Monster Paradise - Chapter 1699 - Upgraded To Rank-S

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Chapter 1699 - Upgraded To Rank-S

Over the next few days, one after the other, the imperial monsters entered the virtual realm everyday to hunt for Void beasts.

Bloody joined Lancelot and Teng Ran\'s team on the second day. After the hunt ended, she created a clone to return to the Nephilic Judge Star Zone.

Given her current identity and status, although Kylie was definitely safe with the Nephilic Judge Tribe, Bloody was still a little worried about leaving her alone with them for long periods of time.

Bai, Grimace and a small number of imperial monsters left the Demon Eye Star Zone after getting out of the virtual realm.

However, most imperial monsters chose to stay.

Lin Huang would obtain a 30% share of the Origin Energy collected by the imperial monsters\' daily. Although it was not much, it was better than nothing at all.

He did not remain idle over the past few days either.

He received the Nine Snake team\'s storage rings that had been unsealed from Yang Ling.

The items in there had far surpassed Lin Huang\'s expectations.

Among them, Nine Snake\'s collection was the most shocking.

As a reincarnated being, Nine Snake could not refine Goldfingers.

However, there were three Goldfingers in his storage ring.

Clearly he had obtained these after killing travellers, and had not had the opportunity to trade them.

Lin Huang checked the three Goldfingers. Almost all of them were of the lowest grade and had mediocre functions.

He placed them into the Gate of All Realms to refine them.

After spending a few days refining them, the number of virtual bodies the Gate of All Realms could create increased to six.

Lin Huang increased the daily allocations for the imperial beasts to enter the virtual realm from one team to two.

Apart from three Goldfingers, Nine Snake\'s storage ring contained all sorts of reincarnated beings\' tools and medicines.

Even Lin Huang coveted some of these tools and medicines.

However, these were exclusively for reincarnated beings. Others could not use them at all.

Not only that, some of the tools and medicines could only be used in the reincarnation dimension.

Lin Huang could not get into the reincarnation dimension, and therefore could not use them.

He could only post them on Royal\'s auction to sell them.

He did not have to worry about people bidding on them by mistake since he included a remark stating that these items were exclusively for reincarnated beings.

There were many powerhouses in Royal, which meant that there were definitely entities such as travellers and reincarnated beings.

In reality and in the universe, reincarnated beings, travellers and regenerated beings were not a secret to powerhouses at the lord-level and above.

Though Lin Huang could not use the reincarnated beings\' tools and medicines, there were other more valuable items in Nine Snake\'s storage ring.

There were tens of Dao Weapons alone.

Moreover, most of them were expert-grade Dao Weapons. There were even two supreme-grade Dao Weapons.

To Lin Huang who possessed God Weapons, these were valuable items that could be traded.

The person who had the second most valuable collection was the upper-rank Lord, Scarlet Fox.

Scarlet Fox was a regenerated being, which was probably why he knew some of the ancient secret zones and ruins that outsiders were unaware of.

There were hundreds of Dao Weapons in his collection.

However, these were mostly intermediate-grade Dao Weapons, amounting to a total of about 60 intermediate-grade Dao Weapons.

There were over 20 low-grade and expert-grade Dao Weapons.

There was one supreme-grade Dao Weapon.

Apart from Dao Weapons, there were other luxury items such as precious stones in his storage ring as well.

These were not just accessories. Most of them were engraved with complicated sigils and could boost one\'s capabilities to an extent similar to that of Dao Weapons.

Lin Huang was not too sure whether they were gifts he received or if they were items he planned to give away as gifts.

There were hundreds of these luxury items. He speculated that the price of each luxury item was on par with some of the Dao Weapons.

The one who had the third most valuable collection was not the upper-rank Lord, Silver, but rather the middle-rank Lord, the mummy-like man.

He was a regenerated being too.

The number of Dao Weapons in his storage ring was only second to Scarlet Fox. There were over 80 Dao Weapons.

However, most of them were intermediate-grade Dao Weapons. There were only five expert-grade Dao Weapons.

Lin Huang also received a surprise gift from his storage ring.

There were over a hundred bottles with a variety of lord-level beings\' blood essence.

Lin Huang immediately thought of feeding the Pure Golden Blood again.

There were no surprises to Lin Huang on what the remaining Raiders had in their storage rings. The value of their contents was similar to what he had anticipated.

