My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots - Chapter 1042 - The Man Who Rose In Ranks Because Of The Woman He Married

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Chapter 1042: The Man Who Rose In Ranks Because Of The Woman He Married

“I’m sorry, for Nuannuan to be so noble, the blood flowing in her body belongs to us in the Nangong family. You… don’t come licking over here and we’ll stop dishing out face-smacks!”

Zhong Kuijun’s eyes bulged in disbelief.

“Wh… What? The… Chairman of Tianheng… Holdings?”

“Not only that, but our Nuannuan owns many other businesses. Even Duke Eton, the richest man in Luntan, said that the main reason he could earn so much money was all because of our Nuannuan!”

Zhong Kuijun, “…!!!”

In the past, he failed to cherish Nangong Yu, the daughter of the richest family in Camino, even though she was right in front of him. Eventually, he worked together with Jiang Shuwan to kill Nangong Yu just so they could obtain her massive inheritance that amounted to 2 billion.

In the past, his daughter once returned to their house with a pure heart, but he treated her badly and looked down on her because he thought she was a child who had returned from the farming district.

There was only regret left in Zhong Kuijun now.

Now that the young masters of a prestigious family and the head of a first-tier wealthy family stood before him so blatantly, Zhong Kuijun only started regretting not appreciating everything he had after the truth was out.

How great would it be if God gave him another chance to start over!

Zhong Kuijun looked at Zhong Nuannuan angrily and hissed maliciously, “Nuannuan, do you honestly think Chi Yang is sincere to you? Hehehe… You still don’t understand men well. Chi Yang is the same as me. We both come from poor families. He took a fancy to you probably because he already knew your identity. In addition, I gave you such good looks. Those are the only reasons he’s so devoted to you. Let me tell you, when he’s successful, he’ll definitely be the next me. So, I advise you to cut ties with him as soon as possible and find a man of equal social status. He’s not suitable for you at all.”

Zhong Kuijun was imprisoned mostly because of Chi Yang, so he hated Chi Yang with a vengeance.

Whenever he thought about how Chi Yang, who came from a poor background like himself, could become the grandson-in-law of the Nangong family while Zhong Kuijun was sentenced to death or life imprisonment, Zhong Kuijun was furious.

Therefore, he absolutely refused to see Chi Yang and Nuannuan together. He did not want to see them happy together. On what basis did he, his father-in-law, become a prisoner while the title of the Nangong family’s son-in-law fell into Chi Yang’s lap without having to do anything?

“Who told you we’re the same? Who said I got together with Nuannuan because of her family background?”

He had no plans of coming in to see Zhong Kuijun. After all, even though this man was disgusting, he was still Nuannuan’s biological father. However, never did he expected the disgusting man to sow discord between him and Nuannuan, even going to the extent of claiming that they were the same kind of person.

This forced Chi Yang to step forward.

The moment Chi Yang entered, the eyes of the young comrade from the justice department lit up.

In the past, he had always admired Captain Chi Yang. It was only after the spies in Jiang District were captured that he realized that the instructor of Jiang District’s special forces was also the chief instructor to Hawk.


That was the most elite among all special forces! It was Camino’s proudest special forces.

As the chief instructor of Hawk, Chi Yang must be—a lieutenant general!

He was at the same level as their Commander-in-chief!

“Greetings, Commander!”

When he saw Chi Yang walk in, the staff from the justice department called him commander. Zhong Kuijun sneered and looked at Nuannuan. “See? He became a commander at the age of 26. Why do you think he got promoted so quickly? If the Nangong family didn’t help him, do you think he could’ve become the Deputy Commander-in-chief of the military base at the age of 26, eh? Am I right, Major General?”