My Senior Brother is Too Steady - Chapter 733 - Becoming Buddha!

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Chapter 733: Becoming Buddha!

The Primordial World existed for countless years. A pot of wine was used to dispel worries.

Tian Que sang his real name and the endless rivers flowed.

Li Changshou sat at Mount Fangcun and another 180 years passed quickly.

He was becoming more and more like an otherworldly expert.

He was not without worries. He would often think about Youqin and the Immortal Du Sect. He would also often worry about Long Ji and the Golden Roc.

In comparison, Li Changshou was more at ease with Ao Yi.

After all, Ao Yi carried the hope of reviving the dragon race. He had understood the mission of the dragon race on his shoulder since he was young. Even if his memories had not been modified, he would not easily make any decisions that might implicate the dragon race.

On the other hand, it was the Golden Roc.

The Golden Roc was extremely arrogant. Without him suppressing it, it might do something out of line.

He wondered how Youqin was doing.

In the past few years, he had rarely gone out. When he heard news about the Heavenly Courts, most of it was focused on the God roll.

The importance of the female War God of the Heavenly Courts, Youqin Xuanya, was “diluted” in the Heavenly Courts. She did not appear as often as before, so fewer and fewer people mentioned her.

Li Changshou really wanted to use the Void Bodhi Eye to see Youqin’s current situation.

In the South Continent, the Zhou Nation had experienced the “Shang Rebellion” that lasted for a hundred years after Di Xin’s death. It was relatively stable. The original Shang citizens had been forced to move and disperse. At that moment, most of them were already Zhou citizens.

Li Changshou did not dare to investigate the whereabouts of Wu Geng because that was not something that the Void Bodhi could do.

Fortunately, apart from Youqin, most of the Little Qiong Peak’s relatives and friends had already hidden in the outer space.

The good friends who stayed in the world were either working in the Heavenly Courts or cultivating in the mountains. They were not related to his fake body at all.

“Think about the overall situation.”

Li Changshou was only worried about Youqin’s safety. He did not feel lonely because of that.

After all, his main body was accompanied by Yun Xiao, Ling’e, and the various Aunt-Masters, Uncle-Masters, and Junior Grandmasters. He could also talk about love and romance with his Dao companion.

He could not play cards or drink. The Void Bodhi was a huge matter. He could not delay it.

Anyway, he had nothing to do. He could not openly nail the Great Dao in Fangcun Mountain. Li Changshou began to think about what else he could do.

I can only comprehend more Great Dao.

Li Changshou hummed softly. Ever since he began cultivating, he had rarely placed his attention on comprehending the Dao.

He had previously realized that the Void Bodhi’s Void Dissolution Great Dao was quite interesting.

The Great Dao explained the logic.

Everything comes from the sky. In the end, it is empty and void. The essence of a tangible world is just a projection of an invisible world.

After the Great Dao collided with the teachings of the Western Sect, he came to a conclusion.

“That’s why you don’t have to care about the suffering in front of you. You don’t have to care about honor and humiliation. Everything will eventually return to nothingness.”

It was extremely negative and did not have any praiseworthy inner cores.

Li Changshou had been comprehending this Great Dao for a long time. Although most of the time, he had been acting as a Void Bodhi, he gradually began to try to explain the deeper nature of the Great Dao.

Then, he comprehended…

After an unknown period of time, the Heavenly Dao suddenly trembled.

Li Changshou flew out of his Cave Abode and looked up at the sky. He saw that the blue sky had turned dark red, as if a boundless sea of blood was about to pour into the five continents of the Primordial World.

Nine Polluted Spring?!

He was shocked, but he instantly understood what had happened. He was prepared to escape from the five continents.

On that day, strange phenomena appeared in the five continents.

First, the sky was dark red, as if it was soaked in blood. Boundless filth was about to turn into a rain of blood.

Then, the four seas trembled. The Sea Eyes of the West Ocean, the North Ocean, and the South Ocean emitted dragon roars.

Then, countless ghosts in the Netherworld cried. Countless living beings in the world trembled. An instinctive fear spread in their hearts.

The Heavenly Courts appeared in the middle of the world. There were countless immortal light and countless immortals. Endless Heavenly Soldiers and Heavenly Generals pounced in all directions and formed an inescapable array. They were connected to each other and formed the Heavenly Protection Array!

The dragon race had also received the help of the East Ocean Dragon Palace and the Heavenly Courts. Dozens of righteous gods led the Heavenly Soldiers and Heavenly Generals to appear and suppress the rioting Three Ocean Eyes.

The commotion lasted for twenty-four hours.

The Heavenly Soldiers and Heavenly Generals did not know what the enemy they were facing was. The dragon race did not know why the Sea Eye was rioting.

