Medical Princess - Chapter 785 - A Few Words Are Missing

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Chapter 785 A Few Words Are Missing

After a few twists and turns, the letter, containing many missions and plots, was finally given to Shao Yanru.

A palace maid secretly gave the letter to Han Dan, who put it into her sleeve, and presented the letter to Shao Yanru while nobody was around.

Shao Yanru hurriedly took it. Seeing that the envelope was open, she frowned tightly and asked, “Why is the envelope open?”

How could her father send a letter with an open envelope? He had always been a discreet person. How could he do such a careless thing?

“I don’t know. Maybe… they sent it in a hurry! It’s said the letter is from the Duke to you, Miss. It’s not convenient for the Duke to visit the Empress’s palace.”

Han Dan answered lightly, lowering her head respectfully. It was a little dim in the side hall, so her flustered face could not be seen clearly!

“Miss, why is the Duke in such a hurry?” Shuqi asked in confusion. She was also from the Duke’s Mansion and had always thought that the Duke was a sensible person. “Could it be fake?”

Shao Yanru looked at the words on the envelope and took out the letter inside to have a look. It was indeed her father’s handwriting, including some details.

In the past, her father Shao Jing had told her about these details, so that she could be able to tell if her father was the real author or not at the critical moment.

In any case, it was indeed her father’s handwriting.

She read it suspiciously and frowned deeply. She didn’t know what her father meant. He wanted her to leave the palace? If she left the palace, she would be done for. It was impossible for her to marry anyone from the royal family. Moreover, in her current situation, she could only marry a man inferior to her. If she married outside the capital, her life would be over. How could she be willing to do that?

Looking through the letter over and over again, Shao Yanru still couldn’t figure it out, so she asked, “Is there anything else?” With her father’s cautiousness, it was very likely that he would send another message.

“Miss, there is nothing else. The palace maid just passed the letter to me and then left. She only asked me to hand the letter to you as soon as possible. She said that you would understand when you read it!” After thinking for a while, Han Dan shook her head lightly and answered.

The little palace maid seemed to be very nervous. After pulling her aside to deliver the letter, she left in a hurry.

Han Dan didn’t know where this palace maid came from. She lived in the side hall with Shao Yanru and had met very few people. She didn’t know whether this palace maid worked for the Empress or other masters.

Shao Yanru’s face clouded as she looked at the letter in her hand. If there was nothing else, it meant that her father asked her to stay in the Phoenix Palace to recuperate and go back when the time was right. She must not act rashly.

Why? Why did father send such a letter in?

Since such a big thing had happened, she was almost ruined. If she didn’t come up with an idea at this time, she would really have no chance in the end!

It was impossible that her father meant that, but it was him who wrote the letter.

Shao Yanru read the letter under the lamp for a long time. Through careful thought, she couldn’t figure it out. She suddenly put down the letter in her hand and breathed a sigh of relief. She knew her father well. If there was any hope, he would never want her to marry outside the capital. Thus, he meant another.

The letter was opened. It meant that the letter must have been read by someone. No one knew who might have read it. In order to prevent others from seeing the letter, her father said these words in the letter. But in fact, he meant another.

Her father wanted her to seize the opportunity to plan in the palace and settle the matter before leaving the palace. Otherwise, there would be no hope for her.

After understanding it, Shao Yanru relaxed and felt that she realized her father’s intention.

However, she didn’t expect that the meaning of the letter was indeed Shao Jing’s intention, and he did want her to leave the palace quietly and not make trouble again. After leaving the palace, Prince Cheng would naturally help her. When Prince Cheng ascended the throne in the future, Shao Yanru’s title of “future empress” would still come true.

In Shao Jing’s opinion, Prince Cheng would certainly not allow others to read the letter. He also wanted to send a message originally, but he didn’t. He knew Prince Cheng very well. If he said more, it meant he did not trust him, which would irritate the prince. If he did not say anything, Prince Cheng would add an obvious sentence in order to deal with it carefully.

The message would be passed by one after another. As long as those people were reliable, it would not be discovered.

However, neither Shao Jing nor Prince Cheng had expected that Chu Liuchen had been keeping an eye on Prince Cheng. The letter was sent to Chu Liuchen as soon as it was delivered to the palace and then was sent to the Empress. After several turns, some messengers were changed into the Empress’s subordinates instead of Prince Cheng’s. The words that had been passed down had vanished.

The message Prince Cheng sent to the palace was actually very simple: everything would be solved by His Highness.

The word didn’t mention who the prince was. However, there was one thing that Shao Yanru could make sure—the salutation “His Highness” must be a certain prince. If Shao Yanru got this message, she would definitely know that there was a certain prince secretly saving her. With someone protecting her, she certainly would not act rashly.

Shao Yanru lowered her requirements again and again. As long as it was a prince, she didn’t care who he was.

