Monster Integration - Chapter 2734 Thin Balance

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Chapter 2734 Thin Balance

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Finally, with the last attack, the prison broke away, and I let myself fall down while activating my stealth method at full power; the monsters were still around, and I was in no mood to fight against them.

Thankfully, the Grimm had scared the monsters enough that they were hesitating to come at me, but their hesitation will disappear soon. Though by that time, I will completely disappear from their senses, and they will not be able to find me.


I landed on the ground with a loud thud, and I disappeared; a few seconds later, the monsters landed on the same spot heavily but did not see any sign of me aside from the light print.


I heard the roar of the monster couple but did not focus on it too much. I am already far away from it, and with every second, the distance is widening, especially since the monster is moving in the opposite direction. The monster disappeared, but I did not let my guard down, as it was not the only monster searching for me.

‘It was an amazing battle, father; you have bound that idiot Grimm without it even realizing it,’ praised Nero as it guided me through the Monsters.

‘You shouldn’t underestimate the Grimms, Nero, especially the old ones as it.’ I cautioned, ‘Fasra had been too confident of its abilities. If it had remained cautious and rang away on time, I wouldn’t have been able to stop it, even with all my abilities,’ I added.

‘It was no match for you, father, and if I had fought it, I would have beat it too,’ Nero replied, not taking the meaning I wanted to convey.

I couldn’t help but shake my head at that; it seemed like I would have to give him more battle exposure, or he would grow too confident in his abilities. The battles would make him understand reality and also help him polish his abilities.


A few more seconds passed when a smile appeared on my face; the harvest of Fasra had begun; this couldn’t help but bring a smile to my face.

Fasra is the strongest Grimm I have ever taken inside me my core, even slightly stronger than the Grimms I have killed in the psychedelic ruin, the exception of the vidette, but it does not count as it did not provide me with a strengthening boost that Fasra will provide.

I am very excited about it; with this boost, I will be even stronger; it will shrink the distance of power between the Grimms of this ruin and me a lot, and I will have a much easier time killing them.


Another minute had passed, and the harvest finally finished; a moment later, my runes buzzed, and powerful strengthening energy flooded inside me that a low moan couldn’t help but escape from my mouth.

It had been more than two months since I had the strengthening energy in me, and I nearly forgot how wonderful this feeling it. Every moment, the energy would seep inside me, strengthening every part of me, from the soul to the body.


‘Interesting,’ I couldn’t help but mutter when my clone saw something through my meta-scan; my bones which I had thought would accept less energy after they had gone through breaking and melding, are doing the opposite thing.

They are consuming the energy like hungry beasts, strengthening themselves more rapidly than the rest of the body and the soul.

Usually, I do not interfere with how the strengthening energy is divided, as the runes always distribute in balance, but I decided to interfere. The bones are absorbing too much energy, and I could not let that happen; they needed to be balanced with the rest of the body, or instead of increasing my strength, they will decrease it.

I made some changes and looked inside my core, where the great changes were occurring; the resources were growing rapidly, and in just a matter of seconds, the plant which had been at my foot had become bigger than me.

In the past two months, I have used a lot of resources from my core, and it feels good to see them growing fast especially the stainless blood soul lotuses. I have planted another badge of stainless lotuses from the seeds I got from the loti I had harvested.

This batch is big, nearly double that the last time which means I will need a huge amount of growth energy, which I could only get from hunting Grimms with the Bloodline and the videttes.

I truly did not want to plant so many of them, considering the sheer amount of growth energy they consume. It not only made them grow slower with less growth energy for each, but it cut the share of growth energy of other resources in the garden, which is also very important.

But I had no choice but to do it; these resources had extremly powerful abilities; they not only cleanse one’s soul and body but also alter the talent and create a growth spurt. This resource has played a big part in leveling up of High-Grandmasters and tens of Grandmasters in the past few months.

Not to mention, I have given it to all the council members, including that hateful bastard Sky Saber. I might hate him, but I know he is powerful and one of the biggest defenses we have against the Grimms; the stronger he, the more helpful it will be for the race.

I am forgetting my hate for the love of my race.

The strengthening continued for more than four minutes before stopping, and my strength had transformed. If I had fought against Fasra now, it would not have been able to crack my defenses, even with the help of that ancestral artifact.

It feels good to be powerful, and now I am more sure of killing the Grimms here, but before I do that, I need to do one more thing.

‘Nero, help me find the luminescent pool of high-grandmaster class,’ I asked Nero. ‘Yes, father,’ I said and immediately felt Nero powering up his investigative abilities.

I have controlled the amount of strengthening energy the bones took, so the balance will be maintained, but the balance is now hanging on a thin line. If my bones get even slightly stronger, it will affect me adversely, so I need to strengthen my flesh, and the luminescent pool will help me with that.

With my flesh stronger, the balance will be greater, and I will be able to project a lot more raw power, which I will need against the Grimms.

Still, it is not easy to find a luminescent pool, even in an area where luminescent energy is dense as this. I just hope it does not take too long, I have to go to the castle soon, or I am sure the council will send a party.

Time passed by, and every few minutes, Nero would find a luminescent pool, most of which were Master and Grandmaster classes; within an hour, he found twenty-three pools, fourteen Master class, and nine Grandmaster class, but not a single High-Grandmaster class.

‘Father, I have found it,’ Nero finally said the words I had been hoping to hear from it, and it only took him two hours and eleven minutes.