Mechanical God Emperor - Chapter 1039 – The Empyrean Corpse’s Reanimation

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Chapter 1039 – The Empyrean Corpse’s Reanimation

Bona Xiongfei’s eyes flashed with the color of madness, and he shouted furiously: “Arcane Ancestor, do you dare fight me one-on-one?”

As one of the five most outstanding talents of the bona divine race’s younger generation, Bona Xiongfei has formed an immortal body and can contend against Holy Spirit Warlocks. One-on-one, he isn’t afraid of any quasi-Holy. But the fact that there doesn’t seem to be an end to the Blade Rulers evokes fear in him.

Yang Feng smiled and replied, his words overflowing with killing intent: “I just want to kill you two! And hog all the treasures here! Thank you both for helping me eliminate the direbeasts. If it wasn’t for you, I would have to spend more time and effort on this.”

The Arcane Arms Lord’s palace contains great treasures, and they are enough for Yang Feng to advance to a Holy Spirit Warlock. With his character, there is only one choice, which is to swallow all the treasures here.

Bona Xiongfei stimulated his immortal body, and divine eyes containing extraordinary powers appeared on his body and strengthened him.

Brilliant divine light fired by the divine eyes blasted into the Blade Rulers.

The Blade Rulers that were hit by the brilliant divine light had their energy shields smashed in an instant, and then the units themselves were corroded into a pile of scrap iron.

The ruler cores of the destroyed Blade Rulers flew out of the units and either merged into other units or flew back to Yang Feng.

Each ruler series battle robot possesses a ruler core. As long as the ruler core isn’t destroyed, they will continue to evolve, grow, and become more and more terrifying.

Bona Xiongfei is indeed a most outstanding quasi-Holies. But under the siege of the ruler series battle robots, he soon became all bloody.

The endless mist engulfed all forces, making it impossible for Bona Xiongfei to absorb the power of heaven and earth to restore himself.

Standing quietly aside, Yang Feng’s true body watched the ruler series battle robots besiege the two prodigies of the Gumana Universe: “With enough ruler series robots, slaying Holy Spirit Warlocks is not an issue. But, it’s a bit expensive to use them on Holy Spirit Warlock rank enemies.”

By now, Bona Xiongfei and Bai Lixiang have already destroyed more than 1,000 ruler series robots, including the ruler cores of many of them.

Each ruler series robot is comparable to a supreme Infinity Warlock rank powerhouse in terms of fighting strength. Similarly, the amount of resources consumed to manufacture each unit is astronomical.

Yang Feng has plundered a number of forces and made many transactions, yet he only managed to produce 30,000 units.

As for the 6th generation battle robots, which possess Infinity Warlock rank battle prowess, he has produced 1 million units.

“Or should I mix ruler series robots with 6th generation battle robots. No, in this way, it’ll be easy to defeat Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses, but not to kill them. They will run away. Sure enough, a legion composed of Dazzling Light Units, which can evolve into Dazzling Rulers, is a main legion of the xizu.”

As he watched the battlefield, Yang Feng collected data, made analyses, and deduced how to use ruler series battle robots and other 6th generation battle robots.

“Go to hell, Arcane Ancestor!”

Riddled with wounds, Bona Xiongfei roared, turned into a divine eye, saw through the thick mist, and fired a ray that can destroy and purify everything barreling towards Yang Feng.

500 Vajra Rulers suddenly appeared and blocked in front of Yang Feng with their giant shields. They resonated with each other, integrated their power, and formed a huge shield.

When Bona Xiongfei’s all-out attack blasted into the huge shield, it only managed to set off ripples.

Bona Xiongfei’s complexion changed greatly, and he cried out: “How can it be! How can my Light of Extinction, which can slay Imperishable step powerhouses, be blocked!”

Yang Feng glanced at Bona Xiongfei with derision in his eyes: “Idiot, they are my greatest trump card. They are stronger than my true body! Only Great Holies and some pinnacle Holy Spirit Warlocks may be able to break through their defenses.”

The ruler series battle robots possess peerless battle prowess. Furthermore, as their numbers increase, they can resonate with each other and display greater battle prowess. With a high enough number of units, they can even slay a Great Holy.

Bai Lixiang’s figure fluttered, and she turned into a white ray and ran away, trying to escape from this place.

Yang Feng looked in the direction Bai Lixiang is escaping and sneered.

At this moment, Bai Lixiang was cut, and a copious amount of blood spattered around.

