Monster Integration - Chapter 1924 - Questions Of Heart II

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Chapter 1924 - Questions Of Heart II

"You don\'t have to do this alone; if you need any help, just ask me." I said, "Even if we are not in a relationship, you are still an important person to me; always remember that." I said as I kissed her temple gently.

"Thank you, Micheal," she said, "When I came here, I was expecting you to rage at me, but you have been nothing but supporting, even helping me solve a knot in my heart," she said and hugged me; the hug lasted for more than a minute before she let go.

"By the way, how powerful are you?" She asked suddenly as she got her emotions under control, "What do you mean? Can\'t you sense, I have a strength of mid-level Unranked Tyrant; I have worked very hard to gain such strength, it is not easy as you people with bloodline," I said back while amplifying my aura.

"Snort!" she snorted, hearing that, "Don\'t fool me, Micheal, I know you too well to believe this your real strength." She said while looking directly into my eyes. "You always hide your strength, even when you show it off to others, so what is your real strength?" she asked again.

Hearing that, a smile couldn\'t help but appear on my face; there are very few people who understood my true nature, and Mira is one of them. She had been my lover and got to know me quite deeply and could feel when I was hiding something..

"Do you really wanna know? You might get shocked," I asked, so that she just gave me her annoyed look, seeing that I knew I had to show her something.

"Get ready to be shocked then," I said and started increasing my aura slowly. It was the middle of the unranked stage at first before it had climbed to the peak; from looking at Mira\'s eyes, I know this she considered my true strength.

So, when my aura kept rising, and I reached a step away from the Elite stage and continued climbing, her expression became watchable and transformed to that of the cartoons when it broke through the elite stage.

Even then, my aura continued climbing and stopped when it was just a step away from reaching mid of elite class.

"To be honest, I had expected you to be at the peak of the unranked class and at the most step away from the elite class but never an Elite." She said softly.

xa0 "What is an elite class? Regular Tyrants spend decades, some even spend centuries to reach this stage, and you have reached it while you are still an Emperor," she added with a tone that is soft as the flapping of mosquito wings.

"With you gaining the power of elite class while still being Emperor, when you leveled up to Tyrant, you will undoubtedly become a leader class Tyrant." She said, and I couldn\'t help but nod at that; as she was right, the moment I became Tyrant, I will be a Leader class Tyrant, a power which most Tyrant could dream of having.

"It looks like the target of two crazies are not as impossible as I had thought them to be, and now I had also decided that I would only level up to Tyrant when I became an elite." "If you could do it, so am I, and I have freaking Prime Bloodline; I should be able to do it," She said loudly that had left my ears buzzing.

"You do not have to shout this loudly; I could understand if you spoke like a normal person," I said, to which she glared at me.

"You know how difficult you have made things for me already?, now I have to do anything to Elite stage before I became Tyrant; otherwise, I would hear taunts rest of my life about big of a mistake I had made by choosing someone else over you," she said with joke with no sadness in her eyes.

"I am confident you will be to do it; it is much easier for people with a bloodline to accomplish it than a common people like me," I said.

"You, a common person, don\'t joke, Micheal? If you consider your common, then rest of all just drink poison and die," she said as she hit me on the shoulder hard.

Seeing her behaving normally as she used to before, a smile couldn\'t help but appear on my face. When she had come, her mood was heavy, filled with burned, and now it had lightened up. Though her problems had not been solved, she had found the courage and way to solve them.

"Do you have any tips, Micheal? I really need some good tips if I want to get the power of Elite Tyrant while still being an Emperor," she asked.xa0

"Regretfully, I do not have any tips for you. The way I had used it was quite unconventional and could only be used by someone like me; you will have to find your own way, Mira," I said with regret.

\'\'It is going to be hard, but if you can do it, then I am sure I will be able to do it too," she said. "I am, you will; I have full confidence in you," I said as I pressed her hand tighter.

"Thank you for the encouragement," she said.

"Though I do not have any tips for you, I have something else that might help you," I said and gave her a small box.xa0

"Bloodline Furnace Potion, Ive drank one before that one was a lower grade than this one," She said, "Thank you, Micheal, this will really help me a lot." She said and put the box into her storage.

"I also have something for you; I don\'t know whether it would be any help to you or not, but it should be,xa0 seeing it belong to one of the rules you have comprehended." She said and handed me the wooden box. I opened the box and could not believe what I saw inside it, it is really a thing I very much needed.