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Chapter 695: Refused To Admit

Xiang Nan was incapable of staying composed after looking at the evidence.

In the morning, he was reveling in joy when he heard that Huo Xiang’s condition was unstable and felt his opportunity to make a comeback was finally knocking on his doors.

But, in just a matter of hours, he was told that his little brother had something to do with Huo Xiang’s traffic accident and he saw the iron-clad evidence with his own eyes.

Even though he had nothing to do with this, it was public knowledge that Huo Xiang and Xiang Nan did not get along, so everyone would naturally feel that he instigated his little brother to do this.

The moment he saw the evidence and footage of his little brother appearing in the company car parked surveillance footage, all his hopes were dashed. Both he and his little brother might end up being charged.

“I wanted to report this to the cops immediately. Since we are friends, I want to give your little brother a chance. If he voluntarily confesses his crime, he will get a lighter sentence. Do you understand?” said Tong Yu as Xiang Nan fell into deep contemplation.

Xiang Nan clenched his fists tightly when he heard this. A lot of thoughts swept through his mind before he finally bit his lips and looked at Tong Yu with determination. “No, it can’t possibly be my little brother.”

Despite the evidence, it was not enough to prove that his little brother was directly involved in Huo Xiang’s traffic accident. To begin with, Xiang Yang’s face could not be seen from the footage.

Without iron-clad evidence, Xiang Yang could not be directly tied to the crime, so there was still a chance for him.

Tong Yu watched as Xiang Nan refused to admit that Xiang Yang was the culprit.

He looked annoyed and said, “Xiang Nan, just think about it. If he confesses the crime on his own, his sentence would be less severe. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

The moment Xiang Nan heard what Tong Yu said, he slammed the evidence on the table and stood up. “Let the cops come. I trust my little brother. It won’t be the first time someone forged some footage. Lucky got into an accident because he was high, but he wants someone else to take the fall for him. That’s a joke!”

Tong Yu laughed angrily before he pressed his forehead. He did not understand why he even bothered trying. “Fine. In that case, I won’t talk you out of it. I will get the cops to handle this.”

Xiang Nan clenched his fists as he pursed his lips and said, “Whatever. I have to get to practice if that’s all you have to say to me.”

Tong Yu looked at Xiang Nan and recalled Huo Tingrui’s reminder for him not to waste time. He had a nagging feeling that Huo Tingrui was trying to warn him about something. He paused before he reminded Xiang Nan one final time. “Let me remind you that Lucky’s older brother is one of the best lawyers in the industry. If…”

“So what? They can’t bend the law at their whim. He needs evidence. I am not afraid of him!” interrupted Xiang Nan coldly.

The moment he finished his sentence, he turned to leave without waiting for Tong Yu to say anything.

Tong Yu shook his head mockingly when he saw Xiang Nan’s reaction. Since he wanted to dig his own grave, Tong Yu certainly could not stop him.

After Xiang Nan left the office, he went to the bathroom. He leaned against the door limply after he closed it behind him.

He finally took out his phone and called Xiang Yang after composing himself.

Although he had denied that it was Xiang Yang when Tong Yu asked him, he knew the truth.

Even though the line was not busy, no one answered. Xiang Nan called several times, but it was futile.

Xiang Nan felt anxious after hanging up the phone, so he swiped down to Xiang Yang’s colleague’s phone number and called him instead.