The one that disappointed him the most was Silver\'s storage ring.

As an upper-rank Lord, apart from a Goldfinger, there was almost nothing that Lin Huang could use in his storage ring.

He thought there would be mechanoids who would be interested in those items if he auctioned them on Royal\'s auction.

The Goldfinger, on the other hand, was of the lowest grade. Lin Huang gave it to the Gate of All Realms to absorb without much hesitation. After that, the Gate of All Realms could create seven virtual bodies daily.

After briefly sorting out spoils, Lin Huang posted the items that could be sold on Royal\'s auction.

He evaluated the valuable ones and decided that they could only be traded with upper-rank Lords\' and ultimate-rank Lords\' God Territories.

Those that were not valuable could be traded with middle-rank Lords\' and upper-rank Lords\' God Territories.

Naturally, he did not forget to include the remark—There was no limit to the type of God Territories. Bug Tribe and Abyssal ones were also acceptable.

As he was not in a hurry, Lin Huang set the auction duration to last a month.

The next morning, after doing an inventory of the spoils and posting more of them on the auction, his Royal Token suddenly vibrated.

He thought something had gone wrong with his trades, so he took out his identity token immediately.

However, a call request popped up directly as he spread his Divine Telekinesis over it.

Lin Huang looked at the name. It was Liu Fu.

He was stunned for a second, before he clicked the answer button shortly after.

The next moment, Liu Fu\'s image projection appeared not far from Lin Huang.

"Congratulations, Brother Lin Huang!"

Liu Fu congratulated him with a smile on his face as soon as his image was projected.

"From today on, just like me, you\'re a Royal Rank-S member."

In reality, when Lin Huang saw Liu Fu\'s name on the call request, he had already guessed that he would be calling about this. Nevertheless, he was still slightly surprised.

"Is the Royal Rank-S evaluation that easy?"

It had only been less than three days. Not only that, nobody came looking for him for assessments of any sorts.

After all, as a job seeker on Earth in the past, you would have to go through at least one round of interview after sending in your resume before being selected. The company would only get them to start working after meeting the job seeker and deeming the person suitable for the job.

However, there was not even an "interviewer" from Royal for the Rank-S evaluation this time. Lin Huang thought that the process was a little too easy.

"Was it easy? Royal\'s headquarters receives tens of hundreds of applications to upgrade the members to Rank-S almost every year. There might not be even one person who passes the application over tens of years." Liu Fu looked at Lin Huang with a smile.

"The passing rate is so low?" That fact indeed surprised Lin Huang.

"What do you think?" Liu Fu continued, "Your application passed so quickly because I recorded the entire battle between you and Nine Snake\'s team. Your ability, talent and potential were shown completely. After the superiors saw it, they passed your evaluation unanimously. Nobody voted against you."

"Aren\'t they worried that the video might be fake? Shouldn\'t they at least send someone to verify the applicant\'s ability?" Lin Huang raised his doubts anyway.

"Firstly, I recorded that battle video as a Supervisor. I used tools exclusive to Supervisors to record the video. The video was saved immediately, and was recorded into Royal\'s network database directly. The video can\'t be edited."

"Secondly, I saw the entire battle with my own eyes. The superiors asked about you as well. I\'m a Rank-S member, so I have a certain amount of credibility in Royal. I wouldn\'t lie for the sake of a newbie. Moreover, some of these entities would be able to tell if I\'m lying at glance."

"To put it simply, your brute force proved your qualifications. You even surpassed the average Rank-S member\'s standard. Therefore, it was easy for your application to be approved."

Liu Fu explained in detail.

"What\'s the difference between a Rank-S and Rank-A member?" Lin Huang stopped dwelling on the difficulty of being upgraded and asked about something else instead.

"The difference is quite significant. Rank-S members are considered to be Royal\'s core members. There\'s a great upgrade in your authority, as well as all sorts of rights."

"Rank-S members can apply for resource subsidies annually. There are also the convoy quotas. Convoys will enjoy Rank-A member\'s treatments in Royal. The number of affiliate organizations under you increases too. The authority relative to that has been upgraded as well. Also, you won\'t have to pay any handling fees to participate in Royal\'s auction…" Liu Fu said a bunch of things. "I won\'t go into the specifics. You can check the details and description yourself."

"To put it simply, Rank-S members are Royal\'s biological sons, while members below Rank-S could only be considered their illegitimate children."