Even if it was Chu Liuchen, she felt satisfied. Even if she would be a widow in the future, it was better than marrying someone out of the capital city.

About choosing her fiance, she had indeed been hesitating between Chu Liuchen and Chu Liuxin in the past few days.

Which one was more suitable?

At present, she thought that she had figured out Shao Jing’s “real intention”. Her father was urging her to take action. She leaned against the bed with a deep frown. She did not have much time left.

The injury seemed to be serious, but in fact, it wasn’t. The wound had healed a few days ago. If she had not asked two servant girls to pour out half of the potion secretly, she would have been able to get out of the palace.

“Who came here more often? Prince Chen or Prince Xin?” Shao Yanru asked. Under the light, her face was a little pale.

She asked Han Dan, who was better than Shuqi in the palace.

“Prince Xin comes here often, and he also comes to see you, Miss. Prince Chen never comes here.” Han Dan concluded after thinking for a while.

“Prince Chen made a single visit, but he asked his eunuch to come in and have a look. You were still asleep at that time, Miss!” Shuqi added.

Shao Yanru bit her lip and inexplicably felt that it was a pity. In fact, she would rather choose Chu Liuchen. Except Chu Liuchen’s health, she was really satisfied with other aspects.

He was the son of the former emperor, so what? He was favored by the Empress Dowager and the Emperor. Commandery Prince Qing was also the son of the former emperor, but the Emperor didn’t favor him at all, and Empress Dowager ignored him. From this perspective, the benefits of marrying Chu Liuchen were obvious.

Moreover, Chu Liuchen was extremely handsome. Since Shao Yanru was a child, she had secretly compared others with Prince Chen and found that no one around her could compare with him. He was the most handsome and elegant man in the world. It would be her great fortune to marry someone like him.

However, he just had no interest in her!

Shao Yanru was very clear about this. At that time, she had feelings for Chu Liuchen and threw herself on him, but he pushed her away with disgust. Every time she thought of this, she felt ashamed. In the past, when she had seen other ladies from aristocratic families throwing themselves on Chu Liuyue and Chu Liuzhou, she had mocked them. She didn’t expect that one day she would be like them.

However, he had no feelings for her.

As for Chu Liuxin, she always felt that he was too childish. As a prince, he looked lively and immature. How could he ascend the throne in the future?

At present, she had no other choice.

“Do you think Prince Xin will come tomorrow?” Shao Yanru asked. She would act tomorrow because she couldn’t wait any longer. She had thought that her father would try his best to help her, but now it seemed impossible.

“Prince Xin may come. He came here more often these days,” Han Dan said with a faint smile. “Prince Xin cares about you, Miss. When he knew that you were injured, he came over and told you something interesting and fun. He would also comfort you. If you reciprocate his love, he will be very happy!”

In the past few days, when Prince Xin came to the Phoenix Palace, he would inevitably come to the side hall to see Shao Yanru. At this time, the Fifth Miss would sit quietly at the table and drink tea. Prince Xin chatted and laughed with First Miss Shao. It was obvious that Prince Xin was interested in First Miss Shao. Otherwise, why didn’t he pay attention to the Fifth Miss Shao?

Han Dan thought so, but she didn’t expect that Chu Liuxin ignored Shao Wanru because she was always indifferent when answering questions. Sometimes he couldn’t continue talking.

If there had not been Shao Yanru, Chu Liuxin really couldn’t have sat still. Since Shao Wanru was so cold, how could he continue? Fortunately, Shao Yanru was eager to please him making the chat enthusiastic.

“Miss, Prince Xin may not mean that!” Shuqi had known that Chu Liuxin had fallen in love with Shao Wanru before. Seeing that Han Dan did not understand the fact, she reminded her softly, for fear that Han Dan would mislead her master’s thoughts and make the thing out of control in the end.

“I know… but so what? Marriage has always been decided by parents. What’s more… won’t he marry me if it’s his fault?” Shao Yanru responded with a faint sneer. Of course, she did not expect Chu Liuxin to marry her willingly. However, he was just an immature child. If she married into Prince Xin’s Mansion and coaxed him well, wouldn’t she be able to win his heart back?

“Early in the morning tomorrow, ask the Fifth Miss to come here. Tell her that I want her to find some painkillers for me. Although the wound is much better, it still hurts when I sleep at night. With some painkillers, I can sleep better,” Shao Yanru said after making up her mind.

“Early in the morning?” Han Dan asked with a puzzled expression.

“Yes, early in the morning, and say that I woke up early because of poor sleep. It’s easier to make her believe!” Shao Yanru said with a sneer, “My ‘good’ sister is very smart. If you don’t go early, she may misinterpret me!”

Shao Wanru would be indispensable in the matter tomorrow!

Seeing Shao Yanru’s complacent and cold smile, Han Dan shivered and hurriedly lowered her head to cover up her panic…