My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again - Chapter 758 - Did it Feel Nice to Take Advantage of Other’s Misfortune? (2)

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Chapter 758: Did it Feel Nice to Take Advantage of Other’s Misfortune? (2)

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A glimmer of light flashed through her gloomy eyes when she saw the message that came from a familiar number.

She could feel the shudders on her hand holding her phone. With all her might, she held her hand still before she read the content of the message from the familiar number.

She re-read the message again and again before she shut her eyes.

She no longer had the urge the wash her hands after sliding the phone locked. One step after another, she left the bathroom.

Xu Weilai had no appetite, even though it was time for dinner. Exhaustion devoured her after she went through the long content of the message. After having the door of the bedroom locked, she lay on the bed and shut her eyes to get a rest.

Initially, she thought she would be haunted by nightmares. But her mind was surprisingly blank, probably because of the extreme shock she had. She fell into a deep sleep.

She was greeted by the warmth of bright sun shining through the window by the time she woke up.

Dazed and in confusion, Xu Weilai could not tell whether it was dusk or dawn until she picked up her phone to check on the time. There were two Wechat messages from Zuo An.

[I knocked on your door last night, but you didn’t answer. I guess you were resting because you were too tired. I also told the servants not to disturb you in the morning. Go downstairs and eat something when you’ve waken. You will need to prepare for the banquet tonight.]

[Let me know when you wake up.]

Xu Weilai did not reply immediately after she read Zuo An’s message. She exited Wechat application on her phone instead.

She got up and went into the bathroom to wash up. Then, she opened the door and walked downstairs, heading towards the dining room.

Although she still did not feel like eating anything, she needed energy to pull herself through tonight’s banquet and socializing would be unavoidable since she would attend as Zuo An’s fiancée,

She could only lay her hand on the shares after all the social engagements were over. Solely for this reason, she had to eat.

Perhaps enemies were bound to meet. The dining room was already occupied by none other than Zuo Si.

However, Xu Weilai shown no hesitation even when she saw Zuo Si seated in the dining room. She walked straight to the seat she took earlier, pulled a chair and sat on it.

Although she was seated diagonally opposite from Zuo Si, the haggard face and red eyes of Zuo Si easily caught her sight when she looked up. Even with her makeup on, Zuo Si was obviously in a terrible state.

Zuo Si was always with an air of a princess, elegant, beautiful, and proud all the time. It was the first time she was caught to look like this.

Zuo Si did not take even a glance her way. Perhaps she was immersed in her own thoughts, or perhaps she refused to pay any attention to her.

Xu Weilai remained silent because she had no intention to provoke Zuo Si.

After the maid served her food, Xu Weilai spooned the food into her mouth, one mouthful after another.

When Zuo Si saw she was still in the mood to enjoy her food, she could not help but sarcastically mocked her, “I forgot to congratulate you. You killed your ex-husband with your own hands and successfully hooked up with Zuo An. They will announce you as the future daughter-in-law of the Zuo family at tonight’s banquet. How is it? Did it feel nice to take advantage of other’s misfortune?”

Xu Weilai continued eating in silence.

Zuo Si’s knife and fork clattered on the table. She crossed her arms and leaned back in her chair. When Xu Weilai did not seem to be bothered by her words, she sneered at her. “Xu Weilai, you helped the wicked and did all the bad things just to get what you want. Aren’t you afraid that you won’t have the fortune to enjoy them?”

“The god will watch everything you do. You’ll pay for everything you did. Do you still remember that you used to be a righteous reporter? to think back, don’t you feel that it’s ironic?”

Xu Weilai glimpsed of an approaching figure from the corner of her eyes. She pursed her lips and opened her mouth.