Mechanical God Emperor - Chapter 944 – Quelling the Manke Monarch

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Chapter 944 – Quelling the Manke Monarch

Translator: Xaiomoge

Gracina erupted with gold barriers that superimposed into a none-layered barrier.

When the grey ray struck the nine-layered barrier, the gold barrier broke in an instant. But the grey ray was also blocked.

Gracina’s pretty face paled slightly. Her speed tripled, and she turned into a gold ray fleeing into the distance.

“That’s the aurum race for you, a race favored by the universe! Unfortunately, you met me!”

With a ferocious smile, Yuta erupted with universe source energy, and countless mysterious runes appeared in the air and formed a strange eye.

The eyes fired a green beam that shrouded Gracina.

Gracina trembled slightly. Then, as if time reversed, she flew backwards, tracing back her previous trajectory.

The strange eye turned and fired a gray beam that slammed into Gracina.

Gracina felt a burst of weakness. Unable to muster any strength, she flew towards Yuta, a look of despair in her beautiful eyes.

“Is this the law of time? No, it’s just a time-type spell! It’s a little short of advancing to the realm of laws. Interesting!”

A curious voice suddenly rang in the area.


The countenance of Yuta and the tentacle man suddenly changed drastically, and they looked in the direction of the voice and saw Yang Feng slowly walk out of the void and his figure become clear.

Yuta’s eyes shimmered with vigilance. Then, his eyes shimmered with biting cold killing intent, and he asked flatly: “Who are you?”

Aurum gold blood is a treasure that all powerhouses dream of. Even a Great Holy step powerhouse would be moved. Only Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses, whose bloodline has reached perfection, no longer need aurum gold blood.

Since Yang Feng discovered the aurum, Yuta doesn’t plan to let him leave here alive.

“I’m here to kill you!”

With a smile, Yang Feng stepped forward, blurred, and appeared in front of the tentacle man in an instant, and then sent a fist containing the essence of power barreling towards the tentacle man.

The face of the tentacle man fell, and 20 plus magic shields emerged from him. At the same time, his twisted his body and attempted to escape to the side.

When Yang Feng’s fist slammed into the magic shields, it pulverized the shields, and then crushed into the tentacle man and blasted him into ashes.

“I’ve become so strong!”

Yang Feng looked at the tentacle man that turned into ashes and smiled in elation.

Originally, Yang Feng had to use everything at his disposal to defeat an Infinity Warlock rank powerhouse. Now, however, he can kill an Infinity Warlock with a punch. This progress made Yang Feng feel elated.

Upon seeing this scene, Yuta was scared out of his wits. He spewed out a mouthful of blood essence, and then distorted and flew into the distance.

“Come back!”

Countless runes welled up in Yang Feng’s eyes. He activated the law of phantom, and a breath hovering between real and illusory surged inside him.

In the distance, Yuta suddenly changed direction and flew back to Yang Feng’s side.

Yang Feng points at Yuta’s forehead, and a transparent tentacle of the Phantom Ruler stabbed Yuta in the forehead, easily taking control of him.

Since Yang Feng already sealed the Dark Gorge Quasi-Holy using some other means, the Phantom Ruler was freed, becoming a terrifying trump card in Yang Feng’s hand.

However, due to the different laws of the universe, the most frightening trump card of the Phantom Ruler, which is to pull people into the Dream World, has lost its effect.

Only when the Phantom Ruler touches the Gumana Universe’s Dream World and analyzes its laws will it be able to pull people into the Gumana Universe’s Dream World.

Agapito took a deep look at Yang Feng, his eyes shimmered with a severe shade, and he pointed at Gracina and said: “My friend, I am the Manke Monarch Agapito. Why don’t we cooperate to capture all the aurum and divide them equally? I only want this aurum beauty, the rest belong to you!”

As a Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse, Agapito can instakill an intermediate Infinity Warlock rank powerhouse as well. However, judging by Yang Feng’s display, the other party can contend against him. Since he is already fighting with Haas, he naturally is not in a position to find more trouble.

“Gold Holy Spirit Body, the best cultivation aptitude in the aurum race. Its a rare existence that might not even appear among 10 billion aurum powerhouses. As long as she is given time and resources, she is bound to advance to the apex Imperishable step (Great Holy) in the future. There is even a chance that she may evolve into a Perfect step powerhouse one day. Her gold blood is also a top treasure that can upgrade a persons potential to the Imperishable step.

