MMORPG: Martial Gamer - Chapter 1584 - Undefeatable Wang Yu

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Chapter 1584: Undefeatable Wang Yu


As Wang Yu swiped Luke’s HP bar clean, Director Li fell slowly onto the chair.

Ma Longteng and the others stood there, stunned. An overwhelming silence overcame the monitoring room.

“Wang Yu managed to kill Luke. He even killed him so cleanly. Nobody expected a mythical legend like Dark Luke, with an HP bar of 1,000,000, died right after he penetrated his defences.

If they didn’t see it happen before their eyes, Ma Longteng wouldn’t have believed that Wang Yu wasn’t a hacker.

The most insecure person was Director Li. The issue of the content leak was because of Wang Yu. At first, Director Li and the others insisted that Wang Yu was hacking. Finally, they pushed the blame to Zhao Xinpei, nearly driving him to his resignation.

Now, Wang Yu was in front of the boss, Ma Longteng. He killed Luke, testifying for Zhao Xinpei’s innocence. As one of the leaders who pushed the blame to someone else, Director Li’s prospects had reached his limits.

As he watched how Wang Yu killed Luke with his abilities, Ma Longteng’s expression turned serious.

“Young brat, you have a good eye! Good job!” Ma Longteng patted Zhao Xinpei’s shoulder, “You’re right. We can’t have a player pay for the gaming studio’s mistakes! We can’t blame it on our technicians either!”

With that, Ma Longteng turned around and glanced at Director Li. “Director Li, even though I don’t know how many people are involved in this matter, I hope that you will give me a satisfactory response.

“I… I understand…”

Director Li’s expression turned pale as sweat drops flowed into his collar.

“Mary, let’s go!” Ma Longteng wasn’t interested in Director Li’s punishment. He left the room with Mary and the others.


Within God’s Tower, Luke turned into a streak of white light after he died.

As the very first person who killed the legendary God-grade BOSS, Luke dropped all his rewards without hesitation.

Equipment, skill books and quest items dropped onto the ground.

The most prominent was a heart-shaped rock glowing with Divine Light.

Wang Yu’s hand-eye coordination was fast. The moment he saw it, he grasped it.

God’s Glory: Quest Item.

Item description: A precious rock that originated from Heaven’s Realm, it has powerful divine strength.

“I’ve finally gotten you. It was not easy.” Staring at God’s Glory, Wang Yu felt triumphant.

After meeting so many BOSSES, even though Luke wasn’t the rarest, he was the most rigged and annoying to deal with.

His defences only broke after performing a [1000 Combo]. This setting itself gave Wang Yu great trouble.

Even if they opened the level cap beyond LV200 in the future, other than Wang Yu, there wouldn’t be anyone who could defeat Luke because of that condition.

Since the Luke that Wang Yu defeated wasn’t his final form, Luke’s drops were numerous but were mostly materials and skill books.

Light Stone*5

God’s Feather*2

Even though these materials were scarce, they were utterly useless to Wang Yu.

However, those skill books weren’t a bad get.

[Divine Light]: Rare ability. Summoning the Divine Light will cause a [Blind] effect to all targets within the area. The effect lasts for 30 seconds.

Required job: Holy Priest

Wang Yu was familiar with this skill. That was how Luke blinded him before.

Unfortunately, only Priests could learn this skill.

The terrifying part was, the only person Wang Yu was on good terms with and was a Priest, was Fearless.

[Blind] was an effect that wasn’t as strong as [Root] or [Stun]. However, in terms of irritation, it was one of the top picks.

Yeah, it was the same for Fearless. In terms of annoying his enemies, Fearless was a perfect match for the skill.

If a cunning person obtained such an irritating skill, it would create a huge impact. In any case, Wang Yu couldn’t imagine what would happen.

Since Fearless was practically a walking human grenade, if he obtained the Divine Light’s effect, tsk tsk… he’d be complete scum.

Keeping the [Divine Light] into his bag, Wang Yu picked up another Skill Book.

[Divine Banner]: Rare ability. Using it on a weapon will cause Divine Magical damage on your enemies. Your teammates will receive an attack boost, drawing players who are alive to your banner. Banner knocks up all enemy units, causing huge damage.

Required job: Knight

Wang Yu saw Luke use this skill as well. It was much stronger than the signature [Charge] skill Knights had.

Unfortunately, only Knights could use it…

There was only one person in Quan Zhen Sect who was a Knight. Other than Mu Zixian, there wasn’t any other person who had this job. Mu Zixian wasn’t great at battles. Even if he gave her this skill, it’d be a waste. That was why even though the skill was strong, the only use was to exchange it for cash.

“For a powerful BOSS like that, can’t he drop a single Pugilist’s skill or equipment?”

Staring at the two skill books in his hands, he stared at the equipment that Luke dropped. Wang Yu revealed an expression of frustration.

Damn, he put in so much effort to defeat the BOSS, but there wasn’t a single item for him. It felt like he put in all his energy into earning money to marry a girl, only to end up marrying into her family.

Evidently, as the God of Light, Luke’s believers had a unique characteristic. They didn’t acknowledge other divine spirits’ existences. Similar to his followers, Luke was the same.

This *sshole only dropped items for Priests and Knights. Seeing this, Wang Yu was frustrated.

Soon, Wang Yu picked up most of the items Luke dropped. There was only a cross-shaped spear left on the ground. It was also the only weapon Luke dropped.

“Finally something I can use…”

Staring at the spear on the ground, Wang Yu was close to tears.

This spear was designed modestly. There wasn’t much of a difference compared to the beginner village’s starter’s gun. However, Wang Yu sensed the divine power emanating from the spear. Naturally, Wang Yu recognized the spear. It was the one Luke was using.

According to the job’s specifications, Pugilists could use any weapons from another job class. Technically, Wang Yu should be able to use this spear.

Picking up the spear on the ground, Wang Yu opened the attributes excitedly as Wang Yu’s smile faded gradually.

[Murderer – Divine Scar (Spear) (Legendary) (Not assessed)]

Level Requirement: 60

Required job(s): Knight, Priest (Special equipment)

Item description: The almighty God of Light descended to the human world to spread his word. However, foolish humans decided to slaughter him. Foolish executioners used the Divine Scar to pierce the God of Light’s heart. As it was stained with God’s blood, this weapon signifies human’s foolishness, turning into the God of Light’s divine weapon.

“You b*stard!”

Reading the special requirement for the equipment, Wang Yu nearly tossed the item aside.

He was willing to let go of the fact that it was unassessed. If he returned to the market, he could buy an Assessment Scroll. A piece of legendary-tier equipment wouldn’t be assessed as rubbish. However, the special equipment had several meanings to it.

Damn, even a weak Priest could use something like this. But he couldn’t?

Wang Yu’s frustration was hard to swallow.