My Vampire System - Chapter 1224 The Clothed Dalki

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Chapter 1224 The Clothed Dalki

One of the major issues with using the Demon tier amulet was that Quinn was unable to see through the eyes of those that were Marked, while also seeing through his own vision. He could switch who he had full control over and then see from that person\'s point of view, but not all of the Marked visions were shared.

This meant Quinn didn\'t know what Vincent was currently doing, and neither did Vincent. Still, they both knew where the other was and what they were attempting to do. Which was why Vincent never expected such a vast amount of energy to leave his body.

At first, it was gradual, but the fighting was over in the Shelter, so Vincent wasn\'t really worrying too much. He put on a brave face and ignored it, counting to act as he had been doing. However, soon the energy started to ramp up, so much so until his legs felt like jelly.

If it wasn\'t for the fact that the Dalki had already been dealt with, and the others were nearby to help, Vincent would have left at the first sign of his energy being drained. It would have been too risky to continue fighting if Quinn needed the power.

\'Quinn, what is happening to you at the moment for you to have to use this much energy?\' Vincent wondered.

In a way, using the Demon tier amulet and borrowing energy from himself. Quinn could get a Dalki to the point where it was nearly as strong as his own body. The Dalki already had its own standard strength. If Quinn wanted, he could transfer close to ninety percent of his energy, which he was doing now.

However, the Dalki wouldn\'t have Shadow powers, beast gear, or Qi. Only Quinn\'s skills and strength. With this thought, Vincent predicted that Quinn would only have to use this much energy if he was to go up against a four spike, as they had done.


A little while ago, Quinn with the two Dalki by his side, had spotted a lone Dlaki by the foot of a volcano, standing just beneath the mothership. It was a strange sight to see because even after waiting a while and observing its actions, he could see they just stood there in the same place.

\'There are no Dalki ships as well. Did they clear them all? Or maybe they placed them closer up the Volcano closer to the mothership.\' Quinn thought.

Seeing how things were, the quickest way to get to the Dalki ship was to head straight for the Volcano. Walking around would take a considerable amount of time, especially without his shadow travel.

\'If the Dalki spots me and we get into a confrontation, I can use him to tell me where the other ships are.\'

With no pods or ships, the Dalki had no way to return back to the mothership. Unless the mothership itself landed. He was sure that there had to be more, other than the few he had fought. Nethereless, Quinn soldiered on thinking there had to be a way.

\'I can still do it. I don\'t need to overthink what is happening. The more time I waste, the higher chance I have of failing this quest. I just need to take down the Dalki mother ships.\'

It was then that the strange clothed Dalki had spotted the three of them, and that was when it had made its first move. Quinn could see what happened as if it played in slow motion. It was a single leg. That was all it took for the clothed Dalki to cover the distance between the two of them.

It lifted one up as if he was going to go for a walk but suddenly jumped using the power of a single leg. It was in the air and soon directly in front of Quinn and the two others.

"You Dalki," Graham looked them up and down. "I don\'t recognise the two of you?"

After these words, things started to move too fast for Quinn to be able to react to the situation. One of the Dalki by his right side had been grabbed by the neck. Its power, useless in front of whoever this was.

\'Two of us?\' Quinn started to think as it was the first time he had heard these words. To humans, a lot of the Dalki features and Dalki looked similar to each other. It was only once in a while where they would come across one with something distinctive.

The fact that Quinn\'s plan had worked so well meant one of two things. The Dalki didn\'t really pay attention to those that they were working with, or they too struggled to identify between each other.

"Did you two put him up to this?" Graham asked, looking at the other two for answers. "I thought it was strange our ships were going down rather quickly. I thought it might have been a specific individual, but there was also another option. I just never thought I would see it. The day that a Dalki could be convinced to move over to the other side. Of course, it could be an ability of some sort, but that\'s what I\'m here to find out."

