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"Come for me, baby," Ye Cheng whispered to her and went back to sucking her clit as his fingers worked in her.

"Gosh… I\'mm commm…uaahhhh…"

In a matter of seconds, his fingers were filled with so much come but he did not stop. He knew that continuing to fuck her would only prolong her high and that he did.

He replaced his fingers with his tongue and began to lap at her juices while his finger pinched and played with her clit and his other hand, found her nipples o tease.

Her eyes rolled in her head as he was barely given any time to relax befor he invaded her again with his tongue.

She could already feel herself building again. Her whole body was feeling so much now and if he did not stop tonguing her, she was definitely going to explode in his face.

Regardless, Ye Cheng did not bother. Rather than stopping, he brought his hand back down and added his fingers in while he tongued her with more force, alternating between her clit and her hole.

Few minutes in and Li Jing was already jerking as another wave of orgasm shot through her…

"Fuck…" Ye Cheng caused. The whole thing was too much for him. Watching his woman buck underneath his ministrations only made it harder for him to hold back.

He could no longer wait. He need to be inside her now. Quickly he pulled back and gave her some seconds to catch her breath before lining himself up with her entrance.

"My love, I want you. I\'m going to go in, okay?"

He waited briefly, for her approval before he started the next phase of their love making.

Sliding his dick between the walls of her pussy lips, he lathered up, further stimulating her and causing her whole body to tingle.

"Please, just put it in already," Li Jing complained through gritted teeth.

She needed to feel him inside her. She needed to be one with her love again. She ached to be pounded by him.

If only he could read her thoughts.

Lining up properly, Ye Cheng thrust into her in one hard thrust, causing the upper part of her body to jolt up in response.

Taking his time, he began to go slowly, not wanting to hurt her.

In! Out! In! Out! Slowly...

Until… Li Jing could no longer bear the torture.

"Ye Cheng…" He did not let her finish her sentence before he went in for the kill. Kissing her and increasing the pace of his hips, pounding into her.

The more he went, the more her walls squeezed on him. "Fuck…" This was paradise for him.

They were in bliss the moment their body parts became fully joined. It was like a union never known even though they have been joined before.

"Damn!" Ye Cheng half yelled the moment Li Jing began to move her hips in a rocking motion.

Her entrance felt so tight and even though he had been in there before, it felt like the first time due to her tight she was. It was as though her body refused to grow accustomed to his.

And anytime he thrust upwards, pushing his cock to the very end of her womb, her walls clenched, squeezing him hard, further adding more to the feeling he felt. Who would have thought that missing her and making love to her after all these acts of seduction would be such a turn-on?

The more he pounded, the more he wanted. He couldn\'t get enough. He reached down and squeezed on her boobs with both hands as his lips founds hers and they kissed hungrily.

Li Jing forgot about anything. That moment she wanted to hold on to dear life to retain her consciousness but the feeling was to much. Luckily he kissed her, giving her something to keep her mind occupied with but could she reall?

She could already feel another release coming up. "Honey, I\'m close," she managed to inform him through their kiss.

"Aaaahh, then come baby, I am close too. I want to remain buried deep inside you all night long, just like this, love."

He knew talking dirty to her would further arouse her but for now, he was trying to hold back not to come first.

Unfortunately, he could feel himself building up, adding to the fact that her entrance was still sucking and squeezing him, he knew he could no longer deny it and knew he would come at any time. Irrespective he did not want to just let go soon.

He wanted them to enjoy their lovemaking for as long as they could to make up for days not spent in each other\'s arms.

He knew that she was close as well judging from her breathing and moaning anytime he angled and kept hitting her at the right spot.

That knowledge of him doing her well wasn\'t helping his case much.

"Li Jing, baby…"

"Come in me, honey. Fill me with your hot seed, Ye Cheng and don\'t let any out."

"What have I turned you into, babe?" Ye Cheng asked her with a smirk and quickly changed positions, putting her on the all fours on the bed while she lowered her back down on the bed a bit as he continued pounding at her core.

"Aaaahhh... Michaelll…. Moree…."

"As you wish, my love." He did not slow down his pace but rather increased it and used his right hand to massage her clit, stimulating her even more.

Within seconds, he felt her walls clench on him harder as her orgasm tore through her, wrecking her body with it, bringing her to eternal bliss.


"Yes… scchhh urghh…"

Ye Cheng went on thrusting, chasing his release while not giving her any time to come down from her orgasm, prolonging the ecstasy some more.

"Baby... I\'m gonna come again if you keep pounding me like that," Li Jing managed to say between pants after another minute.

"Please do... Let\'s come together."

She nodded her head in response as his thrust became more punishing and hard.

Each thrust given and met, brought the slapping of flesh against flesh and the creaking of the poor bed beneath the lovers as they chased their carnal desires.


"I\'m close…."

"Yeah." He kept up with his speed with his fingers rubbing, pinching, and squeezing her clit.


"Scream my name love… I am close too…"

Four more hard thrusts and Li Jing was thrown over the edge by the bliss of her 4th orgasm.

Just watching as she bucked under him with her walls squeezing him, he lost it.

No longer was he able to control it and with one final thrust, he was already shooting his hot cum into her womb…

"Urghh… scchh fuck! baby…"

About a minute later both of them had collapsed on the bed, trying to catch their breaths. It was one of the most intense sex they have ever had and thrilling too.

A few minutes later, he knelt back up, withdrawing from her only to notice he was still hard and looked over to his lover shyly.

"Ready for round two?"

"More like round five," Li Jing said, turning to face him.