Only when the Heavenly Courts’ Lingxiao Treasure Hall shot out a golden pillar of light did the sky that was dyed red by blood quickly retreat and return to its clear blue color.

The three Sea Eyes fell silent again. The power of the negative karma in them was greatly reduced.

There were wisps of clear air in the world. The entire Primordial World seemed to have become more stable.

The Qi Refinement cultivators were stunned.

A wave of ghosts and gods rose in the mortal world of the South Continent.

The mortals were alarmed by this phenomenon. Many elders went to the Netherworld to report.

Soon, news spread quickly in the world.

The sea of blood in the Netherworld disappeared. A pagoda appeared at the edge of the previous sea of blood and suppressed half of the Netherworld.

That pagoda was the Reincarnation Pagoda. For some reason, it had been moved from Fengdu City to this place. It vaguely confronted the Six Paths of Reincarnation. The Lord of the Pagoda, Ksitigarbha, appeared on the top of the pagoda and recited the Reincarnation Wheel technique to guide the vengeful spirits and vengeful spirits of the Netherworld.

Half a day later, Zhen Yuanzi, the Unfettered One, the Daoist of the Ruins of End, and the other old mighty figures of the Primordial World personally admitted that the power of the Nine Polluted Springs in the world had dissipated. The exact reason was unknown.

Three days later, a piece of news spread in the Three Realms.

“A great sect blessed by the Heavenly Dao will appear in the five continents.”

At that moment, there were various opinions. Some said that it was time for the Heavenly Dao to prosper the Western Sect, while others said that it was most likely a sign that the Dao Sect was about to prosper.

After all, the big shot who was in charge of the world was called the Dao Ancestor. He definitely had to give the Dao Sect benefits.

However, no one saw him…

In the Tushita Palace, the Grand Supreme Elder and the green ox disappeared. The mellow Eldest Senior Brother of Jie School also disappeared.

On the platform of the Lingxiao Treasure Hall, the Heavenly Emperor, who was dressed in a yellow robe, looked gloomy. However, he was reminded of the Heavenly Emperor’s responsibility by the old courtesan beside him.

On the Spirit Platform’s Fangcun Mountain, the old Daoist priest was lying on his bed and comprehending the changes in the world. However, he chuckled in his heart.

What a good Daoist Hong Jun.

After brewing for so long, he could actually resolve the hidden dangers of the Nine Polluted Spring with the power of the Heavenly Dao.

Why was that so?

He did not have to destroy the trump card that Li Changshou had used to threaten the Dao Ancestor.

From today onwards, there are no more Nine Polluted Springs in the world. Li Changshou could not directly activate the power of the Nine Polluted Springs to destroy the Heavenly Courts.

In the eyes of the Dao Ancestor, Hong Jun, he was less afraid of Li Changshou.

He could not be careless. It might not be that simple.

Li Changshou pondered for a while. His main body activated his clear Dao heart and entered the deep sage state. He pondered carefully for a while.

He was thinking if the Dao Ancestor was deliberately setting up a trap.

However, after deducing it again and again, the possibility was almost zero. Moreover, the price to pay for the Heavenly Dao was too high.

In that wave, the Dao Ancestor lost the excuse of launching the Great Tribulation of living beings in the future. He had exhausted a lot of the power of the Heavenly Dao to prevent Li Changshou from activating the Nine Polluted Springs. It was completely “hurting one thousand enemies and losing eight hundred people”.

That was equivalent to the Dao Ancestor secretly using a lot of effort to empty the dung pool in advance in order to prevent Li Changshou from blowing up the poop in the Primordial World!


This chestnut was very flavorful.

Did the Nine Polluted Spring be moved away or purified?

If it was moved away, where did the power of the Nine Polluted Spring go?

Li Changshou was not careless about that matter. He returned his attention to the Kun Peng Mystic Realm and immediately sent a voice transmission to Yun Xiao to remind her to recall the Kun Peng and ask the Great Daoist Master and the others to investigate the periphery of the Primordial World.

He had to confirm the whereabouts of the Nine Polluted Spring and prevent it from becoming the Dao Ancestor’s counterattack.

The battle began again.

More than ten years later, Li Changshou received definite feedback. The original power of the Nine Polluted Springs had been evaporated by the Dao Ancestor.

However, in order to neutralize the negative karma in the Nine Polluted Spring, the Dao Ancestor used the method of disintegrating the True Spirit and created an equivalent amount of merit. He made the merit fill the Nine Polluted Spring and led the negative karma to the Chaos Sea, which was very far from the Primordial World.

That was equivalent to moving a home for the Nine Polluted Spring, so that it could not affect the Primordial World.

As for how it would affect the Chaos Sea, the Dao Ancestor did not care.

