My Disciples Are All Villains - Chapter 898 - Abdication?

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Chapter 898: Abdication?

The next morning.

Lu Zhou did not leave the Preservation Hall. He stayed in and cultivated. Although he had entered the Mystic Sky Realm, he still needed to cultivate to continue raising his cultivation base. This way, the pressure would not be so heavy when he activated his Birth Charts in the future.

Unfortunately, not much was known about the Mystic Sky Realm. Lu Zhou could only advance by blindly feeling his way around.

Based on what he had gathered, the black lotus domain had 36 Birth Charts. They had more complete information and a better cultivation system.

He had destroyed one of Yi Yao’s Birth Charts previously. If Yi Yao returned and reported this matter, what if a Thousand Realms Whirling expert with a higher cultivation base appeared? He felt like he had created trouble for himself.

He felt more at ease when he recalled he now possessed the rudimentary enhanced Deadly Strike Card. Hopefully, there would not be too fierce a character who appeared in the red lotus domain. If there was an expert who had activated 36 Birth Charts, he would be at the mercy of others.

In the afternoon.

Lu Zhou continued to cultivate in the Preservation Hall.

At this moment, Mingshi Yin hurried into the hall and said, “Master, something has happened!”

Lu Zhou opened his eyes and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“Originally, Li Yunzheng, that little emperor, had issued an imperial edict to summon all the civil and military officials tomorrow. Unexpectedly, all the civil and military officials came to the palace today. Seventh Junior Brother and the little emperor have already gone to the Political Announcement Hall,” Mingshi Yin replied.

“Your Seventh Junior Brother should be able to handle this matter,” Lu Zhou said.

“That’s what I think as well, but something feels amiss to me…” Mingshi Yin continued to say, “This morning, I took the opportunity to go out for a stroll. There are thousands of commoners surrounding the royal palace. Moreover, although Xiahou Sheng isn’t in the capital, he has mobilized 100,000 royal guards.”

“Hmm?” Lu Zhou frowned slightly.

“I’m not doubting Seventh Junior Brother’s ability. However, Xiahou Sheng and the eight generals could stand on equal footing with Yu Chenshu, how could they not have some skills? If they fight, master, you’ll still have to make a move,” Mingshi Yin explained.

“They’re just a pack of rats; they dare to appear?” Lu Zhou was not like his past self. If he only had his ten leaves, perhaps, he would pay more attention to Xiahou Sheng. In the end, he said, “However, you have a point. Come with me.”


The pair of master and disciple left the Preservation Hall. When they walked out of the hall, they saw Jiang Aijian running around with Dragonsong in his arms.

Mingshi Yin unceremoniously grabbed “Hey, little b*stard, where are you going? Come with us to the Political Announcement Hall.”

Jiang Aijian smiled sheepishly as he said, “No, no, no. Mister Fourth, there are too many people there. I’m afraid they might be captivated by my handsome appearance.”

Lu Zhou looked at Jiang Aijian and said, “Come with us.”

Jiang Aijian. “…”

Mingshi Yin hooked his arm around Jiang Aijian’s shoulders before he said with a smile, “You’re too cowardly. Don’t be afraid. I’ll ask my dog to protect you.”

Jiang Aijian. “???”

When the trio was near the Political Announcement Hall, but they saw many palace experts hovering in the air. There were many people on the ground as well; thousands of civilians could be seen lining up neatly in a row.

Lu Zhou looked at them suspiciously. ‘How can ordinary civilians enter the palace? This is obviously orchestrated by some people…’

At this moment, Wang Yun suddenly appeared.

“Senior Lu! I was just about to invite you over.”

“Where’s Li Yunzheng?” Lu Zhou asked.

“His Majesty and Mister Seventh are in the main hall. This way please…”

Lu Zhou, Ming Shiyin, and Jiang Aijian followed Wang Yun to the Political Announcement Hall. When they were outside of the hall, they saw a crowd outside of the hall. The throne was placed at the top of the steps in front of the Political Announcement Hall, and there was a chair on each side of the throne.

Lu Zhou did not expect such a big turnout. He thought only the civil and military officials and the eight Great Generals would show up.

When Lu Zhou walked over, the members of the Evil Sky Pavilion were about to bow when he waved his hand, indicating for them to continue.

Li Yunzheng was dressed in his dragon robe. At this moment, he sat on the throne at the top of the steps, overlooking everyone.

Meanwhile, Si Wuya stood a step lower than the throne. His expression was calm, and his back was straight. His bearing was extraordinary.

Lu Zhou nodded. ‘As expected of Old Seventh, His knowledge, courage, and bearing aren’t something Old Eighth is able to replicate…’

Lu Zhou continued to walk forward toward the front of the hall.

At this moment, there were many eunuchs and palace maids standing around Li Yunzheng. Nevertheless, with his keen eyes, he quickly discovered Lu Zhou’s presence. He wanted to get up, but Lu Zhou raised his hand, indicating that he should not move. Therefore, he continued to sit with his back upright on the throne.

