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He sucked in a deep breath when he felt himself ant to come and rather than allowing it, he grabbed her wrist, putting it to a stop.

He looked deep into her eyes. He knew all that mattered now was for them to both enjoy and pleasured themselves but if he had not stopped her when he did, he wasn\'t so sure if he could have held back from devouring her.

In as much as he wanted to enter her, he also wanted to savour her body first and make her to be properly prepared to take him. It had been a while since they had sex after all. So there was no rush, he was going to have her for the night.

"I love you." That was the last word he voiced out and he went in for the kill. He kissed her fully on the lips again with Li Jing letting go of his dick and holding his face, deepening his kiss.

He wanted more and so he went for more. However this time, he wasn\'t planning on doing it standing. He was going to enjoy it and not overly stress her too.

Leading her to the bed with their lips still entwined, Ye Cheng carried on with his groping and massaging of her boobs until, they were on the bed.

He pulled back first, taking off his boxer quickly and rejoining her on the bed, both of them now in their full naked glory.

She sucked in a deep breath when she saw his big dragon staring proudly at her. Quickly she pulled him down on her body, ignoring his obvious weight and allowing him press into her as they continued from where they stopped.

Mouths found each other as tongues wrestled within for dominance.

Notwithstanding, Ye Cheng had never really being one who would allow such a win in that battle especially when it had been a while since he had her.

While his hands fondled with her boobs, Li Jing played on his back and butt. Somehow, the knowledge of her touching his back side made him feel funny. It was like she was learning how to knead dough, the way he kneaded her boobs.

Instead of thinking to that, he allowed her do as she wished and concentrated on pleasuring her.

He kissed down the length of her neck, taking his time to adore the fresh skin, moving further down to her cleavage.

He wasted no time in playing around her skin when what he really wanted was her breast.

Quickly he took one nipple into his mouth. First he licked, causing her to shudder from the feeling. He did it again, poking her sensitive nipples with his tongues before enveloping it in his mouth again and began to suck with so much gusto.

"Aahhhh…" Li Jing arched her back, pushing her chest forward and her breast further into his mouth.

She winced at the pain she felt when he bit down on her nipple before sucking on it again and licking her soft flesh.

While his mouth did their thing, his other hand did not let the other breast rest and fondled on it more.

"Ohh… aaahh yes… more, more, suck on the other one too, honey," Li Jing moaned her need.

Who was he not to oblige her? Moving to the next breast, he played with her erect nipples using his hand while his lips did what they did to the other one to this, nibbling and sucking, biting and pinching.

"Cheng… Michaeelll…"

He loved it when she moaned out his English name. It fueled ihis desire and boasted his ego. By now long had she forgotten about his butt.

Rather she was so focused on enjyng the pleasure he was giving her.


"Yes love, moan my name some more. Tell me how good you feel."

Leaving her with his instructions on what to do, he snaked his free hand down between them and let it rest on her sex, teasing her with it.

Knowing that she wanted it and knowing he was teasing, Li Jing did not mind, rather she pushed her hips forward, arching for his fingers to touch her sex and make her come as she loved it.

"Someone is eager?"

"Yes. Touch me already. Make love to me, baby."

"With pleasure."

He moved down, freeing her breast from his torturous pleasure and kissed his way further down. First he played with her belly button before he parted her legs with his hands and kissed down till he came face to face with her treasure.

Finally she was free from all that she was feeling. Although happy but she could not deny the fact that it only made her want more and want her husband\'s dick inside her to grind and pound her.

Just when the thoughts were flying through her mind, he kissed her clit and licked down to her core.


All she could do was gasp and grip the sheets as his next assault was to tongue her. Not stopping or waiting for anything he began his ministrations in her, kissing and licking at her pussy, his pussy.

He sucked, drank of her sweet nectar while enjoying how her body responded to him and poured out its juices. "Aaahh oh my… Gosh! Hmm…"

Soon he could feel her body tense and relax under him. She tried sitting up, hoping to escape his grasp but his grip on her hips were secured.

He pulled her back down, hooking his hand under her thigh and holding her in place as he feasted on her entrance.

He knew she was close, he could barely contain himself.

The more he tongued her, the more he felt as though it was his dick doing all the work. Her body was driving him crazy, pushing him to the edge but he couldn\'t stop.

Feeling her high building as her walls clenched on his tongue, he pulled out briefly, replacing his tongue with two fingers and began to pump into her with a little bit of force at first, helping her build more and unable to hold back.