My Dangerous Billionaire Husband - Chapter 1036 - I’m General Zhou’s Sister-in-law

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Chapter 1036: I’m General Zhou’s Sister-in-law

Although Ye Xiaotao was grateful to Leng Hao for the welfare orphanage, she did not return to the villa. Instead, she remained at her friend’s crowded place.

On this day, Ye Xiaotao wanted to contact Leng Zhiyuan, whom she had not seen for a long time. But she suddenly got the news that Leng Zhiyuan was imprisoned due to some political issues.

When Ye Xiaotao received this news, she quickly took a taxi to the army. But she was not allowed to enter the military base.

“I’m sorry, Miss. This is not the place for you to come. Please go back.” The guard stopped her.

“I’m here to look for sister Leng. I heard that you have captured sister Leng. What did sister Leng do wrong? Quickly let me in. My name is Ye Xiaotao, I’m General Zhou’s… sister-in-law. So let me in.”


The guard looked at Ye Xiaotao. A 20-year-old college student was General Zhou’s sister-in-law?

“Miss, I advise you not to talk nonsense and stop making trouble. Please go back!”

“I’m not talking nonsense. Just call General Zhou and ask him…” while Ye Xiaotao was arguing, she suddenly heard a car horn sound. A luxurious business limo was approaching Ye Xiaotao.

The guard quickly left Ye Xiaotao behind and walked to the side of the business car. The driver’s window slid down and someone handed out a card.

The guard took a look and saluted. The army gate was pulled open.

The luxury business car drove in.

Ye Xiaotao watched the business car drive past her. She saw a familiar face sitting in the driver’s seat. It was Ah Chen.

Ye Xiaotao was stunned. She looked into the rear window. Through the window, she vaguely saw a tall and upright figure sitting in the back seat.

Without a doubt, the person must have been… Leng Hao.

“Hey, wait a minute, Leng Hao!” Ye Xiaotao chased after the car.

“Miss,” the guard immediately stopped her, “Please leave immediately, or we will arrest you for obstructing the judicial work.”

“Then, then why did you let them in?”

“He has the government’s approval form.”

Ye Xiaotao said,”… I am the wife of that person who has the government’s approval form!”

The guard did not believe her at all. This young girl was being unreasonable. He was about to arrest her when Ah Chen said, “Let her in.”

The guard looked up and saw that the luxurious business car had already parked. The man in the back seat got out of the car and had already entered the army hall. Ah Chen stood by the car and looked at them.

“Let go!” Ye Xiaotao immediately broke free from the guard and tidied up her clothes. “I already said that I’m that man’s wife, your General Zhou’s sister-in-law. Why don’t you believe me? See, you’re in the wrong.”

Ye Xiaotao snorted and swaggered into the military base.

The guard was speechless.

Ye Xiaotao caught up with Leng Hao and wanted to question him. She thought that he must have seen her as they drove past the gate unless he was blind. However, he came in by himself and didn’t bring her along. He’s being unreasonable.

This stinking rock not only had a bad temper but was also very cold.

However, Ye Xiaotao didn’t ask anything. The atmosphere at the military base was solemn and heavy. She didn’t dare to make a fuss. Moreover, she soon saw sister Leng, and her mood instantly became very bad.

After half an hour of prison visit, Ye Xiaotao came out with Leng Hao. The two of them got into the business car. Ah Chen was driving, and the two in the back were silent for the entire trip.

The business car stopped at the entrance of the villa. Ah Chen got out of the car and opened the back door. Leng Hao bent his body and got out.

Ye Xiaotao glanced at the man’s back. She was conflicted. Should she follow him into the villa?

When she left, she said that she never wanted to see him again. During this period of time, he didn’t look for her nor apologized to her! Should she return to the villa just like this?

Will this make her look easy?

Seeing that Leng Hao’s figure was getting further and further away, Ye Xiaotao snorted. She opened her mouth and said, “Ah Chen, this is not my destination. Take me to my friend’s house!”

She said it in a loud voice so the man who had walked away could hear. She wanted him to persuade her to stay and make it seem like she was on the receiving end.

However, the door of the villa opened, and the tall and upright figure quickly disappeared from her sight.

Ye Xiaotao was speechless.

“Young madam, give me the address. I’ll take you there now,” Ah Chen stood by the car door and said politely.

Ye Xiaotao was speechless once again.

She was speechless. The emotional intelligence of both the master and servant had to be negative. She didn’t even know where to begin her retort.

Ye Xiaotao quickly yawned. She looked at the night sky outside the window pretentiously. “Ah, I’m so tired. Forget it, I’ll stay here for the night.”

She bent down and got out of the car.

Since no one asked her to stay, she would just invite herself.


Leng Hao was in his father’s room for half an hour before coming out. He walked towards the study room. But when he reached the study room, he turned around and went back to his bedroom.

He didn’t want to work tonight.

On the way, he passed by the master bedroom. The door of the master bedroom was not tightly shut, and the voice of a girl on the phone came from inside, “Daddy, I’m begging you. Just think of something… Daddy can do anything. You can definitely save sister Leng, right…? Oh, daddy, you don’t even love me anymore. I’m so sad…”

The girl kept acting coquettishly, but it was to no avail. “Hello? Daddy? Daddy…” Ye Xiaotao’s father had hung up.

“Ugh! This pisses me off!” The girl puffed up her cheeks in anger and even raised her little fists while talking to herself.

Leng Hao took a look and then walked into his bedroom.

He did not take a shower. Instead, he went to the storage room and got a bottle of vintage wine from the ’82 collection. The man’s tall and strong body leaned lazily against the counter. He held a glass in his right hand and poured some red wine into it.

He raised his head and drank the red wine from the glass.

This kind of red wine was meant to be enjoyed slowly, not in one gulp like what Leng Hao did. Those in his line of work were all rough people who wielded knives and guns, but they also liked red wine. They thought that drinking red wine could make them a real noble and upper-class person.

They did not understand red wine culture.

But he did. Just by looking at the color of the red wine, he could guess the kind of red wine it was. He could tell the date from just one sip.

Leng Hao sat beside the bed, almost dispirited. He drank one cup after another. His memory went back to a long time ago. He had made a name for himself when he was 12 years old, but no one knew that he did not like to see blood. He was used to seeing the evil and ugly side of the world. He felt disgusted and wanted to vomit. On such a night, he wanted to get rid of all the memories in his mind!

The only good time he had was when he was in the university. When he was with Bai Lingyun. That time was carefree, pure, and beautiful.