Museum of Deadly Beasts - Chapter 598 - Successful Refinement

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Chapter 598: Successful Refinement

Lin Jin realized he had made a wise decision by not trying to explain that he wasn’t an immortal.

Otherwise, these immortals wouldn’t have competed against each other to answer his question.

Lin Jin was enlightened as he listened to the many refinement methods they were providing. The arrival of these two new visitors made it a fruitful session.

Many questions he had previously been stuck on were now cleared up. Gradually, he started to form the idea on how to refine the Four Ocean Gourd. Filled with excitement, Lin Jin couldn’t wait to go back and try it out.

Time was almost up anyway, so Lin Jin simply bid them farewell. Before he left, he told Qin Yunshang and Chen Xuankong that should they have any questions on pet beasts, they could ask him about it.

After Lin Jin left in a hurry, Ye Yuzhou, Zhao Jingyan, and the rest assaulted the newcomers with endless questions. As the immortals were also curious about what was going on in the continents now, and out of reverence for ‘Curator’, they started connecting with their mortal peers in a friendly manner.

It was as the old adage goes, ‘from exchanging blows, friendship grows’.

Old Tian was the only person depressed among them. Earlier, he put up an act and intended to bully the newcomers into submission. Who would’ve thought that he would be taught a lesson by the newcomers instead? Now, he could only swallow his grievances.

Fortunately, it hadn’t been anything serious and Old Tian thought himself to be quite a big-hearted man.

Right after Lin Jin left the Visitation Hall, he used the method derived from both immortals to refine the Four Ocean Gourd. Because he had already worked on this for a few days, Lin Jin only needed a kick to complete the process.

Now that he had gained enlightenment, progress came swiftly. In just a few more hours, he finally refined the Four Ocean Gourd with great success.

The instant he succeeded, the Four Ocean Gourd illuminated with a myriad of colors. Lin Jin took out the water reservoir scale and performed a unique seal to insert the scale into the gourd.

The two water attribute treasures fused.

As this was a double refinement process, Lin Jin had to open the Visitation Hall’s door to borrow the museum’s powers so he could maintain the refinement process.

For a brief moment, various water spirits swam around the stone room. Lin Jin could hear splashing waves and water streaming delightfully beside his ears. Reveling under the shower of water spirits, Lin Jin felt his physical body being tempered once more.

As if he was undergoing metamorphosis, the sensation was truly mysterious. Only Lin Jin could sense the benefits. His cultivation had improved but Lin Jin didn’t know by how much. In any case, he was able to sense that he was multiple times stronger than before.

Right now, even if Lin Jin didn’t use spells, he figured he could physically take on a Rank 2 beast without any problems.

Opening up his palm, the Four Ocean Gourd floated down into his hand. Then, the water spirits and strange visions inside the stone room were sucked back into the gourd.

Lin Jin hadn’t been able to do this before.

Meanwhile, the monsters in Dark Wind Cave were revamping the cave in an organized manner. According to their new cave master, Dark Wind Cave’s current goal was to become a formal sect for monsters. Hence, the cave’s entrance needed renovation, and structures like a study hall and library needed to be built inside the cave.

For the past few days, the monsters were constantly occupied with such work. It went without saying that they were exhausted. To make things worse, Arid Continent was experiencing its hottest and driest season. The heat outside became so unbearable that an egg would cook the instant it was dropped on the scorching ground. While the cave shielded its occupants from the sun, it was incredibly stuffy.

The monsters were all drenched in sweat and some had even removed their shirts. One could see monsters and humans with multi-colored fur walking around.

Lin Jin immediately frowned when he was greeted by this atrocious sight right after coming out of the cave.

However, after he felt the sweltering temperature, Lin Jin came to understand why the monsters were acting this way.

Flipping the Four Ocean Gourd over, an incredulous breeze flowed out. In mere seconds, the suffocating heat that plagued their cave was sent away.

Shocked, the monsters then noticed their new cave master. Remembering the rules he had set for them, they quickly approached him to pay their respects. Some moved nimbly while others moved clumsily.

“Greetings, Cave Master!”

The scene of various monsters greeting him in unison formed a startling picture.

Tiger Taoist hurried over too. He had been waiting for Lin Jin to come out of seclusion for the past few days.

“Brother Tiger, come along with me,” said Lin Jin. Tiger Taoist didn’t understand where to but he nodded.

Lin Jin beckoned a cloud that sent him and Tiger Taoist flying out of Dark Wind Cave.

The Carrier Cloud spell he used was still the same one, but after Lin Jin had refined the Four Ocean Gourd, he was able to control Carrier Cloud with greater proficiency. The spell’s power might have even increased more than tenfold.

Even Tiger Taoist was shocked by the abrupt rise in strength.

He was already impressed by Lin Jin’s Carrier Cloud. Although it was by no means staggering, it was certainly a fascinating spell. This time, the same spell astonished him. In just a flash, they were already thousands of feet above the desolate lands of Arid Continent.

Standing with his arms behind his back, Lin Jin had never felt so confident before.

After all, he just finished refining the Four Ocean Gourd. Only by refining it to suit his utilization would he know just how powerful this magic treasure was. For this very reason, Lin Jin grew confident.

Frankly, Lin Jin wanted to seek Corpse Taoist out right now so he could slay him and rid this world of a potential threat.

However, Corpse Taoist’s traces were so obscure that if he intentionally kept himself hidden, Lin Jin couldn’t possibly find him in this vast world.

As for his other strong foe, Patriarch Xue Pao, Lin Jin already had a rough idea of where he was.

After resolving matters at Arid Continent, Lin Jin planned to track down Patriarch Xue Pao first and eliminate him. The man posed a substantial threat back then. Since he hadn’t come after Lin Jin, the latter would go looking for him. Lin Jin wanted to see if Patriarch Xue Pao would uphold his vow of killing Lin Jin.

Lin Jin raised his palm and the cloud they were riding on sped up. They were now more than ten thousand feet above ground.

Tiger Taoist had never flown this high before. The sweeping wind up here would throw off anyone’s balance but Lin Jin and Tiger Taoist’s cultivation was profound enough for them to steady themselves.

Looking down from a height of ten thousand feet, they could practically see half of Arid Continent. The sight was so spectacular that Tiger Taoist couldn’t help but stare at the enormous stretch of land in awe. In his excitement, he also felt his knees buckle.

Before this, he had no idea that he was afraid of heights.

“One of the reasons Arid Continent is dangerous is because rain doesn’t fall here. Back then, Daojun placed the Four Ocean Gourd here in an attempt to alter its climate. However, that failed for some reason, so now that I have inherited Daojun’s magic treasure, I have to fulfill Daojun’s wish,” Lin Jin prattled.

While Daojun had indeed hidden the gourd here, he never actually mentioned his wish to change Arid Continent’s climate or geographical structure. Lin Jin was only saying this as an excuse for what he would do next.