Lu Zhou did not stand on ceremony and walked straight to the chair on the left.

The person sitting on the chair to the left of the throne was the current Grand Tutor, Guo Zhengping. When he saw an old man walking to the chair on the left without no one obstructing his way, he was going to rebuke the old man. However, before he could do so, the old man waved his hand, and he found himself standing up without meaning to do so.

The two Grand Dukes standing to the right of Li Yunzheng looked at Guo Zhengping meaningfully. Realization dawned on him, and he quickly took a step back and stood respectfully at the side.

Lu Zhou slowly sat down. He really had no intention of intervening; he was only here to watch a show. Naturally, he would not intervene if it was not necessary. Just like Mingshi Yin had pointed out, he had also come to keep an eye on things and to prevent accidents. As for other matters, he was too lazy to care about them.

Although Lu Zhou’s entrance was rather low profile, it did not escape the attention of the civil and military officials at the bottom of the steps, the thousands of civilians on the ground, and the experts hovering in the air.

The entire place fell silent as they looked at the old man who suddenly appeared and took a seat next to the little emperor.

Si Wuya turned around and saw his master had arrived. He smiled, relieved. Then, when he made a move to bow, his master waved his hand and said, “Continue.”

“Understood.” Si Wuya looked to the front at an old man dressed in a white linen robe. “Lord Zhang, please continue.”

At this moment, the Grand Tutor, Guo Zhengping, took another step back, making way for Wang Yun.

Wang Yun came to Lu Zhou’s side and bent his body as he whispered to Lu Zhou, “That’s Zhang Yuanren. He usually stays at home, enjoying his old age. The Zhang family has five martyrs who were conferred the titles of Great General by the late emperor. They’re well-liked by the people.”

Lu Zhou turned to look at Wang Yun and said, “You’re quite tactful. Very good.”

“Many thanks for your praise, Senior Lu… Then, my… my son…” Wang Yun stammered.

“I can let him go, but it’s best if you know your place,” Lu Zhou said.

“Senior Lu, don’t worry. His Majesty has the full support of the Wang family!” Wang Yun said. Then, he turned to Guo Zhengping and said, “Lord Guo, what do you say?”

“Yes, yes, of course…”

Great Tang had five Grand Dukes, including the now-dead Cui An, the Grand Duke of Fu. Each of them held power, and their five families were the most powerful families in the capital. Even if Guo Zhengping was the Grand Tutor, it was nothing more than an empty title in front of the Grand Dukes of Great Tang.

After Wang Yun straightened his body, he pulled Guo Zhengping to the side before he said with a frown, “Lord Guo, are you trying to get me killed?”

“I-I a-apologize…” Fear still lingered in Guo Zhengping’s heart at this moment. “This old gentleman… Is he the mighty Thousand Realms Whirling expert?”

“What do you think?” Wang Yun said.

Guo Zhengping’s hair stood on end, and chills ran up his spine. His eyes widened in horror as he looked at Wang Yun.

Wang Yun said solemnly, “I’ve already told you to leave the chair empty. After this, just stay silent and watch the show. Don’t do anything unnecessary.”

“I’ll listen to Lord Wang,” Guo Zhengping said as he wiped the sweat off his face.

“It’s not just you… The other three Grand Dukes and I had discussed the matter the entire night; we’ll be doing the same. As for the others, we can only leave it up to their fates,” Wang Yun said.

Guo Zhengping frowned slightly as he looked at the civil and military officials at the bottom of the steps before he said, “You have my gratitude.”

Meanwhile, everyone’s attention was on Zhang Yuanren who was dressed in a mourning robe.

Si Wuya still looked at Zhang Yuanren calmly.

Zhang Yuanren kneeled on the ground and said, “Your Majesty… please think twice! Our Zhang family is full of heroes and martyrs. We’re willing to go through fire and water for Great Tang.”

Si Wuya said, “Lord Zhang, please think twice. I can understand you pleading on behalf of the Zhang family. However, for what reasons are you pleading on behalf of the eight Great Generals?”

Zhang Yuanren said, undeterred, “The eight Great Generals and the Zhang family are like a family. How can I watch them being wronged and sent to prison? Please think twice, Your Majesty!”

As soon as Zhang Yuanren finished speaking, the thousands of civilians standing at the back fell to their knees in unison and said, “Your Majesty, please reconsider!”

Si Wuya was rather taken aback by this response. It was clear that this resistance had been planned beforehand. They had all entered the palace this afternoon in hopes of catching him off guard and also inciting the commoners.

Currently, rumors were circulating in the capital that the little emperor wanted to make an example out of the heroes and the civil and military officials. Even Zhang Yuanren, whose family was filled with heroes and martyrs, had taken the lead to speak up. It was only natural that the public opinion was almost one-sided.

Si Wuya knew the person in front of him was not afraid of death. He said in a low voice, “Lord Zhang, you’re intentionally trying to pressure His Majesty…”