In fact, the power of negative karma was nothing to the endless Chaos Sea. It was very weak and would slowly be dissolved by the Chaos Sea into an attributeless, unstable, and all-inclusive Chaos aura.

Li Changshou’s trump card was successfully reduced by one.

At that moment, Li Changshou’s gaze landed on the Primordial World. He keenly captured the weakening of the Heavenly Dao power.

Hong Jun was afraid?

Li Changshou banished that thought from the spiritual platform. He was more willing to believe that Dao Ancestor Hong Jun had a bigger plan at that moment to “pretend to be weak”.

He had to be steady and prepare more backup. He had to be extremely cautious.

He and Hong Jun could not lose.

Let’s go out again.

The world had changed. It did not make sense for him to remain in seclusion.

Due to the dissipation of the power of the Nine Polluted Springs, the world welcomed the revival of cultivation.

He reckoned that Hu Wei was not far away. He should go out and walk around. He should take in some disciples and return to the Ling Tai Mountain to train them. He should be prepared to teach the stone monkeys.

Hence, Patriarch Subodhi rode an immortal crane and flew out of the Ling Tai Mountain to step into the Middle Continent again.

He had created a batch of ancient books the last time. This time, he would create some disciples…

It was a good tradition of the Western Sect.

A few years later.

“Hey, have you heard? It is said that Patriarch Subodhi of the Western Sect disguised himself as an ordinary Qi Refinement cultivator and stole a large number of Dao Sect manuals in the Middle Continent. He took away more than ten children with outstanding potential.”

“The Jade Void Palace has already sent immortals to investigate this matter. However, I reckon they have left it unsettled.”

“Hey, can the matter of Qi Refinement cultivators be considered theft? Fellow Daoist, your words are too unpleasant. You clearly comprehended something during the Dao discussion.”


In a town in the Middle Continent.

Li Changshou, who had transformed into a middle-aged scholar using the Void Bodhi’s body, sat quietly in the restaurant and private room where the Qi Refinement cultivators were gathered. He sipped tea and listened to the discussions everywhere.

That place was not far from the border of the South Continent. Li Changshou secretly spread his immortal senses and stared at the scene that was happening at a checkpoint in the north of the South Continent.

More than twenty years ago, there was an old scholar in the South Continent who traveled in the various vassal states. In the end, he went to the side of the emperor and controlled the books of the Zhou Nation.

In the past twenty years, the old man had obtained a high reputation in the mortal world of literacy. He had also guided countless people who wanted to improve.

However, the old man had resigned two years ago and rode a green ox to study in the bustling human race.

After seeing the mortal world, one’s heart would not be disturbed. It was natural to speak the truth.

The old man rode on the ox and headed towards the northwest of the South Continent. Some human destiny was gathered around him.

Today, the old man happened to arrive at the Northwest Pass of the Zhou Nation. The official guarding the pass was considered half a disciple of the old man. When he was young, he visited the old man in the Zhou Nation.

When the customs official learned that the old man was going to leave the prosperous land of the Central Plains and teach in the West Bank, he felt emotional and begged the old man to leave a sutra for him to implement his comprehension.

The old man agreed happily. He got off the ox’s back and took a brush and ink. He picked up the brush and wrote a sutra. He wrote it from noon until dusk. Finally, he walked away leisurely with the setting sun.

The official’s name was Yi Xi.

The old man’s name was Li Er, and he was naturally transformed by the Grand Supreme Elder.

This sutra that contained the destiny of the human race gathered by the Grand Supreme Elder condensed into an eternal chapter.

Its name was “Virtue”.

In the beginning, such a “small matter” did not attract much attention.

It would take some time for the matter of Li Er leaving the valley and leaving behind the famous “Daoist Sutra” to spread in Zhou Nation.

However, a huge matter that could cause the world to tremble was about to happen.

Li Changshou watched that scene and waited.

After leaving the valley, the green ox carried the Grand Supreme Elder for a while and disappeared into the setting sun.

A moment later, accompanied by the afterglow of the setting sun, the green ox slowly appeared from the southeast of the Aparagodānīya Continent. It carried the Grand Supreme Elder to a high mountain and faced the direction of the spiritual mountain.

At that moment, there were at least four pairs of eyes in the world that were watching the Grand Supreme Elder’s every move.

The four pairs of eyes belonged to Dao Ancestor Hong Jun of the Purple Cloud Palace, the Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning of the Jade Void Palace, the Saint who was receiving them from the spiritual mountain, and Li Changshou, who was drinking tea in a private room.

A golden light flew out of the Grand Supreme Elder’s sleeve and turned into a slightly plump Daoist.

The Daoist was dressed in a golden cassock and sitting on the lotus platform. His face was solemn and his eyes were clear. His body emitted a mysterious Dao rune, and layers of treasure wheels appeared on his back.

