My Dangerous Billionaire Husband - Chapter 1462 - Are You Willing to Give up on Me

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Chapter 1462: Are You Willing to Give up on Me

Even though she had rejected him, but her intention was somewhat welcoming as she pushed him away. Moreover, her soft body was wriggling in his embrace. Yin Zhihan’s waist and abdomen were instantly numb.

“We’ll eat later. Now I want to eat you.” Yin Zhihan grabbed her tiny waist and dragged her upstairs.

Lu Ning’s blushed. She pointed to the room next door and reminded him softly, “My second brother is here. He’s sleeping. Don’t wake him up.”

“I know. We spoke on the phone.”

“Then why are you…”

“If you don’t make any noise, he won’t hear you.”

The two of them entered the bedroom together. Yin Zhihan closed the door and lifted Lu Ning by her waist. Finally, he pressed her against the wall and reached his big palm into her shirt.

“You’re wearing my shirt?”

“Yes, I don’t have any clothes to change… Oh man, your watch pulled the thread on my shirt…”

Yin Zhihan’s action was too fast, causing the expensive watch on his wrist to get stuck in the corner of Lu Ning’s shirt. Lu Ning grabbed his big palm and asked, “How do I undo this?”

“Take your time…” Yin Zhihan’s voice was hoarse. His left hand reached into her shirt and pushed it up. Then, he lowered his head.

“Ah!” Lu Ning screamed and slid down.

But she quickly bit her lower lip with her teeth, not allowing herself to make any sound. Her second brother was still next door.

“Yin Zhihan, don’t…”

Her voice was so soft that it didn’t sound like her own. It made her blush.

The white shirt slid down and covered the man’s head. Lu Ning raised her swan-like neck and tried to catch her breath. She never dreamed that a man like Yin Zhihan would crawl into her clothes one day. Do such a shameful thing with her.

Suddenly, her mind went blank.

After a few seconds, Yin Zhihan crawled out. He kissed her full and bright red lips and said with a hoarse laugh, “How can it be so fast? I haven’t started yet!”

Lu Ning clenched her petit fist and punched him real hard. Her tiny face was burning hot as It was just too embarrassing.

Yin Zhihan’s body temperature was scorching. He held her soft petit hand and guided her down. “Baby, feel your charm. He’s about to jump out.”

Lu Ning wanted to cover her ears. She dared not listen to his nonsense.

At this moment, there were two knocks on the wall behind them. Then came Lu Fan’s voice. “Although the soundproofing here is excellent, you guys made too much noise and woke me up.”

Lu Ning was speechless.

Yin Zhihan took two deep breaths and suppressed the restlessness in his body. He held her petit hand and licked her red lips repeatedly.

Lu Ning lowered her eyes to look. She felt her mouth dry and quickly swallowed her saliva.

Yin Zhihan pressed against her and asked hoarsely, “What did your brother tell you today?”

This old fox wanted to get her to spill the beans now!

“My second brother doesn’t approve of me to date you…”Lu Ning looked at him with seductive eyes.

“Well, what did you say?” Yin Zhihan’s expression did not change. He only raised his straight eyebrows.

“I won’t tell you…”

“Ha,” Yin Zhihan laughed, then pressed down on her red lips and said, “Are you willing to give up on me? This thing of mine is beyond compare to other men. It can make you scream.”

What was he saying?

Lu Ning subconsciously squeezed her legs. In his voice, electricity coursed through her entire body, and her mind was about to go blank again.

“Ha.” Yin Zhihan laughed.

Lu Ning was so hot that sweat covered her tiny delicate face. It was apparent that his manly appearance tormented her.