A smile appeared on his face, and everything inside of Quinn was screaming danger. The Dalki\'s life in front of him was soon to die, so Quinn did what he thought would be best. To use the energy drain feature of the Dalki.

\'I didn\'t get to test out the energy drain, so I\'m not really sure this will work, but I can only try.\' Quinn thought.

The Dalki that was being held soon started to feel weak. The strength in its limbs and eyes were disappearing from its body until eventually it had gone limp. Its life was gone. The good news was, as Quinn stood there, he could feel the surging energy of the Dalki inside of him.

He knew that energy could be taken and given to the one with the amulet. Still, he wondered if power from the other Marked could be passed onto other Marked, and it seemed his little test was successful.

He took note that the Dalki had died, just as the system had stated, there was no way to drain energy from one of the Marked without draining all of their energy. With this newfound strength, Quinn threw out a punch as hard as he could towards the strange Dalki.

\'Let\'s see how strong it is first, and then I can decide if I need to get energy from my own body or from the other Dalki.\' Quinn thought.

The fist that was thrown out was quickly grabbed by Graham. It was in the palm of his hand, and Graham hadn\'t even moved an inch from his spot.

"Oh, this is very interesting, that punch just now. Was it at the level of a top tier two spiked Dalki? Yet, you still only have a single spike on your back? Is this some type of mutation? I guess you are the important one in this little group. I have some questions for you."

Quinn tried his best to move his hand, but it didn\'t seem to be working. The strength was too much. Even when fighting the three spiked Dalki on board the ship, using this much energy was enough.

\'I guess I\'m just going to have to borrow a little from my own body.\' Quinn did so while quickly switching his full control to the other Dalki.

The energy was being transferred into the first one. Changing full control, Quinn was directly behind the clothed Dalki, and had jumped up, performing a spinning kick towards the head.

The kick had landed, and even the impact was heard, but just like before, the body hadn\'t moved, and this was when Quinn could finally see it and could tell straight away why. Sticking out from the back of the clothing, he slowly counted each spike.

\'1…2..3..4..5 a five spiked Dalki, here of all places!\'

The Dalki that had just attacked and the one Quinn was in control of at the moment had its leg grabbed.

"Something is off. If you were really Dalki? Then surely you would have known that such weak attacks would have been useless against me." Graham said.

The next second, the leg on the other Dalki had been pulled from its body. It felt like there was no resistance at all. Similar to a human pulling off a leg off an ant.

It was then Quinn made the quick decision to drain the energy from the Dalki and give it to the one to itself as well.

\'What is going on, a five spiked Dalki? What do I do?\' Quinn struggled to think. There were a few options, but he didn\'t have the appropriate time to think them through. The Shelter behind him still had humans and those from the Cursed faction. If the mother ship wasn\'t destroyed, then they were unable to leave through the teleporters.

Quinn would be fine, but it would mean abandoning all the people and the Shelter. At the same time, if he used the energy from his body. Would it mean Vincent could no longer help the others?

Due to him not being able to think clearly, the only thing he thought at that moment was that he needed to use all the strength he could muster to take down the Dalki in front of him. He had the power of three single spiked Dalki running through his body at the moment, and was drawing the energy from himself. He didn\'t know how strong he could get, but he just had to defeat what was in front of him.

Now with all the strength in his body and having returned to the original Dalki who had its fist grabbed, Quinn performed a thigh kick. The strongest thigh kick that a Dlaki had ever produced in its life.

Just moving his feet from the ground, the rubble was dragged up with it, the wind felt like it was shifting with the entire kick, and it had landed perfectly on the clothed Dalki\'s leg. To others, it would have sounded like thunder.

The second it connected, the strength in the clothed Dalki\'s hands had loosened. Quinn used this opportunity to pull back, jumping away.

\'I can do it. I can fight with this body!\' Quinn thought.

Looking up again, Quinn this time, could see his head had been grabbed.

"You are interesting, very interesting. I\'m going to be taking you back with me." Graham smiled, unhurt and unfazed by Quinn\'s power.


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