another problem that won\'t be solved overnight. It\'s quite unbelievable that after a 1000 years of humans knowing that vampires exist that the relationship between the two are like this. Is there a way to solve this?\' Quinn thought.

Eventually, the train had come to an end, and lifting Minny up, Quinn carried her on his shoulders. She wasn\'t tired, Minny was a strong vampire and had the stamina of one, but she enjoyed the tender moments like this.

When exiting from the train though, once again Quinn could see the attendant talking with the others with their hands covering their mouths and although he couldn\'t see. He could hear.

"I can\'t believe she is a vampire! The poor thing."

"Poor thing? That thing is just a monster that uses our blood to survive. I can\'t believe we even take clients like that on the train. I heard the young ones can\'t even control themselves, what would they do if they attacked everyone on the train.

"If it was up to me, I would throw them off the train and into space."

The one speaking was a male attendant, and although the females somewhat agreed they didn\'t feel that strongly against such a thing. The man let out his frustration with a large sigh, and when he turned around, he could see Quinn standing there and in his hand was a little girl.

"Usually I would let things pass by." Quinn said. "But I have had a chance to view the world. You are brave enough to say those words when you think others can\'t hear you, and you may think that they do no harm but they have angered me greatly.

"I am hoping to create a better world for my daughter to live in, and while there are people like you in this world that isn\'t possible, which is why I\'m going to give you one order."

Quinn\'s eyes started to glow red and he looked directly at the man.

"Since you have a cruel and dirty mouth, I think this will teach you a lesson. You are not to say a word to anyone for an entire year."

At the same time, Quinn had his hand pressed on the man\'s shoulder, the standard Qi that everyone had learned to avoid the influence skill wasn\'t working, he had taken it away.

What Quinn had used was the influence skill, but it had been a while since he had used it in this way. Usually he would use it to just get information. It was very rare he could give orders, and he could only do so if they were mentally weak among other things.

The person in front of him was no one special. Otherwise they would have never been in a job like so. Honestly Quinn wasn\'t even sure if this would work, but he knew it would at least work for a while.

After saying these words, the man attempted to say something, but something in his head had caused his mouth to stay shut. He looked to the two by his side and attempted to talk again, shaking them, greatly.

Then, when turning around to try and get the person to reverse what had been done to him, both Quinn and Minny were away. After going through a few checks here and there, the two of them were now at the central Mars train station.

It was largely open and flourishing as people came in and out, but what was strange to see as before was the walls and different Zones that had been built everywhere.

"Hey, we\'re on a new planet, let\'s go to a fun fair, and go on rides and drink more juices!" Minny shouted in joy and was jumping up and down.

Quinn had set up a meeting with Andy, or at least informed him he was coming, but there was no set time, so he believed that maybe he could treat Minny to those things, but as they walked through the exit, there were many people holding up signs with several names on them.

That\'s when Quinn spotted a particular sign amongst the crowd that had the words BB on it.

\'Are they here for me… and how do they know that name, or is it just a coincidence?\' Quinn thought.



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