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Chapter 1041: Daughter Of A Wealthy Family

After that, Zhong Kuijun and Nangong Yu got married, but Jiang Shuwan killed Nangong Yu out of jealousy. He wanted to sue Jiang Shuwan, but Jiang Shuwan threatened him with photos of their wedding.

“Dad, I really didn’t sign a marriage certificate with Jiang Shuwan. We just treated the villagers to a banquet. You have to believe me. Yu’er is the woman I love the most in my life. How could I—”

Before Zhong Kuijun could finish his sentence, the three men with severe sister-complex punched Zhong Kuijun in the nose, chest, and stomach respectively. Zhong Kuijun collapsed onto the bed and was stunned for a long time.

“W-why did you hit me… Do you think I won’t be sad after losing Yu’er? Yu’er is truly the one I love the most in my life…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Nuannuan’s three uncles rushed over angrily and started punching and kicking Zhong Kuijun. The comrades from the justice department of the military base looked down and pretended not to see anything.

When they were done, Old Master Nangong threw a stack of photos at Zhong Kuijun’s face and scattered them on the bed. Only then did Zhong Kuijun reach out to pick them up.

Even though it had been a long time, how could Zhong Kuijun forget the path he took toward success?

There was a photo that was taken when he raped Nangong Yu. After that, there was a photo of him talking to the nurse with Jiang Shuwan. After that, the nurse changed Nangong Yu’s IV drip and got fired. Then, there was evidence of him asking Nangong Yu for money before sending the money over to the nurse.

Zhong Kuijun, “…!!!”

Initially, he thought that even though he was guilty, he was still the legitimate son-in-law of the Nangong family. The Nangong family would still give him face and help him out on account that he was once Nangong Yu’s husband, right?

However, with the evidence of him causing Nangong Yu’s death laid out, how was he supposed to survive?

He would be sentenced to death for simply working with Jiang Shuwan in causing Nangong Yu’s death, let alone betraying the military base.

This time, Zhong Kuijun was completely flustered. He looked at Nangong Nuannuan pitifully and pleaded, “Nuannuan, please help Daddy! You’re already the granddaughter of the Nangong family now, and you’ve even changed your surname. From now on, you have all the money, power, and authority in the world. You’ve reached the pinnacle of your life. You don’t have a need to be calculative anymore, right? I’m your biological father, after all! Can you bear to see me being shot to death?”

Before Nangong Nuannuan could speak, Nangong Ze, who was crazily protective of his younger sister, failed to suppress himself and butted in.

“From now on, she has all the money, power, and authority in the world? Does this mean that our Nuannuan wasn’t given anything she wanted in the past? Oh, I’m not surprised. It seems like you’re left in the dark because you got arrested, right? When our Nuannuan returned to the Zhong family for her family’s sake, not only was she already the daughter of Duke Eton of Luntan, but she was also the chairman of Tianheng Holdings. For someone as materialistic as you, you should know Tianheng Holdings, right? Our Nuannuan has already established a first-tier wealthy family at the international level before the age of seventeen, and she is the Duke’s daughter. What could she possibly be conniving against you when she first returned? When our Nuannuan returned to the Zhong family, if you were able to remember the little bit of affection my aunt had for you back then, you wouldn’t have treated our Nuannuan like that! Zhong Kuijun, you were penny-wise and pounds-foolish. After committing all those crimes, how shameless can you be to claim that it’s your blood that flows in our Nuannuan?”