In the void, there are spatial blades invisible to the naked eye. Bai Lixiang knocked into the spatial blades and cut herself.


Bai Lixiang still frantically flew towards the outside, but then she knocked into a firm boundary. As she bounced back, she issued a shrill and desperate scream.

A swarm of Blade Rulers suddenly rushed over, shrouded Bai Lixiang completely, and dealt her serious damage.

All of a sudden, Seal Rulers emerged, unleashed sealing light on Bai Lixiang, and sealed her.

After Bai Lixiang was suppressed, all the battle robots focused on besieging Bona Xiongfei.

“Despicable! I curse you, Arcane Ancestor!”

Eyes shot with blood, Bona Xiongfei let out an earthshaking roar, countless runes appeared on his body, and he exploded.”

The explosion spread in all directions, engulfed 1,000 ruler series battle robots, and turned them into ashes. Even the ruler cores were destroyed.

That Vajra Rulers guarding in front of Yang Feng activated a powerful defensive boundary and blocked the explosion.

Yang Feng’s eyes shimmered with the shade of regret: “What an unyielding fellow. What a pity.”

As one of the five most outstanding talents of the bona divine race’s younger generation, Bona Xiongfei must have numerous treasures on him. However, he would rather blow himself up, destroy his storage treasure, and scatter his treasures in chaotic space, then leave them to Yang Feng.

After Bona Xiongfei died, Yang Feng looked around, and then his eyes fell on the Arcane Arms Lord’s Empyrean corpse and shimmered flashed coldly.

Seal Rulers suddenly flew out, came to the Empyrean corpse, and fired sealing light at it.

All of a sudden, the dark, spiritless eyes of the Arcane Arms Lord’s Empyrean corpse radiated dazzling vigor, and matchless Empyrean might emanated from it.

Runes appeared one by one and easily shattered the sealing light.

“Kneel and offer me your loyalty! I can give you immortality!”

A domineering voice containing a sense of invincibility reverberated in the area. Despite how strong Yang Feng is, but under the deterrence of the terrifying voice, his soul shook slightly.

Yang Feng uttered calmly: “Even if it was the Arcane Arms Lord in his heyday, he wouldn’t have the qualification to have me submit! What’s more, you are just a spiritual consciousness born from the Empyrean corpse.”

In his days, the Arcane Arms Lord was one of the most powerful Warlock Emperors in the Gumana Universe. But, when he was besieged by six Warlock Emperors, he did indeed die together with them.

Every Warlock Emperor has world-shaking power and all kinds of incredible life saving secret methods. However, powerhouses of the same rank have mastered supreme offensive secret methods that can destroy the soul of powerhouses of the same rank.

Although the Arcane Arms Lord’s body is immortal, but his soul has already been destroyed.

The eyes of the Arcane Arms Lord’s Empyrean corpse flickered with tyrannical light, and it said coldly: “Ant, I am the reborn Arcane Arms Lord! Even though I am only a spiritual consciousness, it is still enough to kill you!”

Yang Feng replied with a smile: “You don’t have that ability! If you had that kind of power, you would have just killed everyone who entered here, absorbed their blood essence, and restored your strength. If I didn’t guess wrong, the Empyrean grade secret treasure, the Green Yang Halberd, is suppressing your body and soul, making it difficult for you to move. You can probably display less than 1% of your strength.”

“It’s enough to kill you!”

A fierce ray flashed in the eyes of the Arcane Arms Lord’s Empyrean corpse, and it flicked the Arcane Arms Bell with a finger.


The Arcane Arms Bell trembled slightly, and frightening fluctuations spread in all directions.

Swept by the fluctuations, the ruler cores of ruler series battle robots strangely exploded, and the units fell to the ground as if they lost their soul.

“Amazing! A direct attack to the source of existence itself. Whether they have life or not, the Arcane Arms Bell’s fluctuations will destroy their origin. It’s not a most precious Empyrean grade secret treasure for no reason.”

Yang Feng exclaimed in admiration. All of a sudden, the time-type secret treasure, the Bead of Time, appeared in his hand.

A river of time suddenly appeared, and Yang Feng immersed himself in it and disappeared from the present and went to the past, leaving only an afterimage in the present.

When the fearsome bell fluctuations struck Yang Feng’s afterimage, they passed directly through it and disappeared.

The Arcane Arms Bell is extremely tyrannical, it strikes the origin directly. But without a Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse operating it, it cannot attack Yang Feng, who is located in the past, not in the present.