He raised his right hand in front of his chest and placed the lotus seal under his right hand with his left hand. There was a purple-gold alms bowl in front of him and many numinous treasures floating around him.

It was the Eldest Senior Brother of the former Sect, Daoist Duobao!

The Grand Supreme Elder said, “Let’s begin.”


Duobao took a deep breath and chanted sutras. Lotus flowers appeared around him.

In the world, gazes gathered there. Rich Heavenly Dao power surged over.

In the residence of the Saint of the spiritual mountain, Daoist Jie Yin pinched his fingers and deduced. His expression became more and more solemn, and his breathing became a little rapid.

“Oh no!”

Jie Yin shouted softly and disappeared from the spiritual mountain. He rushed towards the place where the Grand Supreme Elder and Duobao were.

However, just as Daoist Jie Yin was about to step out of the universe, a gray aura lingered in front of him. It condensed into a flag and blocked him. The Grand Supreme Elder and Duobao were beside him.

The Pangu Banner!

The expression of the guide instantly turned black. However, he did not directly crash into the Pangu Banner. Instead, he appeared thousands of feet away and whispered to the Grand Supreme Elder, “Fellow Daoist, please show mercy! Don’t snatch the luck of the Western Sect.”

The Grand Supreme Elder ignored him. He lowered his eyes and sat quietly, waiting for Daoist Duobao to finish chanting.

In the sky, the Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning quietly appeared. He also stared at Duobao’s figure. There was a faint smile on his lips, but he had completely sealed the path leading forward.

The Heavenly Dao did not respond.

Jie Yin squinted and immediately pinched his fingers to deduce. When he saw that Duobao’s figure was already wrapped in the lotus flower, he snorted softly and took a step back to the spiritual mountain. He began to think of a solution.

He had miscalculated.

The Grand Supreme Elder beat him to it!

In fact, he only understood how the Western Sect should proceed after seeing what the Grand Supreme Elder and Daoist Duobao were doing.

Previously, Jie Yin had thought that the Grand Pure One’s main body had been suppressed. Even if the Grand Supreme Elder had the strength close to the Saint, what could he do to threaten the Western Sect?

At that moment, Saint Jie Yin realized that he had been careless.

The Grand Supreme Elder used Daoist Duobao as a medium to reconstruct the teachings of the Western Sect and establish another sect. He directly seized the destiny of the Western Sect and denied the “meaning” of the Western Sect’s existence!

From the looks of it, Daoist Duobao’s teachings were supported by the Heavenly Dao!


Did they really think that he, the Great Sage of the Western Sect, was just a decoration?

When Duobao finished reading the teachings and established a huge sect, he only needed to grasp the momentum of the spiritual mountain and declare that the teachings of Duobao were incomplete. They were inferior and minor. His teachings were at the Mahayana realm and contained the teachings of the other party!

He could turn defeat into victory!

The prosperity of the Western Sect was not the prosperity of the Western Sect. Instead, the teachings of the Western Sect spread in the world to affect living beings!

He understood. Daoist Jie Yin understood everything!

The Grand Supreme Elder wanted to snatch the destiny of the Western Sect and the Dao Fruit of the Western Sect!

That should have been the benefit that the Heavenly Dao had given him!

He listened attentively and did not read any of Duobao’s essence. Finally…

The grand wish that Duobao had made echoed in the world. In the way he prayed to the Heavenly Dao, he said how he would redeem all living beings, help the world, and promote the Buddhist Dharma.

When his grand aspirations were established, Duobao announced the teachings of the new sect. He named himself a Buddhist and stood in the spiritual world of the Aparagodānīya Continent.

Jie Yin was already confident and was about to speak…

“The Buddha is merciful and saves all living beings. He will definitely be questioned by living beings. There will definitely be fake external demons who will mess up my Buddhist name. Today, the Saints of the Western Sect will receive him as an ancient Buddha of all eras and determine the Buddhist roots. All the famous Buddhists are fake Buddhists. I come from Mahayana Buddhism and promote the Mahayana Buddhist Dharma. I saved the suffering and saved the trouble, and I lured all living beings. Those who are not me cannot be called Buddha.”

Jie Yin was speechless.

In an instant, he hesitated. Boundless golden light appeared in the world. The merit of the Heavenly Dao, which had a moderate amount, gathered in his body of many treasures and condensed into the true form of the Buddha. He did not have any chance to receive it.

Beside Duobao, the Grand Supreme Elder smiled and shook his head. He rode his ox and left.

In the private room of the town, the Void Bodhi lowered his head and sighed. At that moment, he looked very conflicted, and his eyes were filled with confusion…

His main body had long laughed in the Kun Peng Mystic Realm.