My Dangerous Billionaire Husband - Chapter 1317 - Beibei Is Pregnant

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Chapter 1317: Beibei Is Pregnant

“What’s wrong?” Sitting on his lap, Bai Beibei asked in confusion.

Gong Yi’s eyes were burning with passion. He used his large palm to lift her buttocks a little and she felt his eagerness. “Beibei, I want you, can I?”

“What?” Bai Beibei could not believe what she has heard, they were in a mountain!

She only learned that this thing could be done anywhere since she had been with him.

“Beibei.” Gong Yi stared at her with his eyes filled with anticipation.

Bai Beibei’s long eyelashes fluttered. Without answering, she slowly stretched out her hands to wrap them around his neck.

Gong Yi was delighted. He kissed her.

Gong Yi noticed Beibei was wearing a dress, which covered his trousers. He could not help but wanted to lift her dress to take a look.

Well, men being men.

“Don’t!” Bai Beibei quickly held him down.

Gong Yi knew that she was shy. As he had gotten the upper hand, he did not force her. Panting, he held her waist with both hands. “If you don’t want me to see, then I don’t see. Now, let’s do it.”

That night, Bai Beibei did not go home. Gong Yi brought her back to the apartment.

She did want to go home. She worried that her mother would have some concerns about her staying overnight outside. However, these worries were eventually forgotten due to her exhaustion. She fell asleep after showering in his embrace.

For the whole night, she couldn’t break free from his arms. He kissed her so passionately that she couldn’t avoid it.

“Baby, Let’s work harder and have a baby.”

A baby?

Bai Beibei opened her eyes. The dazzling crystal chandelier shone on the man’s head. He was so handsome that she couldn’t take her eyes off him. “Why… are you suddenly talking about having a baby?”

“With a child, we can be together…”

Was that so?

His parents had always wanted to have a grandson. If she gave birth to a child for him, his parents would accept her, and her mother would probably not object anymore. Then, they could be together.

A picture appeared in Bai Beibei’s mind. A pretty little boy or girl would chase after her and call her “Mother”. How happy would that be?

He kissed her on the cheek. “Once we have a child, we’ll get married. In my heart, you’re already my wife on that night when we were in front of your grandmother.

He spoke gently and interlocked his fingers with hers.

Bai Beibei closed her eyes. Tears rolled down from her eyes. She knew that these were tears of happiness.

She felt so happy to have him in her life.

“Would you like to have a son or a daughter?” She asked softly.

“It doesn’t matter. But a girl would be better. She would be as beautiful as you. I will treasure both of you with all my heart.”

He was good at saying sweet words. Bai Beibei put her arms around him and kissed his thin lips passionately.

The next morning.

Gong Yi slowly opened his sleepy eyes. His girl was sleeping soundly in his arms.

He stared at her lovingly. Her black hair was like a waterfall winding around her fair and delicate face. Her dark circles were so obvious and he felt a little embarrassed knowing she was “tortured” by him for the whole night and she could not get enough sleep.

Gong Yi did not want to wake her up, so he gently planted a kiss on her forehead and then got up.

It was almost eight o’clock now, and it was rare for him to wake up so late.

He had been too indulgent last night.

The clothes were all over on the carpet. He bent down to pick them up and threw them into the bamboo basket. Then, he walked out in his navy-blue silk nightgown.

Just as he opened the door, he saw his parents in the living room.

It seemed like they had just arrived. “Gong Yi, why did you wake up so late?” They heard him and asked.

Gong Yi’s mother was surprised. “Son, you did wake up late today. It’s almost eight o’clock.”

“Dad, mom, can you give me a call before coming over the next time? You’re trespassing and disturbing my private life.” Gong Yi frowned.

“How can you speak like that? You sounded like we had broken the law for visiting our own son.” Gong Yi’s mother smiled gently.

Gong Yi’s father looked at Gong Yi suspiciously and then glanced at the tightly shut door. “Hmmm, is there… someone in your room?”

Gong Yi’s mother was stunned.

Gong Yi raised his straight eyebrows and kept quiet.

“Who’s in there?” Gong Yi’s father seemed displeased.

“Dad, you know the answer,” Gong Yi answered as if it was a matter of course.

“You brat, you still with her? Didn’t I make it very clear that you should break up with her? Why do you have to make me so angry? Aiya, my heart…It hurts, it hurts so much…” Gong Yi’s father beat his chest and stomped his feet.

“Dear, are you alright? Gong Yi’s mother was flustered.

Gong Yi was speechless. His father would always make such a scene. “Oh dad, you’re going to have a grandchild.”

“What?” Gong Yi’s father stopped complaining instantly, “Say that again.”

“Dad, I said you’re going to have a grandchild soon. Beibei is pregnant.”

Gong Yi’s father’s expression immediately changed. He didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

At this moment, the door opened and a petite figure walked out. The girl rubbed her drowsy eyes with her little fists and said in a sweet voice, “Gong Yi, you’re up?”

Gong Yi turned around and saw Bai Beibei coming out. She was in his loose men’s shirt and her two snow-white feet were stepping on the carpet.

“Why are you coming out barefoot? Aren’t you cold?” Gong Yi was displeased and stepped forward to block the girl.

She looked like a seductive little fairy. He didn’t want to let outsiders see such a beautiful girl, including his parents.