Yang Feng stared at Gracina as if she were a unique treasure, smiled, and said while enunciating each syllable.

The aurum race are already the darlings of the universe, while the Gold Holy Spirit Body is even more a universe child, a monstrous existence with endless evolutionary potential.

Gracina is only fourteen or fifteen years old, yet she already possesses pinnacle Bright World Warlock rank strength. This is simply inconceivable. Her evolutionary potential is even slightly higher than that of the angel empress Michaelia under Yang Feng.

Agapito pointed down at Haas, who was injured due to the fighting with the huge ogre head, and said with an air of arrogance: “That’s right, but she’s mine. The rest of the aurum belong to you. This aurum powerhouse possesses pinnacle Starfield (Infinity Warlock) strength. As long as you drain his blood essence and wash your bloodline and soul with it, you’ll be able to break through to a Starcraft step powerhouse.”

“Unfortunately, my choice has always been to keep everything for myself!”

Yang Feng smiled, and the Phantom Ruler suddenly appeared behind him and opened a phantom eye. Mysterious, distorted fluctuations enveloped Agapito at once.

Agapito trembled slightly, and his eyes glazed over.

Yang Feng took a step, appeared in front of Agapito, and touched his forehead with a finger, and countless runes poured into Agapito’s forehead like a tide and sealed him.

Gracina’s heart shook when she saw this scene: “So strong! He’s too strong! Who is he? How can he quell the Manke Monarch that easily! The Manke Monarch is a Starcraft step powerhouse!”

In the Lightless Starfield, Starcraft step powerhouses are regarded as overlords. In the entire Lightless Starfield, there is only one Imperishable step powerhouse, who is located in he central area. The remaining areas are dominated by Starcraft step powerhouses.

As a Starcraft step powerhouse, Agapito easily defeated the strongest aurum powerhouse Haas. Seeing a mere Starfield step powerhouse like Yang Feng quell a Starcraft step powerhouse filled Gracina’s heart with shock.

“Go to hell!”

Covered in blood, Haas’s eyes flashed with savage light, and he appeared in front of Yang Feng and sent the gold leg bone containing the essence of power slamming towards Yang Feng.

Whether it is Yang Feng or Agapito, they both came for aurum gold blood. Haas sees them both as enemies.

“It’s no use. You can’t even beat the Manke Monarch! Even if you try your best, you can’t hurt me at all!”

Yang Feng smiled coldly and pointed with a finger, and countless black chains suddenly erupted and stabbed at Haas from different directions.

Haas waved the gold leg bone, and the bone burst out with dazzling gold light, smashing the black chains.

The space twisted, and black chains stabbed at Haas from different directions once more.

Haas could only wave his gold leg bone at the black chains. With his keen senses, he can tell that something bad will happen once the black chains stab him.

The black chains seem to be endless. No matter how hard he smashes them, new black chains emerge and stab at him, forcing him to fight with all his strength and recklessly consume his power.

Yang Feng said indifferently: “If you continue to fight like this, you will hurt your origin! You can stop fighting!”

The Phantom Ruler suddenly emerged, and a mysterious fluctuation shot out from the phantom eye and enveloped Haas.

Haas trembled and weakened, and then countless black chains stabbed and suppressed him.

Gracina looked at Haas and her other 100 plus comrades and sighed faintly, and then her beautiful eyes flashed with determination: “Let go of my people! I will cooperate with you with the extraction of my bloodline and soul!”

When extracting bloodline, the aurum cooperating or not cooperating will affect the final result. It’s not impossible to extract Gracina’s bloodline and soul by force. However, the quality will be two or three worse than when she cooperates.

For top powerhouses who pursue perfection, this gap is enough for them to take this seriously.

“Spare Gracina and I will cooperate with you with the extraction of my bloodline and soul!”

“Spare Gracina and take me!”


The aurum powerhouses shouted one after another, eyes shot with blood.

The 100 plus aurum powerhouses live together and struggle for the survival of their race like a huge family. They have a deep bond. Gracina, who has Gold Holy Spirit Body, is their hope. Naturally, they don’t want her to die in Yang Feng’s hands.