Monster Integration - Chapter 1923 - Questions Of Heart I

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Chapter 1923 - Questions Of Heart I

"I hope this time you will stay in the academy for more than a day, lady Serena," Councilwomen Marla asked, "Regretfully, we could not; we will leave in the night after we have our meeting with this little friend," Lady Serena said as looked at me.

"It would be my honor to join you, lady Serena," I said, "There is no rush, little one. Mathew and I have some business in the academy; I am sure you and Mimi have something to talk to," She said and flew away with the councilmen leaving and Mira and I alone.

An awkward silence spread between us; it had been quite long since we had met, and once, the intense emotions that had boned us had long since calmed down.

"Its been a while," I said finally, "Yeah, a while," she replied with a small smile. "Let\'s go to my house; there we can talk with little more privacy," I said, and she nodded. We flew across the sky, and with our speed, it did not take us more than a minute to reach my home.

Thud Thud!

We landed on the porch and went inside and took places on a sofa against each other again with awkward silence; there is a lot more awkwardness than I had initially imagined. There is some sort of immeasurable distance grown between us that should not be between the lovers.xa0 xa0 xa0 xa0 xa0 xa0 xa0 xa0 xa0 xa0 xa0 xa0 xa0 xa0 xa0 xa0 xa0 xa0 xa0 .

"Ive met someone," Mira said suddenly, and instead of feeling shocked and anger over it, I felt myself coming over the emotions of relief.

It is a completely different reaction; even Mira seemed surprised by seeing there is no shock or anger in my face, hell even I am shocked by it.

"Before parting, we have said that we would pursue other relationships if we have found someone we come to love, and I would have not thought I might find someone; I mean, who dare to love another person when they have you, which not only my parents are approved of but also most higher-ups from my organization," She said with a mirthless laugh.

"I am very sorry, Micheal." She said as she came close to me and looked at me with misty eyes.

"You don\'t have to apologize," I said with a sigh, "We have known the break will be long, and there might be a chance that we might fall in love with other people and thus be given permission to pursue them," I said with a small smile.

I wanted to be angry at her, but I could not muster even a shred of anger at her which is enough to tell me that our relationship had ended long ago, and I just did not realize it.

"Who is he? Do I know him?" I asked, hearing that a weird smile appeared on her face, "It is not he but she," Mira replied with a smile.xa0

Hearing that, I could help but get surprised surprised before a mirthless smile appeared on my face; it wasn\'t the first time since women had taken women I am romantically interested or involved in.

Hell, no man had taken women I was interested in; it was always a woman. First, it was Ellen, and now whoever Mira had fallen in love with.

"I did not know you are into women," I asked; as far as I know, Mira is straight, sorry was straight. "I did not either, but it all changed when I met Celina," she said dreamily. Hearing the name, recognization clicked in my mind.

"Are you referring to Celina Shaw?" I asked back, and she nodded with a smile. I know this name, but this woman is the youngest to become leader class Tyrant in Windgod Temple in this century.xa0

If I am right then, Celina Shaw is thirty-five years old, so the age difference between is not that big, and in few years, the power difference between them would not be much bigger, seeing Mira\'s Bloodline.

"She is quite a catch," I said; not only Celina Shaw is powerful, but she is also a very beautiful woman, one of the most eligible women in the world.

Mira looked strangely quiet about the praise, "What is it? Do you guys having a problem?" I asked. "No, I am fine, its just that your opinion isn\'t shared by everyone," She said and vaguely understood what was happening.

Mira remained quiet for a few seconds before she looked at me, "My family and others pressuring me to end the relationship with her before you come to know about our relationship; they think you are a much bigger catch than Celina," She said with a sad sigh.

"It did not matter what they think; it is your life, and the thing that should matter is what you think," I said as I took her hands into mine. "And its not like they could do anything to you; you are a host of prime Bloodline; all they could do is force you with their words and nothing else," I said.

"I know that, but these people are my parents, and people Ive come to respect. They will accept my decision when they want or not, but they would always say that I could have had a better partner than Celina if I had wanted,"xa0

"I would be fine with but Celina, she will always feel down because of it, and you are not making things better with your progress," She said while looking at me with her tear-stained face.

I don\'t know what to say to that; it is like whatever I say would not be enough and what she said is the truth she and Celine have to face if they want to continue with her relationship and seeing the way she is talking, she seemed to be in quite deeply in love.

"If you want, I could break up with you," I said after few seconds of thinking. "I can\'t ask you to do that; the consequences of it would be heavy for you and your academy, and besides, it is my problem; I will deal with it on my own," she said as she wiped the tears off her face.

It is not just two people anymore; any decision we make affects our organization, and our breakup would be a kind of big thing.